Monday, April 26, 2010

I Had a Dream... (Nordstrom Fitting Room Reviews, an OOTD, and a song)

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful, happy weekend and that your Monday is at least bearable. There are times when I feel like I've packed my life so full of things to do, that I'm not doing any of them very well. It can be pretty rough to be holding a full-time job, being a mom to an infant and a preschooler, a wife, and a compulsive shopper (haha) and blogger. But then, I remember that these are all things I chose (except maybe the compulsive shopper part) and smile that I'm fortunate enough to have all these things I sought out. 

 Bless my heart. Be careful what you wish for...

 Anyway, when I was at Fashion Valley this past Friday for Anthropologie's Earth Day event with the kiddos, I also stopped by Nordstrom and decided to try on some dresses for good measure. For some reason, the majority of these dresses aren't on Nordstrom's website right now, so I linked to other web retailers who are also carrying them. I did list the Nordstrom item or sku #'s though, just in case you wanted to call up Kelly or some other Nordstrom sales associate to help you track these down in their stores.

This is a Hype "Honey Office" Dress (item # 7369090) from TBD (a department inside Nordstrom) - and I included the second photo to the right, so that you could see the detail of the lace on the bodice, behind my hand. That lace is what caught my eye in the first place, and while I don't love the way the dress looked on me, personally, I didn't hate it. If it was on sale, I might pick it up, and throw a cardigan over it for work. Very sweet, and good for the short-waisted. Otherwise, if you follow the link above, you'll see how it looks on a woman who's taller and more boy-shaped.

While I was perusing TBD, I sort of drifted into Savvy, and noticed all these fabulous Diane von Furstenberg dresses that were made of the most amazing, flowy prints.  I picked up three of them, to try on:

This is the Zora Dress by DVF. This particular one is a size 2, and while the waist fit comfortably, everything else was too big. I realize I should have taken a detail photo of this dress, so you could see the colors up close - the print is so gorgeous, resplendent in shades of brown, cream and gold. The chemise that comes with the dress is black, and has a sort of animal-print burnout effect on it. I'm sure on a taller, more willowy woman, this dress drapes beautifully. Sigh...just not on me.

This is Diane von Furstenberg's Mademoiselle X Dress in Tribal Daisy Bands Blue (sku # 663231091874).  I had high hopes for the dress on the you can see, the end result wasn't great on me.  I think I'm just not tall enough or too petite overall to wear DVF's dresses.  It's so disappointing, because her things are so lovely!  This dress is another instance of gorgeous fabric, incredible print, careful construction, intriguing drape potential...alas, I'm too short, too narrow in the shoulders, too pear-shaped to pull this dress off successfully. Booo!

This is DVF's Kasi Dress in Tribal Daisy Bands Yellow (sku # 663231087303). The print sort of obscures the details of this dress, so you can see a plain black version of the Kasi here - you'll be able to see how this dress is structured, more clearly.  I really liked this dress - of the three DVF dresses I tried on, I thought that it fit me the best.  Still, looking at the photo, I realize that the dress definitely makes me look more pear-shaped than I'm comfortable with, so phew, my bank account gives a sigh of relief.  Again, gorgeous fabric and print, incredible construction, just not the right cut for my figure. 

Okay, and this last one - I was actually too harrassed by the kids by this point to actually get the details on this dress (which I sort of liked the best, though it too was a bit too big for me).  I included this final, uncropped photo to illustrate the dangers of trying to shop in any meaningful way when accompanied by an almost 5-year-old boy and a 9 month-old girl.  Yep.  Life is good.  =) 

Kathryn:  Hi! Just a quick OOTD. Nothing exciting, really. I threw this on, for a lovely morning breakfast at Disneyland. I'd been waiting for nice enough weather to wear this top from H&M's Garden Collection, and this was perfect for the warm, yet somewhat breezy weather:

I loves the price, too!
I really dig the sleeves on this top. They're so full and frilly and fun, I got a little carried away...

