Tuesday, March 23, 2010

O My Buns! (really), OOTD, and Pretty Pictures

Hello, everyone!  Hope you're all having an amazing Tuesday.  It's Anthropologie Sale Day today, but I'm fairly certain that this week's merchandise price reductions will be for home goods since last week was apparel.  Is there anything in particular you're hoping will go on sale?  I would love to see these go on sale, but am fairly certain (to my ongoing disappointment) that they will stay affixed at full price forever.
Left: Fleur de Lys glasses, 4 for $32; Right: Hobnailed glass in turquoise, $10

But really, I should probably be looking at teacups for drinking - well, tea (or coffee), to wash down a Coffee Bun from O My Buns!  Now, aside from the silly name, this shop is a revelation!  At least, their Coffee Buns are.  This past weekend, squeezed in between all the shopping - er, research for the blog - I also spent time with my husband's extended family, specifically his siblings, cousins, and their children, who had gathered together in Southern California to celebrate their (great) grandmother's 95th birthday.  Tammy, a cousin, asked me if I drank coffee.  I replied, yes, I did (it is, after all, the sacred bean) and then she asked me if I'd ever had a Coffee Bun.  I shook my head, no.  She proceeds to describe to me these morsels of baked bliss, which have coffee-flavored crusts surrounding a buttery and soft interior.  Then, as a true demonstration of cousinly affection, she gave into my keeping, two coffee buns - one for myself, and one for my husband.

Now, albeit, these buns are more cute than pretty, but let it be said right here, in this blog, that I have never before had such a perfect...well, bun...in my life!  It was delicious!  It's got this wonderfully seductive coffee aroma, and a pleasantly smooth-yet-crumbly exterior that tastes of coffee.  The interior is a soft, buttery bread that perfectly and satisfyingly complements the outer shell's flavors.  I used to love Beard Papa cream puffs the best, as the perfect-baked-accompaniment-to-a-cuppa-tea-or-coffee, but that place has now been usurped by the Coffee Bun.

So, where did Tammy find this paragon of baked goods?  At a shop in Rowland Heights.  Rowland Heights!  A city that is a full hour and 45 minutes away from our home in San Diego!  We bemoaned our sad fate, to only eat Coffee Buns once every 3-4 months or so.  It was too cruel, too cruel, to give us this glimpse of wonderful-snacky-heaven, only to then taunt us from afar.  Sadly, we returned home.  But then, hope glimmered.  Maybe there was more than one O, My Buns! shop?  I suddenly remembered Tammy mentioning that she bought these for herself at a shop near her dentist's office, somewhere in the area of Pasadena!  I jumped online, googled, "O, My Buns!", and gasped - there's one on Carmel Mountain Rd in San Diego, just minutes up the freeway from where we live!  Fortune smiles on us once more!  I jumped out of my chair, calling to my husband to tell him the good news!  Tomorrow, dear friends, we will have Coffee Buns.  So, okay, it's a little silly to go on and on about a bun like this, but well...you just have to try one.  I hope there's one near you.

Onto our outfits of the day!

Top: Liberty of London for Target, Tiered Ruffle Keyhole Tank, Multi Color Sixty Print
Cardigan: Halogen Fairy Tale sweater, Nordstrom (Summer 2009)
Belt: Michael Kors, Nordstrom (February 2010)
Skirt: Stretch Denim Pencil Skirt, Benetton (super old - 2000?)
(Sorry, no shoes in the photo, but I was wearing black Tory Burch flats with these.)

Dress: Matrushka Construction, "Veronica Lake"
Denim Jacket: Blu Sand (purchased in Italy in Fall 2001? - wow!)
Boots: Frye
Hair: Jeff Stump @ The Retreat Salon, Costa Mesa, California

Later tonight, we'll be announcing the winner of our Happy Birthday giveaway, so be sure to check back to see if you won!  Good luck to everyone!


  1. I love the way you paired the LoL top with that color sweater. Pefect. And the Matrushka dress is lovely!

  2. Thanks, Pamela! I was really pleased with how well that sweater went with the LoL shirt too. =D And I LOVE Kathryn's Matrushka dress...when I recover financially from all the research I've been doing for the blog (hahaha, love the euphemism), I plan to get one myself. =)

  3. Thanks Pamela! I now find myself itching to get back to Target to pick up that LoL top - Carol did such an awesome job of styling it!

  4. I've been thinking about coffee buns all day! I wish we had a shop here!

  5. Sarah, when you're next in SoCal, we'll have to make sure you get some. =)

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