Friday, March 5, 2010

So You Wanna Be a Rock Superstar (or at least dress like one) - H&M Fitting Room Reviews

Hello everyone (all two of you?)! It's the weekend! 

So a little while ago, my husband recruited me to start playing bass guitar for his new musical  project. It's important to point out that I don't actually play the bass guitar, but I guess have just enough of a musical background to sort of fake my way through it.  After a few months of practicing, he decided it was time to start booking a few shows...and it was at that point that I came to the following realization:

I have nothing to wear.

I have a lot of pretty clothes, but somehow I don't think my Black Halo Jackie O Dress would  really be appropriate in case we were to book a show at the Whisky-A-Gogo. And I'm not exactly the most "rock and roll" girl in the world. I love listening to rock music and I like to play rock music, but I don't think I play the part of "rock and roll chick" very well. Moreover, I don't really want to. I don't want to be someone I'm not.

So, one of the challenges for me is to find a few pieces I can wear on stage without resorting to ripped leggings and pink hair. (not that there's anything wrong with ripped leggings and pink's just that they're not for me) I don't want to look flashy or like I'm trying too hard. I just want to look...not boring. And pretty, if I can.

So, to H&M I go!

Okay...I'd seen this ruffled tunic for $39.95 from a couple of other bloggers online, and it looked so cute on them, so I thought I'd give it a try:

Hm...cute, but it kind of reminds me of the times I've dressed up as a flapper girl for various 1920s parties. I'm sure the multi-strand pearl necklace I happened to be wearing today didn't help. Anyway, this one's a pass.

I didn't fare much better with this pink ruffled number for $24.95:

Sigh, so I didn't find any fun stage pieces today. 

On a different note, I've also been wanting a comfy pair of denim shorts. Just something comfy and easy to throw on to head to the beach or hang at a friend's house and whatnot. I tried on a pair from American Eagle a few weeks back, but I found they were way too short on me and completely wrong for my body type. I'm too curvy and bottom-heavy for them. So I found a pair of Boyfriend shorts at H&M (for $24.95 - almost ten dollars less than the ones at American Eagle!), and I was really happy with the way they fit me: not too short, not too long, loose enough without being frumpy-looking, and extremely comfortable. I also picked out a fun Hello Kitty t-shirt ($14.95) to try on with it:

Closer detail of the Hello Kitty T:

The shirt is SO cute - the fit is flattering and the cotton is super soft, but I need another Hello Kitty graphic tee like I need a hole in the head. (I'm kind of obsessed with Hello Kitty and already have several HK shirts in my drawer!) However, I'd be VERY tempted to go back and grab this, since it's only $14.95!

Next up, a kind of controversial item: "jeggings."

So, I'd talked to Kelly (our lovely stylist from Nordstrom) about jeggings about a week ago. I'd been frustrated with my J Brand skinnies - they looked great with my boots and fit fabulously after a wash, but they kept getting stretched out and I'd find myself hiking them up all the time. No fun! So I'd been wondering...were jeggings the answer to my dilemma?

Kelly advised that, while jeggings are super trendy at the moment, she gave them a shelf life of about three months. So, armed with that knowledge, I didn't feel like spending an arm and a leg on them, if anything at all. But I figured I'd give the ones at H&M a try, at the nifty price tag of $19.95:

This particular pair don't have any front or back pockets, so they're a little weird-looking on their own. Actually the hubby didn't understand what they were at first! He thought they were the weirdest-looking pair of jeans/non-jeans he'd ever seen. Haha! But I decided to buy them anyway so that I could take them home and play with them some more. I pulled on my Balletomane Tank with the jeggings and then I pulled on my Steve Madden Intyce Boots...and voila! I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of the whole look, but the jeggings looked MUCH better with the whole outfit than my J Brands did. I just hope they wash and wear well. I can't tell yet if they're going to just stretch out the way my skinny jeans did. 

Another con: they are TIGHT. As in, I kind of had to fight fight FIGHT to get them on. But once they're on, they're extremely comfy. Oh, it's important to note the warning on the label of the jeggings: "The colour of this garment may transfer onto light-colored materials."

Eep. Hopefully not after they've been washed at least once. I'm pretty sure the labels on my J Brands and my Hudsons all said the same thing though.

Okay, moving on. H&M had a display up front featuring a bunch of items for cheap, in navy blue. I decided to try on this cute little polka dot tee with a gathered sleeve for $9.95:

Cute, eh? Not a bad little shirt, especially for the price. I think if I didn't already have the Night Skating Top in my closet, I'd have picked this one up for sure. 

And finally, I tried on this charming grey top with gigantic bow detailing, which retails for $24.95:

Totally adorable detail with the big bow, but I wasn't sure I loved it enough that I had to have it. Also, I'm very longwaisted and the top hit me mid-hip, making my hips look even bigger than they already are. I'll hold off for now.

So, that does it for my H&M fitting room review. Sorry it's not more exciting. But before I go I wanted to share my last "pretty" purchase of the week. Well, I don't know if it's "pretty" to too many people other than me; but, given my huge love for ice hockey and for the country of Canada, it's certainly one of the most beautiful shirts in the world for me:

Yep. It's a Team Canada Scott Niedermayer Player t-shirt. On sale now that the Olympics are over. That man is my gold medal-winning heartthrob. *big goofy grin*

Okee dokee. Thank you all for putting up with my silliness. Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Even though I find the Jimmy Hendrix style afro'd hello kitty slightly offensive I still love it! Maybe I'm jealous because I'd love to rock an afro. Also I just bought my first pair of jeannings as well. I still have to try mine on though.
    As far as the other shirts go, I like the gray one on you but personally I'm not a fan of poka dots so I'm gonna say good pass ;) but go back and buy the hello kitty shirt! LOL