Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday's Fresh Cuts: Dressing Room Reviews

Hi everyone!  Happy Tuesday!  As many of you know, Tuesday is price-reduction day at Anthropologie, and this week was an apparel-sale week (every other week is a home-goods get reduced).  This particular Tuesday was particularly fun for me, because I was able to take my cousin, Victoria, who lives in Paris, France and is visiting the States for a family reunion, to visit Anthropologie for the first time.  (Amazingly, there are no Anthropologie stores there.  Strike one, against Paris.  Haha, maybe the only strike against Paris?)  When we were discussing possible plans last night, she talked about the zoo, and I casually mentioned the Anthropologie sale...and she just blinked and said, "Yeah, we could do that," which clued me into the fact that she didn't know what Anthropologie was (Vic loves to shop more than I do, I think, if that's at all possible...).

Anyway, I took her, and she was floored by all the beautiful (and pricey!) things there, but I quickly navigated her back to the sale section, and we both found a couple lovely, half-off things to take home.  Yay!

Here are some reviews of items from the sales racks and the full-price displays.

This is the Valencia Dress ($79.95) , which I found to be delightful.  The color and print may seem off-putting at first (so bright!) but they're actually quite fun on.  I think that orange is really under-rated as a color.  I know not everyone can wear it, but if you can, you should!  This one was very comfy and cute and the straps can come off, if you prefer to wear it strapless.  Just wearing this dress makes me feel like it's summer (though the weather today, in San Diego certainly helped - 82 degrees Farenheit!).  I believe I'm wearing a size 2 in this one.

Here is the Into the Night blouse, ($49.95).  Both Victoria and I tried this one on, and while we loved what it did for our chests (made us look like we had them), we didn't really understand why the bottom, lighter-colored panel had to be so sheer.  It's not super-sheer, but it's certainly sheer enough to be able to make out what's going on beneath it (in these photos, you can see the line where my tummy stops and my jeans begin).  The top fit really well, and was flattering, but would have required us to wear something underneath, and for $50, shouldn't you just be able to wear it?  Back to the rack.

Victoria and I both tried on and loved the Balletomane tank ($39.95), and I tried on and really liked the All Yours blazer by Sine ($69.95) and the Tempting Trellis cardigan (cached link, $49.95), unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the cardigan and the tank, and the photo of the blazer turned out blurry.   I took an XS in the Balletomane, a 2 in the All Yours Blazer, and would have taken a small in the Tempting Trellis, had they had it in my size.  The Fashion Valley store only had mediums in stock and the UTC store had an XS.

Now, this is the Shoofly Trench ($198), which is not on sale.  I've been eying this jacket ever since it came out, and today, I finally tried it on. Wow, am I glad I did because now I won't need to take up any more cerebral space on this one.  In this photo, I'm wearing a size 2, and while it fits me in the shoulders, the rest of it just looked huge.  The sleeves are pretty long and the collar, while cute, is just so big.  I felt like a 5 year-old, playing dress-up with my mother's clothes.  Sigh.  This one goes back to the rack, and my search for a good trench coat continues.

I don't know the name of this top, as I couldn't find it online, but it's in the stores in three different colors - this ivory, a sort of pine-green, and a pewtery-gray.  I loved this top - it was comfortable, the details were lovely, and I felt really pretty in it.  It was also $68.  Definitely on my wishlist.

This is the Molded and Melded tee, ($48) in black.  I have the gray one on my wishlist on the website, and was excited to see this in the store, so I could try it on.  Just a really cute, easy tee, that's Duckie-proof (machine washable) and perfect for my wardrobe.  This will be moving from my wishlist to my shopping cart soon, I think.

So, I was lame and forgot to take a photo of my own OOTD, but fortunately for all of us, Kathryn sent me hers, so I'll post it here.  
Sweater: Brass Plum 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan (now $24.90)
Top: Balletomane Tank (now $39.95)
Pants: Anthropologie, winter 2009 (purchased for $19.95!)
Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless

Here's a detail of the Lela Rose shoe that Kathryn is wearing.  She got these super cute shoes at Payless for an amazing $7.50!!!


  1. Is the Molded and Melded tee out in stores now? Did they have the sky color? When it sold out online, I contacted CS and they said it hadn't even been out in stores yet. Cute shirt. Can't wait to get to an anthro and try it and hopefully buy it!!

  2. Yes, it's in stores, in the black. I asked about the other colors (I want the gray!) and they told me it's supposed to arrive in stores any day now.