Monday, March 29, 2010

In Kelly We Trust, Part 2

Hey everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I had a great one - my friend Lisa was in town for a conference, so she stopped by and visited me and we - surprise, surprise - went shopping together (fun!) Then the next day, my brother Paul had an event in San Diego, and we got to hang out some too, which was nice.  I also attended my first San Diego In Real Life (sdIRL) event, which was really interesting.  I met a lot of veteran bloggers and people who've been active in the social media scene for a while, and felt inspired by their openness and creativity.  There are some very cool people in that group.  Not to mention, they held their meet-up at this great neighborhood bar/eatery called the Station Tavern & Burgers - yum!  I think I might have had the best tater tots ever...and I haven't eaten tater tots since the 6th grade, so that's saying something.

Let's get back though, to the business at hand, which is the second half of our interview with Kelly McPheters, Nordstrom Personal Stylist (the first half of the interview is here.)

Kelly Interview - Part 2
(PT=Pretty Things, K=Kelly)

PT: What's your favorite black pant?  You know, the most awesome black pant ever, since that's one of those things that everybody needs...

K: Oh...that's a toughie - because there are so many different body shapes.  My favorite black pant is a Theory black pant.  I'm a big Theory person, but Theory only fits you if you're boy-shaped.  You have to have thinner hips and a boy-shaped waist, so straight up and down.  For a Nordstrom brand, my best one by far, is Classiques [Entier]...

PT (Carol): Which I just bought...

K: Yeah, exactly, because it fits all shapes whether you're boy-shaped, pear-shaped, curvy, hippy, anything.  And then you've got the wide waistband this year, with the three-button detail, bootcut [style] - which you always want a nice bootcut [leg], slim through the hips...

PT: And it's just really nice and drapes well...

K: Yeah, nice and drapes well.  And that's a good fabric - it's 98% wool, 2% spandex, a little stretch to it...for Nordstrom, that's definitely my favorite.  I haven't seen a lot of other black pants that I'm in love with.  Well, if you want to step it up, Armani makes - I mean, if you want a good pair of black pants -

PT: (bursts into laughter)

K:  Armani makes a good black pant.  You can put those pants on anyone, and they are flawless...but you're paying for the quality of the fabric and the construction.  So, number one, Armani, number two, Classiques.

PT: And if you happen to have a boy-shape, then Theory?

K: Yeah, Theory's awesome for you.  I happen to have a boy-shape...

PT: Yeah, you suck (laughter).  Okay, our next question...another basic.  What's your favorite denim?

K: Ooh...there's so many!  Hudson is my best across the board.  Hudson's the easiest fit, best looking, the flap pockets draw all the attention up to the top of the bum, and they're not big, big pockets, so I really love Hudsons.  They're a go-to for anyone and anything.

PT (Carol): Even my husband.

K: Yeah!  Even Carol's husband.  It's true!

PT (Kathryn): You bought your husband Hudsons?  He has Hudsons?  You didn't tell me this...

K: Yes!  They looked mean on him; they looked good!

PT (Carol): The only thing he didn't like was the button-fly.

K: It was random...the men's [design] had a button-fly.  It was very kind of Levi's, was a great dark rinse.  Uh...after that, I usually go to Joe's.  Their "Honey" cut jean is awesome.  It's kind of a curvy shape.  Or their "Muse" - it's kind of a high-rise, a high-waisted trouser cut, which is amazing.  The "Ginger" by 7 for All Mankind, which is their trouser-cut denim, in a dark wash is amazing:  high rise, fitted, nice flair at the bottom.  I've never been a fan of True Religions, because of the fact that when they started coming out, the pockets all sat down to your mid-thigh.  I thought that it made everybody's butts look smushed and low.  So, [getting back to denim recommendations] those are pretty middle-of-the-road jeans.  If you're a mom...if you have a need for something a little different, maybe a higher rise than what we offer in the TBD department, it's David Kahn jeans for sure.  They're unbelievable.  For designer denim...Dylan George, probably.

Oh, you know what else?  Among the other consultations we do - I like to think of myself as a pseudo-life coach, in getting some people out of their ruts.  I coach people on ditching the nylons and going for a spray-tan instead.  Or when somebody needs help with their hair, [I can give recommendations] for salons.  We do really try and impact people's lives - really change their whole look.  If they're not happy, [we'll try to help them] fix it.

PT: Favorite cosmetic line?

K: I use Laura Mercier - love it.  I use Laura Mercier, blended with MAC, because Laura Mercier's all natural.  Great skincare, very subtle, but I need MAC's colors every once in a while.  Other favorites are Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy.  If you can afford Chanel, Chanel's amazing.  It is pricey.  You can bridge into it [with age], because they've got the colors, they've got the skincare, but you have to pay $300 for your moisturizer.  So, until then, there's Bobbi Brown and whatnot.  I still swear by Clinique's mascara though.  I wouldn't use MAC's skincare or their mascara, but their color palettes are awesome.  You've got to be careful not to use too much of that over a certain age.  I've had clients come in, who are in their mid-40's, saying, "I just got my make-up done at MAC!" and [I'll recommend they] not do that again, that they go to Bobbi Brown.

PT:  What about skincare?

K:  Okay, the best you can get is a new line.  It's called 3LAB.  This is the Chanel of skincare, though.  If you start using it when you're young, you won't need botox, facials, plastic surgery, anything.  I've used trial samples of it and have seen differences in my skin.  I had...a couple glasses of wine one evening...(laughter from PT) eyes can sometimes get a little puffy.  I put the eye cream on before I went to bed, and woke up and was like, "I look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!" It was perfect - it was flawless.  I didn't even look like I'd had a beverage.

PT (Kathryn):  And they carry it here?  Can we get a sample?  I have sensitive skin...

K: Yeah!  It's new, it's amazing.  Yeah, absolutely [you can get a sample].  Their eye cream is a couple hundred dollars, but their face stuff is good.  3LAB...

PT: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

K: Favorite shoe, Prada.

PT: (Gasps and sighs)

K:  I feel though, that Prada shoes are shoes you can buy in your 20's and still be wearing in your 60's.  They're timeless.  And so comfortable!

PT: Thanks so much, Kelly!

And thanks to you, our lovely readers, for hanging in there, with such a long post.  Just for fun, here's Kathryn's OOTD:

Dress: Juicy Couture Linen Spaghetti Strap Dress (from Summer 2007?)
Cardigan: Nordstrom Brass Plum 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan in White
Ring: Oh, Hello Friend
Sandals: BCBGirls Silver Rhinestone Metallic Leather Thong(style #XZ-0001, found at Nevada Primm Outlets, Summer 2005) similar here

Have a great Monday!


  1. I wish you had asked her more about styling. What is a trick anyone can do to put the final touches on an outfit? What size necklace looks good with which necklines? If you have the basics what pieces would you add to make a look pop?

    Maybe ask her more about her job. What is an appropriate gift to give your personal stylist during the holiday? What information should a client give her husband if he will use the stylist to shop for his wife. Would he need my sizes or will my stylist have them. When setting up a first appointment what information should a client provide so that a stylist can pull items that work?

  2. Thank you! I was just debating with myself whether to look into the personal shopper thing at Nordstrom's. I googled it and found your blog. Going to call my local Nordstrom this week :)

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