Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday Eve

Hello and happy Monday, everyone!  Hope you all had a positive and productive day.  So, as we all know, tomorrow is Tuesday, which means, "Day of Price Reductions" at Anthropologie!  Yay!  Last week, a whole slew of home goods were placed on sale, and the week before that, a lot of clothing went on sale as well.  Therefore, I'm not supremely hopeful that we'll get an outstanding crop of price reductions, but here are the things that Kathryn and I are doing the happy-sale-dance (Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie's invention) for:

Vanilla Bean Blouse: $128.  Kathryn would love for this top to go on sale, because it's gorgeous but as much as a lot of the dresses at Anthropologie.   I'm sure many of you share her sentiments.  This top is so pretty and so pricey, that I'm afraid to even try it on, for fear of falling in love with it, and never being able to look back.  So, yes, I'm happy-sale-dancing for this, right along with Kathryn.

Here's another popular top, the Free Flow Tank: $78.  I would love this top to wear under any number of cardigans and blazers I own.  Somehow, I don't think it's going on sale, as this is another very popular piece, but why not hope?  (Dancing...I'm dancing...)

Shoofly Trench: $198.  I'm slightly more hopeful about this one, as I've seen it hanging in the Anthro stores in San Diego for weeks, and the stock doesn't seem to be diminishing. Also, other items from the catalogue it was featured in seem to be slowly put on sale, a couple at a time.  I've been eying this one since it first debuted, and am keeping my fingers crossed.  (Dancing...I'm dancing...)

Lawrence Blazer: $168  I love how the website styled this jacket with the Rising Vapor dress, so I want it.  Not to mention, it's got my husband's name on it.  A good reason to buy a jacket, right?  Still, I did just buy that Rising Vapor dress, so if this could go on sale, I'd be very appreciative.  

Reed Shirtdress: $118  Kathryn loves this dress, as do I.  I've already bought it and wouldn't mind a price adjustment, and Kathryn wants to buy it (this piece, unfortunately, does not qualify for the co-owning arrangement, because it's machine washable, so more prone to wear-and-tear), so, if this went on sale, boy would we be excited.  (Dance-wiggle-wiggle-jump-spin....)

What are the rest of you hoping will go on sale?

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