Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vernal Equinox Outfit of the Day

Happy first day of spring, everyone!

Just a quick note for now, to document today's outfit. Carol was coming up from San Diego today (yay!!) and we were going to go up to Matrushka Construction to check out more of their dresses together with our friend Lisa. It's always so fun to shop with Carol.

So for today, I wanted a simple, easy outfit that would be good for walking around, shopping (trying on dresses) and having lunch up in LA. What better time to break out my new Climbing Cowlneck tee from Anthropologie?

Detail of the skirt (I love the white topstitching!)

Today's outfit:
The skirt and belt are super old, and still look great after all these years. The Tory Burch Millers were a total splurge from last year's Customer Appreciation night at Nordstrom, when I told Kelly (the aforementioned stylist that Carol works with, down in San Diego) that I needed to replace my old Steve Madden Sannibel sandals. I'd intended to get another pair of Steve Maddens, or maybe the Tory Burch Thora sandals, but Kelly brought me the Millers "just to try." Wow. I have some pretty severe bunions (sorry for the TMI, haha), so what a world of difference these sandals made. They feel like heaven compared to the Thoras or the Sannibels. I admit that the Millers carry a steep price tag (especially for a pair of sandals), but I expect to be able to wear them for a looooong time. I couldn't be happier with them. Add the ten-points-per-dollar for Customer Apprecation, and it's definitely a purchase I'm happy with. I love Kelly for finding them for me!

Carol and I will post some fitting room reviews from Matrushka when we get a chance. I didn't pick up any more dresses while I was there (though I wanted to!), but here's a peek at what I did pick up...

These beautiful handmade glass earrings:

And a fun shirt for my husband, for $28!

It turns out that Laura Howe (the owner and designer for Matrushka) also takes vintage men's dress shirts and silk screens them with various prints to give them an extra "kick." Isn't that cool? The hubby was pleasantly surprised when he got home.

Before I go, I just want to give another plug for our very first "Pretty Things" giveaway!

Have a wonderful day!