Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Day After Tuesday (or "the Letdown")

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the short post today.  I wanted to post last night, but I've been crushed by work and a very looming deadline, so couldn't do it.  I'm hoping these will be better after tomorrow morning, and back to normal (sort of) by Friday.  I promise lots and lots of fun, pretty things this weekend.

So, what did you all order/buy at the sale yesterday?  I want to live vicariously through the shopping of others (because I really can't be shopping myself, right now).

What I can do, I've decided, is think about gardening!  It's spring (whee!) and my yards are in tragic condition.  For those of you who know me and my husband, this is no surprise.  So, if any of you can provide some gardening tips - especially those suited to warm, low-water, high-sun climates, that'd be wonderful!  My thumb is SO not green.  It's more...purply-pink.

Still, after mowing the lawn (which really needs to happen) and weeding (also really needs to happen), I'm going to do some cute, potted container plants.  I was looking at these last night, during a 10-minute brain-break, as a possibility:

This is the Square Yellow Planter, from Crate and Barrel ($24.99 - $29.99).  I love how they used topiary, with a bed of grass at the bottom!  The green is so pretty against the warm yellow.  The white blooms are so fresh too, aren't they?  We have red pavers on our patio, so these will create a similar sort of color palette as that in the photo.

I also really liked these Wire Planter Holders ($16.95) with the Flared Planters ($12.95).  Both yellow and green are so charming!

And how adorable is this Strawberry Pot ($39.95)?  My son, Rowan, has been working on a little garden plot at his preschool and enjoying it, so I think growing strawberries in this pot would be a really great project for him.

Hahaha...because money spent on things other than clothes, isn't really money spent on "shopping," right?  Sigh...


  1. Just looking at these planters makes me feel happy and calm inside; love that shade of yellow. :D I'm of the camp that believes one's surroundings definitely influences one's mood.

    So my sale scores: bought a green Reed Shirtdress & Full Bouquet Clip in coral on Tue. Today during a "return" I ended up buying the Cockadoodle dress and a red/white/blue top (FP) that isn't online yet. So happy with the purchases! Hadn't even looked at the dress before but it was just there on the sale rack and I thought "why not?" It was so pretty and fit like a glove - I feel like lucked out.

  2. Oh! You got the green Reed Shirtdress! I actually tried to order it, but got an email yesterday that the item was unavailable and the order cancelled. =( I'll have to go to my local stores to see if I can find it, but I have a strong suspicion that it'll be sold out at the stores too.

    Anyway, I'm happy to hear that you were able to score such great things!

  3. Oh, what a bummer about the Reed - hope you find it! I think there may still be some left in stores... Someone just posted over on Effortless Anthropologie that there were smaller green sizes at the U. Village Seattle Anthro (206-985-2101).

  4. I found one! They had quite a few of the Reed Shirtdresses at the Fashion Valley, so was able to grab the green in my size 4. =D Thanks so much though, for the tip - it was going to be my next step, if my local stores were sold out.