Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Inspired by Chloe - Another Shameless OOTD Rip-Off

I was debating whether or not I should actually start turning my OOTD posts into games of "Guess the Blogger!"

Today my inspiration was the beautiful and impeccably-dressed Chloe, of t h e (c h l o e) c o n s p i r a c y. And really, who wouldn't want to look like Chloe? Of course, my little tribute pales in comparison to her actual outfit. I can only aspire to be a shadow of her absolute fabulousness, as she's approximately a million times cooler than I am. That face! Those legs! That hair! Those clothes! THAT HANDBAG!!!

A little more detail:

(Oh my gosh, what happened to my face...?!)

  • Cardigan: Cashmere by TSE (circa 2003) (a pretty lightweight linen option by J.Crew here)
  • Top: Armani Exchange (similar here)
  • Pants: Cartonnier, from Anthropologie (similar pair from Anthro here)
  • Belt: Oh, Hello Friend
  • Shoes: JS by Jessica Simpson Oscar (droolworthy nude pumps here)
  • Earrings: Oh, Hello Friend

I didn't have Chloe's Editor Pants, nor do I have any light-colored pants. Me + light-colored pants = blech. So instead I subbed in the pair of Cartonnier pants I'd scored for $19.95 from Anthro earlier this year. The Editor Pants have never particularly fit me well, as I'm pear-shaped and have some serious thighs. These Cartonnier pants fit me like a dream.

After I wiped the drool from my mouth upon seeing Chloe's Nanette Lepore Ladies Night Corset in a couple of her recent posts (not to mention that Paraty in Rosewood...gaaaah WANT!!!), I suddenly remembered I actually had a similar white corset top hanging in my own closet. I'd picked it up about four years ago, in an effort to mimic a look I'd seen in Mr. & Mrs. Smith:

Well, I don't have the boobs to fill out my corset top the way Angelina fills hers out. Nor do I have the money to buy the boobs to fill out my corset top the way Angelina fills hers out. And honestly, if I had the money to buy the boobs to fill out my corset top, I'd probably more clothes.

I'd never really worn my corset top with anything other than with one of my flowy white skirts, so it was nice to find another option for it! The cardigan was something I'd forgotten about, so I was more than happy to dig it out of my closet to give it new life. TSE cashmere is simply to die for. This might not be the most exciting outfit ever, but overall I was just happy to put together an outfit from a collection of super-old pieces I already owned.

It was actually quite cold when I left the house this morning. (And when I say "quite cold," keep in mind that it's from the perspective of a girl from SoCal...which really just means "below 60-degrees." Don't people back east break out their shorts when it gets to that temperature?) So I needed a little something to throw over my outfit so that my wimpy butt didn't freeze.

This is quite possibly my favorite clothing item that I own:

Coat: Marc Jacobs Coventry Coat (Spring 2004) (brighter pink option here)

I heart these little details:

Sleeve detail:

So I must admit, much like Sara, I feel a little bit of guilt each time I copy an outfit. I hope all you girls out there don't mind. I know that my outfits tend to be homages more often than not.

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  1. Coming from someone who 'has the boobs', I wouldn't be able to get away with Angelina's look: I'd end up looking like a porn star!
    Your coat is just lovely!

  2. Love your look today! I think taking inspiration from bloggers is great, especially if you give them credit for the outfit. Isn't imitation the sincerest form of flatter?

    I just found your blog recently and love your looks. :)

  3. That die for! Lucky girl!

  4. I love the outfit as well! But you already know that ;)

    I really like that coat, is it Marc, by Marc Jacob for Marc Jacob? LOL

    ps... good clothes can totally trump fake body parts

  5. Awww, Chloe is the cutest! I like how you styled your version of that outfit too, though! As for your hair, I personally love it. It looks like it has great body!

    And WOW on Angelina Jolie side boob, haha! I don't think anyone but her could pull off the corset + white skirt look without looking like they're in costume. I like your corset top tucked into pants!

  6. EEEEK! Thank you! This put a huge smile on my face today- and you look *great*.

  7. Kathryn, you are too cute! Plus, look at those dimples! I die, really. And pink is a very flattering color on you!

  8. I've just discovered your blog and I love it! Becoming a follower right now!

    I also follow Chloe's blog -- she is one of my blogger inspirations!

  9. New reader here! I just had to represent New England by saying that anything over 40 degrees is warm to us! ;)

  10. Hello girls! I've been reading your blog for a little while now and I just love both of your styles. I've had this idea with my friend as well as we chat everyday at work about fashion and what we're wearing. Love it!

    I've recently just started to blog as well. If you get the chance, check it out and thanks for your support! Will keep reading and can't wait for newer posts!

  11. LOVE the MJ coat!! so so unique and adorable.

  12. Your sense of style is really good.

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