Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday Happened...Anthropologie's New Spring Arrivals

Hi everyone!  Hope the start of your workweek was smooth and stress-free.  I wanted to take a quick moment and draw attention to our new "About Us" photo, as well as our individual profile photos (you can see them when you click on our names, under the "About Us" photo).  These were taken by my enormously talented sister-in-law, Karen Eng, whose skill with a camera constantly delights and daunts us both.  The best part is, she managed to pull these off in my very messy house ("You want to take photos in my closet?! Seriously?" followed by a frantic few seconds of wondering if there was even a point to trying to make it presentable - there wasn't.  It would have taken a few days and a bulldozer to do that), with several small children underfoot and poor lighting (we used an Ikea desklamp).  You can see more of her work at her website Karen Frances Photography and her Flickr photostream as well.  Thanks, Karen!

Tuesday came, and we were all waiting, with bated breath to see what would go on sale at Anthropologie.  Then...nothing!  No sale items!  (Which is good, because I'm not supposed to be spending any money now and it's very helpful when things refuse to go on sale.) Doesn't it just figure though - right when I'd hardened my resolve to stop spending money on clothing (really, my closet is about to explode as it is), Anthropologie releases new spring arrivals.  Darn you, Anthropologie! (Shakes fist at sky in impotent rage.)  The worst part?  I don't even like spring clothes.  At least, not usually!  I'm a fall/winter fashion girl!  And yet, under the onslaught of this new cadre of spring arrivals,  my formerly hardened resolve is beginning to soften, like butter in the sun.  Like candy in the rain.  Like...sand sculptures under the tide....

This is the Banderole Tank (a mere $98).  I love how it's paired with the olive-colored utility pants.  I love how it's going to look, paired with my slim-leg cargos...

Speaking of things that will pair beautifully with pants, here's the Painted Roses Tunic ($78).  Can't you see wearing this with your favorite pair of comfy jeans on the weekend, strolling through the local farmers' market?  Or paired with skinny jeans and knee-high boots?  Or again, with some fun cargos or utility pants?  This one might break me...

Here are two beautiful things: the Coil Flower Tank ($58) and the Diamond Flame Skirt ($168).  Both of these items look beautiful together and will play just as nicely with other items in my closet.  I especially want the skirt.  (Is it just me, or does every item at Anthropologie that makes your heart sing seem to be over $150?  Argh...)

As to singing hearts, look at this darling skirt!  I've decided that straight/pencil-shaped skirts work well on me, and oh, I really really think I want this one.  It's the Penciled Abronia Skirt ($88) and I'm imagining this with a cute cami and cardigan - haha, any number of cute camis and cardigans, actually.  Or, with a crisp white shirt tucked into it.  Or a fitted tee and belt.  Or...or...

This is the Sketched Danios Dress ($158), and when I saw it, I thought, "Oh, Anita and Karen would look so good in that!"  Anita?  Karen?  (My lovely sisters-in-law.) Are you reading this?  I know it's really really expensive, but oh, so pretty!  I haven't put on a sheath dress that loves me in a long time, but maybe this will be the one...

Last (for now), but certainly not least, is the Cooling Palette Dress ($188).  How sweet is this little number for the spring and summer? Sigh...

And, here's what I would love to see go on sale, should I have the discretionary income to indulge:

Ode to Spring Tank
Foliage Fancy Tee
Sprinkled Shells Tank
Free Flow Tank
Painted Roses Tunic
Tuberose Tank

These would all look so amazing with the cardigans I ordered from Nordstrom, during their Triple Points event a couple weeks ago!  Oh, and speaking of things I can't afford, here's a bag my friend Lisa and I saw last weekend, and are now actively desiring:

It's the Cerulean Wave Bag ($180) and it's a bag I absolutely don't need.  But would you look at that amazing blue?  And if only you could see all the pockets!  There's a magnetic flap pocket on the outer front, with a zip pocket just behind it.  Then, the main compartment is divided into three more spaces - a center zippered pocket, with two magnetic-button closure pockets flanking it.  I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but there's nothing I love more than a bag that helps me stay organized and keeps everything within easy reach.  The last and possibly most awesome feature of this bag?    That strap, which is long enough to make this a cross-body bag can be shortened, transforming this darling little number into a shoulder bag.

It's a transformer!  More than meets the eye! (This is what I say to my husband, when attempting to convince him of the coolness of handbags like this one. It doesn't really work, but he humors me.)  Anyway, my birthday is in April, which means I should be getting my birthday coupon from Anthro soon.  This may be what I decide to use it on.  Or one of the items I listed above.  We shall see...

OOTDs and more fitting room reviews coming soon!


  1. There are a lot of pretty new arrivals! I can't wait to check them out in IRL!

  2. I can honestly say that I love the majority of today's new arrivals. I want one of everything! This really doesn't help me with wanting to keep my spending in check.

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