Friday, April 9, 2010

I Feel Infinitely Whimsical - Quick OOTD & A Coronary for my Pocketbook

I steal outfits. There. I said it.

Maybe a more-PC term would be to say, "I was inspired..." (which I was, truly!) But you get the point. Basically I see something on someone that I like, and I want to wear it too.

When Carol and I saw Maria's outfit over on her blog, Infinite Whimsy, we instantly said, in unison, "I want this outfit!"

So, being the little copycat that I am, I was lucky to score the Thousand Days Skirt on eBay not long after Maria's post appeared. I'd been lusting after the skirt for awhile, and seeing Maria's beautiful outfit really sealed the deal for me.

So Maria, I hope you'll forgive me for my shameless carbon copy. It's just that you're so lovely, and I love your blog, and really...who wouldn't want to dress like you?

My Tribute to Maria Outfit includes:
The other funny thing about today's outfit is, I actually had to wait awhile to be able to wear it. It's been super warm here in SoCal recently (and earthquake-y too!), so I didn't exactly think this outfit was appropriate for 80-degree weather. So I used the five-degree drop in today's forecast as my justification reach for my tights and pull on this outfit. How silly am I, that I was actually hoping for colder weather so I could dress like Maria??

Yep, that's how I roll.

So anyway, I was cruising Anthropologie's site this morning when my wallet had a heart attack. I mean, seriously. Why doesn't Anthro just hold me up at gunpoint and steal my purse? Better yet, why don't they just shoot me in the head? Both of those things would hurt less than how my heart feels right about now.

When did this dress appear...?

Hovering Dots Dress, $148 (Style #18449777)

Be still, my heart. Tiers and scalloped hems, on a dress! Polka-dots and ruffles on the bodice! Gah!

And don't forget this one that Kim blogged about, the other day:

Chocolate Chip Dress, $128 (Style #18293654)

I love, love, love this dress! I can't wait to try this baby on. If it fits and it's true love, I'm thinking of asking (begging?) Carol if we can co-own it. I don't care if I have to lose five pounds to fit into the same size as her, I'll do it if it means I can have this pretty dress.

(Okay, so I realize these are some pretty high-class problems I'm having, if I'm wailing about wanting to buy dresses.)

...and hey, have I been so out of it to not notice this top on Anthro's site...?

Courtship Blooms Knit, $58 (Style #013258)

The bottom of this reminds me of the Rare Bloom Tee, only with the embellishment on the shoulder instead of in the middle. (and no sleeves) But I'm such a sucker for flowers and ruching, I could see this making a home in my closet.

Too many pretty things, so little available cash.


  1. OMG I love that Hovering Dot dress! It is sooo cute! The chocolate chip dress is cute too! I don't usually like poka dots but square ones? Awesome!

    Ok so I know this is from an older post but check this dress out its like those other two skirts you tried on!

    Also I just think this one is cute too :)

  2. I just posted about the Courtship Knit - so pretty and reminiscent of not only the Rare Bloom Tee but the Hourglass Surplice too. I'm hoping to snap this one up!

  3. Oh man, when I went in to Anthro on Wed, they had TONS of new stuff - some still not on the site yet. They had some short sleeved sweaters with the similar 'bi-fold' (but not ruched) bottom as that Courtship knit. Happy spring colors were abundant. Anthro makes it so hard not blow the budget! :P

  4. The lavender and navy looks great on you - and those cute shoes are from Payless?!

  5. This outfit looks FAB on you, Kathryn! No wonder you copied! LOL! I wish I had snagged that top - looks like it would be flattering for my shape.

    I'm also LOL about the dress-sharing with Carol. I do that with my sister, but I'm 5'2" and she's 5'7". We share sweaters, dresses and some tops, but bottoms are out of the question. I think that chocolate chip dress would be amazing on you and really versatile.

  6. AWWW, THANKS! You look great, and I'm honored. The Hovering Dots dress is so lovely and I'm dying to try it on!

  7. your post is hilarious :) i totally made the same bargain to a friend i went shopping with this week about co-owning a dress because it doesn't fit into my april budget. she's just a hair smaller than me, but there's a tie-waist for a reason, right?!?

    in moments like those, i have to remind myself that my lifestyle is one of knits and jeans, not dresses every day :D

  8. @shares - Thanks! Haha, sometimes I'm worried my humor doesn't translate, over the internet. I'm really not as grumpy as I sound! I just like pretty things and wish I could have them all! =)

    @Maria - I hope you'll forgive me for copying your outfit! I adore your style and look forward to your outfits everyday...thank you for being such an inspiration!

    @Michelle Q - Thank you, thank you! =) And sorry for not writing earlier, but thank you for doing those guest reviews for us - they were fabulous! I can't get enough of the Night Skating Top - it's sooo flattering on! And that's hilarious about you and your sister - Carol is also 5'2", and I'm 5'8". The only time we've ever shared pants was a loooong time ago, when Carol wore a pair of my Diesel jeans at her bachelorette party (I should dig that photo up, sometime...;o)), but I don't think we could do that now!

    @Lisa - Haha, thanks! And yes, can you believe it? I got those shoes for $7.50 on a "buy one, get one half off" promo when my husband needed a pair of work boots. SCORE!

    @Diana - I know it's a cliche, but with Anthro's constant cute new arrivals, it makes me think of that line from The Godfather. "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in." Hahaha...

    @Kathleen - how fun! I actually found the Courtship knit in my local Anthro and am reviewing it next! =)

    @shira - I really do need to check out Modcloth. Debs commented and she had good things to say about them!