Monday, March 1, 2010

Brand New Day

Hi everyone!  (All two of you!)  Hope you all had a great weekend.   I worked yesterday, so I was able to take today off, and I spent a couple hours at Fashion Valley - a mall here in San Diego - with my daughter Kate (to be differentiated from my friend and fellow-blogger, Kathryn).  While there, a couple of interesting things happened.

The first was that this strange woman approached me, in Nordstrom.  This is not actually an isolated incident.  Through no credit or fault of my own, I happen to have a pretty adorable little girl.  I think it helps that she's got a full head of hair.  She's seven months old, chubby with round cheeks and a full of head of black hair.  I've had to have it trimmed twice.  Anyway, it's not uncommon that strangers approach us, when we're out, particularly the women we encounter in Nordstrom.  Many of the salespeople know her (I joke that Kate has a fan club there) and lots of shoppers stop to smile at her and ask about her as well.  So, this woman approaches her, and I get ready to give her my usual murmured thanks, when she announces that she's a painter, and she paints mothers with their babies in particular, and would I be willing to let her paint us?  She gave me her card, showed me photos of some of her work, kept throwing excited glances at Kate, accompanied by exclamations of, "Oh!  I could do such a great painting of her!" and after failing to extract my phone number or an appointment to do a photo shoot (from which she'd paint us), she asked me to google her and reply to her email.

Not quite sure what to think.  Should I let her paint us?

The second thing is much more mundane, but more fun, for me.  I found two great necklaces today.  I dropped in at H&M, looking for the $10 dress Rosa from Love At First Shop blogged about a few days ago.  I was out of luck, as it had sold out already (apparently, a shipment came in over the weekend, and sold out completely by the next day), but I found a cute $4 necklace.

Kate's been breaking my necklaces - she grabs them and gives them a good yank, and well, suffice it to say, I'm a little relieved that if this one breaks, I'll only be out $4.  Still, I think it's darling and easy to throw on with a lot of things.  I also bought one other necklace - this one $32 at Anthropologie.  

Fun times.  =D

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