Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday is the day before Tuesday (Anthropologie sale guessing game!)

Hi everyone! Sorry for our weekend absence. I was traveling with the kiddos to my parents' and in-laws' homes for Easter weekend, so didn't have much time or energy to blog. Not to mention, spotty internet-access. But we're back this cloudy-windy-cool-a-little-bit-rainy (whoa, have we passed through a rift in the time-space continuum and ended up in the northeast?) Monday to talk about our favorite stuff - pretty things!

I received a phone call from my cousin, Victoria, (in Paris, France!) and she wanted to tell me that she wore her Cecily Tunic which she'd purchased during her trip here, last month.  She came to San Diego to do some sight-seeing, and instead of taking her to the world-famous San Diego Zoo, I took her to Anthropologie.

Yep.  I did.

Anyway, she wore the Cecily Tunic at a family event for Easter weekend, and she said it looked gorgeous and that she got loads of compliments from people about it!  Yay!  See?  Who needs world famous zoos, when one can get loads of compliments on cute tops?  (Okay...well - she'd been to the zoo once before, and she'd never been to Anthropologie!  Surely that matters?)

So, last week, Anthropologie totally let us down by not putting anything on sale.  I know, it's as if they committed a high crime against stylish mid-income women everywhere.

Okay, sorry, enough of the italics (too much Easter chocolate will do it to you).  So, let's cross our fingers and hope for sale items tomorrow (even though I'm not supposed to spend any more money this month, on clothes).  I'm not nearly as good as Roxy is at this game, but here are my guesses:

Wright Dress                                     Grasslands Dress

Anything you're hoping for in particular?  You know, one of these weeks, we're planning to host a contest of "most and best guesses for the Tuesday Sale."  Put on your sale-guessing caps, as that'll be coming up soon.

And, yay! An OOTD from Kathryn:

Hi, and Happy Belated Easter, everyone! I spent most of my Easter in bed, fighting off the last of a nasty cold. I wasn't happy to be dragging myself out of bed on this cold (for Southern California, that is), lightly rainy day. But here's what I threw on:

  • Coat: Brass Plum Hooded Car Coat (from 2007?)
  • Scarf: Nordstrom Tissue Weight Cashmere Wrap
  • Anthropologie Collective Tunic
  • Leggings: Express
  • Rainboots: Liberty of London for Target
  • Louis Vuitton Murakami Cherry Blossom Umbrella (from Spring 2003 Collection)


  1. OMG Kathryn - I swear I am not stalking you - but are you at UCI in that pic? If so, I'm an anteater alumni...ZOT ZOT ZOT! Super cute outfit btw!

    Oh, and to answer Carol's pressing question, I'm hoping for the All Seasons Shirtdress to go on sale. I was at the Newport Anthro today and I REALLY wanted the Short & Sweet jacket in gold, but they were out of my size and I resisted having them do a search for it. It's my kids' birthday and between the presents and the party, our monthly budget is kinda tapped. :P

  2. LOL - ZOT ZOT ZOT! You are correct, Michelle! Hahaha, and thanks for the compliments on the outfit! I really just threw it on, this morning. The boots were the result of one of my seven trips to various Targets. =D

    Personally, I'm really hoping the Reed Shirtdress rumors are true...and yet, I'm not. Because if it goes on sale, I don't know that I'm strong enough to resist. Ack!

  3. HAH! Ok, Kathryn - without revealing too much, I actually work at UCI too, so if you're around the campus, let me know if you ever want to shop Anthro at lunchtime. ;-)

  4. OMG - what a crazy coincidence! And how super fun that you two both work there! Sigh. I'm so jealous. I want lunchtime-shopping buddies...okay, I suppose I'm too focused on actually eating lunch at lunchtime to go shopping, but it's a fun idea...

  5. this is brilliant! I got name checked again =) I was wondering if you had gotten my message. i can't believe you guys are so lucky to have the Anthro sale (nearly( every Tuesday!! I am missing my fix!!!!! Tonight, it's the school play, I might wear the blue top - balletomane? With a skirt and some cute heels. I love you Carol Eng!!

  6. Hi Kathryn,
    How did the Vanilla Bean blouse fit on you? Did you size up or down? Thanks!


  7. @Michelle - that is hysterical! LOL! I was actually going to swing by for a quick lunch to the NB store today... =)!

    @Victoria - I love Carol too! Note the timestamp on the post. We love our Carol!!

    @Linda - I can generally fit anywhere from a size 2 to a 6 depending on sizing. I'm a 34B (according to the fitting ladies at Nordstrom), and I fit a 2 in the Vanilla Bean. I might've even been able to do a 0. I'd say it's safe to size down. Hope that helps!

  8. Kathryn - I was there at lunchtime! But I was in the fitting room for most of the hour. Tee hee!