Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brass Plum Dressing Room Reviews

Happy Saturday, friends!  Hope your day's been great so far.  =)  Today is a ridiculously beautiful day here in San Diego - sunny, clear, mid-70's...sometimes, I wonder what I did to deserve living in a place like this.  I must have been awfully good in a past life to merit it, is all I can imagine.

Kathryn works with college students, and from what we understand, a few of them have become readers of our blog (which we appreciate enormously!).  She received some feedback, however, that some of them felt discouraged because we tend to review things that they can't afford (us too, friends - just because we're trying these things on, doesn't mean we're actually buying them, sadly).  So, when we were at Nordstrom the other day, interviewing Kelly, we also stopped by the Brass Plum department and checked out some things.  Just one caveat - we tended to choose things that might be acceptable for a 30-something woman to wear, which means a LOT of the very cute stuff in Brass Plum gets ruled out.  Also, Kathryn hadn't yet figured out how to take photos of herself with her giant DSLR camera, so we weren't able to get pics of her stuff - which is too bad, because she was really cute in some of her choices.

I've been looking for a floral skirt to pair with my Professoressa jacket (cached link) or my All Yours blazer (cached link).  This floral skirt by Susina ($36) was darling, with a smocked waistband and fuller skirt, if on the shorter side.  On my 5'2" frame, it hit at an inch or so above the knee, when worn slightly lower, and not at my true waist.  On taller women or girls, this skirt would definitely be short - which might be fine if you're in your teens or early-20's. I think this would definitely meet my needs, except I wasn't sure about whether this was the right color to go with the All Yours blazer.  I decided to wait until I could bring the jacket in to try out with the skirt, together.

This was another Susina skirt I grabbed to try out.  It was on the sale rack, and at $15.90, it was a steal.  This skirt was a little longer than the first, and I liked it better for me, for that reason.  Still, it had a slightly frumpy waist happening - didn't quite fit - though, for the price, I wasn't about to quibble.  Decided to wait, again, until I could bring in my jackets to make sure the colors played well together.  I know I'm taking a risk, as it is a sale item, but there were a lot of them on the rack, so hopefully it'll still be around.  If not, it probably wasn't meant to be.

This tank top from Soprano ($28) caught my eye, and I really liked it on.  The fabric is soft and the tank fit comfortably.  It has a fun bow/ruffle detail to add interest, and I could imagine it would pair well with a cardigan and skirt or even just with jeans or a pair of cargo pants.  This one is definitely welcome to my closet.

Another Brass Plum offering that came home with me is this necklace ($20), which is so cute, I can't believe it only cost $20!  It totally looks like it could be selling for $48 at Anthropologie, and it's not quite as yellow in real life, as it looks in this photo.  It's got more of a cream-and-pale-gray tone.  Anyway, I love, love, love this necklace, and you can see how I wore it with my Matrushka dress here.  I don't know what the brand for this is, but in case you want one, the sku # is 605532217607.

Here's a top that I tried on, which I also really liked.  Unfortunately, I didn't take down the name of the maker, but I do think it was about $36.  This sweetly floral tiered ruffle top almost made it home with me, until Kathryn pointed out that what I really wanted was the Free Flow Tank, and $36 could make a good dent in the cost of that.  She was, of course, right.  Still, if the cost of the Free Flow Tank is really just too much to stomach, this darling little top might be a good substitute.  (In stores now).

Some other Brass Plum items I'd been hoping to find in-store weren't there, but they include the following:

This is the H.I.P. Ruffled Print Cami ($32), which I thought would look absolutely adorable under a cardigan.  Can't you just see those pretty floral ruffles peeping out from under a sweater?  Love it!  It comes in 3 different colors, and I wish I could have found them in my store.

Here's another nice "underpinning" type of top.  This is the Lush Rosette Ruffle Tank ($28), and it also comes in black and a heather-gray.

This Susina sweater, called the "Half Ruffle Cardigan" on the website ($44) was available last summer for the Anniversary Sale, and I know that Kathryn got one.  I, to my everlasting regret, decided against mine at the last minute, so I either have to a) buy it at full price, b) go without, or c) hope that they decide to offer it again this year at the Anniversary sale.  I'm holding out for option C, before deciding between A or B.

The Roxy "Popadom" top ($44.50) is a surprisingly grown-up and sophisticated top for a Juniors department like Brass Plum.  I really wish I could have found this in the store, because I would love to try it on.  I love the lace insets and the texture of the gauze blouse.  This one may be worth ordering online, to check out in real life.  After all, with Nordy's no-hassle open return policy, I can always take it back if it's not what I hoped.

Happy Saturday evening, everyone!