Hm. Looking at the photos of this outfit now, I think next time I wear it I shall include a long necklace. The look just feels like it's missing something. Oh well. I was still comfy and happy, wearing this top! Pardon the silliness. That's just how I roll.

I just wanted to leave you with this last little bit of happiness - I don't know if you know Priscilla Ahn, but I discovered her through my younger brother, who shared a link to this song on facebook, once upon a while ago...and I found that her music really resonates with me.  I enjoy all kinds of music, but there are a handful of songs and artists that feel like they "fit" my life.  Simple, pretty, tunes.  Good lyrics.  Lilting voice.  I hope you enjoy it! 


  1. Carol: I like the idea of most of the dresses but I agree that they just weren't fitting the best. Although that Kasi dress is super cute, (you should have tried the black one one, I think you could totally rock it!) that pattern is kind of overwhelming. I love the idea of the Mademoiselle X dress but I think you probably could have gone with a smaller size since it kind of looks like the shoulders are sagging a little. Also I had to do a double take on the Honey Office dress because at first glance I thought it was shorts. LOL

    Kat: OMG I am stealing that outfit from you... after I lose 100lbs. LOL Also now I'm going to wear my apple bottoms karitina dress to work, even though its more like a shirt! Jeannings to the rescue!

  2. Hi Shira! I totally agree with your assessments of the DVF dresses - and I also thought the skirt on the Hype dress photographed like it they were shorts, hahaha. The black Kasi might be better on me - again, you may be right about the print overwhelming me. Thanks for the feedback! =)

  3. Thanks for the reviews from Nordstrom! Most of the reviews you see around the blog-o-sphere are usually J Crew or Anthro with a smattering of Target and I love seeing Nordie's in the mix since it's one of my favorite stores. I've always been curious about DVF dresses, but I've feared that they are best for those taller, bustier, and curvier than me. Your pics help, though, so I appreciate them very much. Also, I know how tough fitting rooms and shopping in general can be with the little ones, so all the more kudos to you, Carol! I'm cracking up at the one with your littlest scaling her stroller! My youngest loves to be right in front of the mirror and cracks up seeing mommy take her picture. It reminded me of a pic I took a while back in a J Crew fitting room that I have to share with you -

    Kathryn - I love that outfit! I've seen that H&M top before and was scared off by the sleeves. But you make it look effortlessly pretty - I'll have to try it out next time if I can still find it in stock!

  4. Oh, Michelle, your little one is SO cute!!! =D And I LOVE that skirt you're wearing in that photo - I hope you got it!

  5. Oh Carol - you are reading my mind! When I posted that picture, I looked at it and thought, "Huh - that's a really cute skirt! Why didn't I buy it?" So of course, I got on the phone with J Crew's customer service to hunt it down. No luck on the website or at my local stores! ARGH! I was likely so flustered because the baby started getting crabby and I didn't want to stand in line, so I left it. Now I'm kicking myself. Although, it's clear that I save $$ when I go with the kids. :P

    But...if anyone sees that skirt in a size 4 or even a 6 at their local J Crew, let me know. ;-)

    And thanks for the comment on the little one. He is pretty adorable. ;-)

  6. Michelle! Your little one is ADORABLE!!! And thank you so much for your sweet comments! Do you frequent the J.Crew at SCP? And did they happen to have any more Sunshine Peony skirts in stock? ;o) Actually, what size did you take in that skirt?

  7. Hey Kathryn!

    Yup SCP J Crew is my homebase. I was there last Friday and they had a few of the Sunshine Peony skirts - I actually took one home in a size 4. I probably could have sized down to a 2, but I just felt more comfortable in the 4. I am a true 4 in Crew, so I would suggest going with your normal size. I LOVE this skirt - and actually with the extra 20% online I added it to my cart (along with a ton of other stuff) and I'm just going to return the one I bought in store.

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