Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Have a Love-Hate Relationship with Tuesdays...

You know, a few months ago, when I was deep in the throes of a shopping frenzy, Tuesdays were the best!  And we all know why!  Anthropologie Sales! Not so, anymore friends.  Now, Tuesdays are an agonizing exercise in trying (usually with pathetically low rates of success) to not buy anything, and then, inevitably, failing.

So, I'm going to recruit you all to help me fail this week.  Yes, you read me right - that was not a typo.  You need to help me fail.

I need the Openwork Vines Skirt.  In a 2 please.  Or even a 0, if no 2's exist.  It's now already sold out online, which means that I'll be stalking my (four!  So awesome!) area stores for it.  Only problem?  I don't remember seeing it recently at any of them.  So, unless they'd been stashed in the backroom (oh, the back room...place of mysteries and vault of secret treasures!), they might all be out.  I know Kathryn also wants an Openwork Vines Skirt (and really, who wouldn't after Kim's styling post a few days back?), so if you could keep an eye out for a size 4 or even a 6, that would be just super.  We'd be eternally grateful.

Something I and my straining budget are grateful for this week is that none of the dresses that have been reduced really interest me...for instance, not so excited by the Optical Illusions dress or the Woven Chroma dress (which, offhand, I think would look stunning on Rosa, of Love at First Shop).  However, if I had somewhere to go, I might be tempted by the Dusky Alba dress, even at it's still painfully high price point.  Speaking of beautiful but still painfully expensive - the Kensington Jacket (Leifsdottir's lemon-yellow trench coat...pretty!).  Thankfully, I have not seen that one in stores, so I won't have to ignore it.

The only other things I might be tempted by, if I happened to be able to find them, and they were to look amazing in the fitting room are the Tartan Rose Tieback (I've seen this at a couple of local stores in the past week, but don't know if they'd still have it in my size...), the Solar Star blouse (what is it about that happy yellow color that just gets me every time?), the Double Duty Skirt (I've been looking for an easy black pencil skirt forever - or at least since Kelly found Kathryn a ponte-knit pencil skirt by Michael Kors last fall and I - sob - passed on it), the Above the Fray Skirt (SO cute, though the high waist could be a deal-breaker, with my short torso), and the Pipe up the Band Jacket (sort of a cotton-and-ruffle-less version of a Rebecca Taylor Jacket that Kelly pulled for me which I wear all the time).

One last thing - I noticed that the Galloping Filly Skirt is now on sale and it made me smile, because when I took my cousin, Victoria, to Anthropologie last month, she tried it on and hated it (I thought it was cute on her) because she said she felt like she was wearing her grandmother's table cloth.  Hahaha...I love that somewhere, there's some incredibly hip grandmother with those horses all over her table cloth.


  1. I'm pretty sure the Openworks Vine Skirt is sold out at all the SD stores. I know it is in my size (10). I called CS and was told the Atlanta and Philadephia stores still have good stock amounts and was able to get the Atlanta store to ship me one and waive shipping costs because my local stores were out. If you want to go this route the phone numbers are (404) 237-4175 (Atlanta) and (215)568-2114 (Philly). Good luck!

  2. I should have mentioned, I live in SD too so I specifically inquired about stock at our stores when I called CS. I located the Solar Star Blouse at Fashion Valley. They have a few but I didn't realize you were eyeing it too when I called so I only asked about my size. Hope I helped you with your quest to fail. :)

  3. Hope you are able to get the skirt! I am being strong willed and not doing a crazy search for this skirt! It is pretty and I tried a 0 on my last visit to Atlanta, but wasn't thrilled about the price. Now that it's on sale, I'm on the fence about it.

    I just got a Tutu tank even though I've never seen it in person...only on Kim (Anthroholic) and Roxy. Hopefully, it fits.

    Good luck to you and Kathryn in your search for the Openworks Vines!

  4. Carol -- My store in Reston, VA had the Openworks Vine skirt in a size 0. There were two of them as of 1 pm EST today. They had other sizes too, but I can't remember what they are. I know they didn't have a size 2. But there might have a 4 or 6.

  5. I was calling around looking for a 4 (found one in LA) and the store in Charlotte NC has 2 skirts in size 2 - 704 442 9454. Good luck! (and sorry too... I am also on a shopping hiatus yet just got this charge send to my house, oh well)

  6. HA! I just called the Tampa, Fl store and bought this skirt in a 0- after having woken up early to call customer service to locate it, and then setting a reminder alarm for 10am, which is when the Tampa store opened its doors. I fail so hard.

  7. @Kel, Diem & Anon - Thank you SO much for your kind help! Funny story - I actually ordered my skirt online last night...at 12:01. No joke! The timestamp on my confirmation email is 12:02.

    @Gemma - Ohhh, good luck with the Tutu tank! That one's a beauty! And I know what you mean about sizing...I'm a little nervous, as I've never tried on the Openwork Vines skirt before. The reviews were really confusing, to me - they seemed to be all over the place! I'm usually between a 4 and a 6, so I figured I'd just order "big" to be safe, and I could always take it in later if I needed to. Fingers crossed!

    @Tara B. - I love your commitment, girl! I'm supposed to be on a shopping hiatus, but...sigh. Oh well, at least there's a bizarre comfort to knowing that we all fail together, haha!

  8. Oh, thanks so much, everyone! You're all the best! Kel, I went to Fashion Valley, just to see, and they had the skirt in a 2 there! So, I lucked out, but thanks so much for the tips.

    @Tara B - you're as good at failing as I am! Whoo!

    @Gemma - you're a stronger woman than I know how to be, in the face of an Anthropologie sale. Well done, well done! I aspire to you!

  9. The Open Vines skirt fit me perfectly in a size 6. I'm sometimes an 8 needing alterations in pencil skirts. I just love it and may wear it again tomorrow!. It looked nice with the ivory Claudine Tee also.

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