Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guest Review - This Week's Sale Items in the Fitting Room

Hi everyone! Hope you're all had a lovely Thursday. Sounds like in a lot of different places across the country, today is the last forecasted day of warm weather, before we get another bout of cold and wet. I spent the majority of this day working, and actually need to get back to it, but we wanted to introduce our first guest reviewer (yay!), Michelle Q. Michelle was able to get to Anthropologies this week (unlike Kathryn and I - boo!) and was so nice as to take photos of her sale rack finds and review them for us.

Onto Michelle's reviews!

Thanks so much to Carol and Kathryn for the chance to do a guest spot on the blog! I was so excited to go to Anthro yesterday to check out the new markdowns. The sale section at my local Anthro was stocked, so I was doing the happy dance. To be completely honest, I’m not a regular Anthro shopper (don’t throw stones! :P) but I’ve been seeing pieces on various blogs that have intrigued me and the sale prices are really good, so I headed out to check them out!

First up is a piece I tried my best to resist, but it drew me back again and again. I first ordered the Short & Sweet Jacket ($59.95) online in the brown colorway, but when I got it I was on the fence. When I went to return it in store, I spied the gold colorway and in a size up. Tried it on and squealed at the perfection! I love this jacket! I’m in Southern California, so I was worried about the wool blend making it unwearable in the Spring, but it’s surprisingly lightweight. The gold colorway is really versatile and I think this jacket is cute with a pencil skirt or full trousers. It’s super flattering, too, because I am really straight up-and-down. I have thick waist and I love how this cinches me in. As far as sizing goes, I am usually a size 4 or S. This is actually a size 8. I tried on the 4 and the 6 first, but they were too tight around the arms for my liking. The only thing about this jacket is that I likely won’t wear it open. I don’t have much in the boob department, I’m a 36B and if left open, then I don’t fill out the jacket well. But this definitely came home with me.

Next up is the Suave Shell. ($39.95) To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of this top on the hanger or on the website. The print was a little too cutesey for my taste and I don’t really lunge for the florals. But once I put it on, I fell HARD. The neckline is so cute! The material is super soft and the drape is flattering. I have 2 kids and I’m self-conscious of my poochy belly, but this does a good job of skimming over it! Here are pics of the two colorways, I ended up with the blue motif. For sizing, this is an XS. Tried on the S and it was too loose in the torso.

This is the third and final piece that came home with me, the Stratus Cloud Top. ($39.95) Now, I will admit that I’m a J Crew junkie and already own many a ruffled tiered top from J Crew, but this one felt so good on that I couldn’t leave it behind. It’s a cotton jersey/poly but the jersey is so soft and the poly tiers could pass for silk. Plus, the sleeves fit perfectly and I love that they are finished in the poly trim. I came home with the S in this, but the XS fit as well. I know you’re supposed to dry clean it, but like I said, I’ve got 2 kids (a 1-year-old and a 5-year-old) so it will likely go in the machine. The grey is so pretty in the slubby jersey!

I tried on MANY things that I didn’t buy…so here are some of those…

The Lisbet Blouse. ($69.95) This is a 4. I liked it, but didn’t love it. It’s much better tucked in – but I’ve got a short torso and the neckline ended up too close to my waistline. It’s beautifully made, though, so if you think it will work for you, hop on it!

Point-De-Venise Tank. ($39.95) This is an XS and it’s a bit big on me. I think a lot of people got sized out of this one. Pretty, but too close to my skin tone. I look nude in it. LOL.

Whorled Roses Tank. ($49.95) This is a S and it fit well. The shape is good, the roses, not so much. Weird-looking on me. Plus, whorled is a funny word.

Ode to Spring Tank. ($39.95) VERY cute. I think it’s a great spring and summer top and can see it looking so adorable with some denim crops (J Crew Minnies, anyone?). But I can’t see myself wearing it much, so I left it in the store. This is a size S and a bit big on top, but again, I’m not too boobalicious.

Blueberry Peplum Blouse. Again, very cute, but I didn’t think I would get much wear from it. Plus, I had weird pleating issues at the chest. I can’t recall the size of this one, but it was a normal size for me, so either a 4 or a S.

Cinched Cables Cardigan. ($59.95) I liked it once I got it on. But it’s a fussy cardi for me – took a while to get the belt straight and to close the cardigan just so. I need something I can throw on and this doesn’t work for me. This is a size XS.

Tic Tac Toe Blouse. ($49.95) I’m glad they didn’t have my size, because I likely would have bought it. Absolutely adorable blouse and completely outside of my norm, but I thought it was interesting on the hanger so I decided to try it on. I think this blouse has a lot of possibilities – for work, for casual wear, under a cute cardi or even a denim blazer. This was a size 6 and too big in the shoulder and chest area. It fit perfectly at the hem, though, so I wonder if I went to a 4 if the hem would be too tight.

Lean Lines Tunic. ($49.95) Oh how I wanted this to work! I’ve been looking for a cute shirt-style tunic since I was disappointed with the fit of the J Crew ones this season, but alas, I am still on the hunt. The problem for me was the bottom half a-lines out and I want a true up-and-down fit in a lean tunic. I thought this would be cute as a shirtdress, though, so I took my skirt off, but it’s too short for my comfort that way. The top part fit really well. This is a S. I tried sizing down to see if that would help with the bottom half, but I couldn’t even button the XS.

Tranquil Flow Tunic. ($59.95) Now this is what I’m talking about in a tunic. The fit and styling of this tunic was wonderful and the silk is heavenly, but unfortunately, none of the colorways really floated my boat. Sigh. The hunt continues. This is a size 4.

Stars and Stripes Skirt. ($49.95) I REEEEAALLLY liked this skirt and had a hard time leaving it behind. I’m going to have to look in my closet to see if there are some unworn items with tags I can bear returning so I can get this skirt. So cute and it fit me like a glove. Be forewarned, though, this sits at the high waist for me. I guess if you wanted it to sit lower, you could size up, but there is pleating at the front so it might be too big on the hips.

Gainsborough Skirt. ($79.95) Not new to the sale (I don’t think) but I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED it. Sizing is a problem though. This is a 6 and I couldn’t even zip it up! FWIW, I am a size 2 or 4 in J Crew pencil skirts. It’s gorgeous though and I think if I came across it in an 8 it may work for me…

Reed Shirtdress. ($59.95) You’ve seen this on a lot of bloggers, so my review is superfluous, but it’s a very popular dress so I figured I’d add my thoughts. I thought it was cute on but I likely wouldn’t wear it much. Like I said, I have a straight up-and-down figure, no curves really to speak of, so I don’t gravitate to a-lines or full skirts. I liked that this gave me a waist, though. The solid orange is a size 4 and a little tight around my mid section (darn that mommy pooch!) The red plaid is a 6 and a tad to big in the shoulders. I like the dress, though, but ultimately left it at the store.

That’s it for now – thanks again to Carol and Kathryn for the guest spot! I loved it!

And thank you, Michelle, for your lovely reviews! We'll be back soon, with some more fun Anthro fitting room reviews!


  1. Wonderful reviews! It helps so much seeing other body types wearing items and hearing other opinions. I purchased the Lisbet and Ode to Spring tops. And now that i've seen the Suave Shell on, I totally want to try it out!!

  2. Great guest reviews Michelle Q! I think the Gainsborough skirt and Reed dress looked really pretty on you. Similar to Carol and Kathryn, I've been unfortunately tied to my desk at work and haven't been able to visit Anthro...

  3. Love the Gainsborough skirt too! Great reviews.