Wednesday, April 21, 2010

(Beda Dress, Polka-Peppered Dress, Susannah Dress, Flowers of Flowers Tank, Bolero Cowlneck, Coulis Cardigan)

Greetings and Salutations!

(Suddenly I have Charlotte's Web on the brain...)

I hope you're all having a great Wednesday!

We're back with some fitting room reviews from our recent Anthro trip!

Hi! It's me, Kathryn. Here I am, with the Beda Dress ($118, Style #030033) by Maeve. Carol had tried this one on a little over a week ago, and after seeing how awesome she looked in the green Reed Shirtdress, I knew I had to try the Beda to see if I could have the best of both worlds by having the Beda in green. So, our lovely Kelly always tells us, "Is there love? There has to be love..." - and oh goodness, there is love. It fits like a dream and the detailing is divine. See my happy smile? There really isn't anything that I could say that hasn't already been said about this one. I fit into a size 4 in this one just fine, likely due to my small-ish frame up top. (for reference I could've taken either a 4 or a 6 in the Reed Shirtdress) Methinks the green Beda will be making its way to my wishlist soon...

Here's the Polka-Peppered Dress ($148.00, Style #033067), also by Maeve. I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting to like this dress as much as I did. I thought it was pretty flattering, on. I think this is a good dress for small-chested girls like me. It's fitted through the hips and has a nice band that pulls you in at the waist. The polka-dots don't even freak out a pattern-shy girl like me! I took a 4 in this dress, but I think anyone with anything larger than a B-cup would want to size up. While I really like it, I don't "$148-like it" (too rich for my blood). I wouldn't be upset if this dress magically appeared in my closet one day. Wishlisted, for salewatch.

Here is the Susannah Dress ($128, Style #030046) by Moulinette Soeurs. Well, I normally like a lot of dresses by Moulinette Soeurs (I have the Reed Shirtdress, the Color Drenched Dress and the Maeshowe Dress). However, I thought this dress is a big gigantic pile of see-through "meh." It's just not particularly exciting to me - uninteresting color, non-descript design, non-flattering cut, and extremely sheer silk. I'm sure it could be amped up with some major accessories and layered with a more interesting cardi. (Actually, I could almost picture Tien styling this dress with some amazing necklace and knitting a pretty cardigan to go over top of it while cooking a gourmet feast and taking gorgeous photos of the whole experience, which would then make me want to buy the dress, haha!) Ultimately though, this dress did nothing for me when I tried it on. Not awful, but certainly not earth-shattering - especially for full price. Pass. For reference, I tried a size 4.

Carol, here. This is the Flowers of Flowers Tank ($68). Shira requested that Kathryn try it on and she pulled it. When she put it on, I loved it so much, I tried it on too!

Kathryn: I tried on a the XS and the S in this tank. This is a beautiful tank. I adore everything about it - the colors, the cut, the covered buttons and the lovely floral applique. The straps are nice and thick, so no need for a strapless bra. Who doesn't love that? It should be noted that there's absolutely NO stretch in the bottom hem, so if you're heavy in the hips (like I am) you may need to size up a bit to accommodate for that. I actually fit the XS on top, but I needed the S for it to fit correctly over my hips. (Ah, it's so "fun" having a small chest with junk in the trunk!) I loved this tank. Loved! Unfortunately, my budget can't justify buying this just now so it'll have to wait a bit. Wishlisted!

This is the Bolero Cowlneck ($58). I spotted this on a table in the store, and was immediately drawn to the striking print. I tried it on in the extra small, and it fit well, so TTS. When you get it on, you need to do some tucking and arranging with the cowlneck, otherwise the neck doesn't look quite as finished. Roxy mentioned that her top's print was not centered. Not so on this one, so just make sure you check, if you go with this top.

Here's the Coulis Cardigan ($88). I picked this up, because I liked the softer feel of this garment - both the colors and the texture of the fabric evoked...well, softness. For some reason, it made me think of being a small girl and snuggling up against my mother. I liked this sweater - well made, nice pleating, and I liked that the "empire" waist made me look like I have a chest. I did find something a little off in the shoulder/sleeve-area for me though - seemed a bit wider than I'm used to, and I think it has to do with the way the sleeve emerges from the pleats on the shoulder. Anyway, whatever it is, this sweater is a pass for me, but still, very sweet and very pretty.

This is the Dreaming in Green skirt ($148), which Kathryn reviewed before, here. I have a particular inclination for green, so when I saw Kathryn in this skirt, I knew I had to try it on. There's no way I can afford this at it's current price, and somehow I don't know if it'll go on sale, ever, but I love this skirt. The color is so brilliant and vivid and the fit is so flattering. I'm wearing a size 2 here, and it really fit like a dream. The gold buttons are such a nice little detail and the length was just perfect on me (5'2") - which was surprising, because it was pretty perfect on Kathryn (5'8") too. Anyway, if I win a lottery sometime soon, this is definitely on my list of "buy it nows." Until then, wishlisted!

Here is the Torsade Tee ($48), which is the less-adorable sister to the Night Skating top. I love my Night Skating top so much, and so was curious about the Torsade. Suffice it to say, it's not bad - the top is just as comfortable and the shape is the same. It's just not...well, flecked with rainbow spots. I've got on the XS in this top, so I'd say it's true to size.


  1. Kathryn: The Polka-Peppered Dress looks fantastic on you! I really wanted it to work on me, but alas, I'm too heavy on top for that to happen.
    Carol: You look so great in the Dreaming in Green Skirt! I was hoping that would come over here, but no luck yet. I see what you mean about the Torsade Tee - I'm wearing the Night Skating Top as I write, and it's just so cute, that it's hard to live up to!

  2. YAY! I got a shot out! Ok if this isn't too patriotic I request a review of Dotted Greetings Dress. LOL

    I love the first dress!!! It looks great. I'm honestly not a fan of polka dots but that dress looks cute on you. I think the last dress would be a good canvas to showcase some accessories but that's about it.

    I know you said the bottom doesn't have much give but the shirt looks so cute on both of you!

    I love the retro look of the cardigan Carol... please tell me you have some fabulous wedges to go along with it. The skirt is cute but I have this pet peeve about useless pockets. HAHAHA but it does look good.

  3. i love all three dresses. i think you can dress them up or down for the ocassion.

  4. I wish I looked as cute as you ladies in dresses with full skirts. For some reason, I don't think they work on me. But both of you look FAB in the Beda dress! Ok, I am going to try the Beda dress the next time I'm in Anthro - but I'm not holding out much hope...

    I will definitely be trying out that Flowers of Flowers tank - it's adorable on both of you!

    And Carol - I tried the Coulis Cardigan as well - and while I liked the fit, the fabric and the styling, the cost was too high for me to justify the purchase. I couldn't see myself wearing it in the office unless it was casual Friday and if I'm going to be limited to wearing it only 3 days a week, we'll it's gotta be a pass for me at $88. Maybe at $39.99. LOL!