Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Other Love (Nordstrom - Nanette Lepore, Rebecca Taylor, and other Fantasies)

As we all predicted, after last week's smorgasbord of new reductions, Anthropologie offered up nothing this week.  So what's a girl who needs to blow off some steam after a day teeming with inordinately inconvenient computer troubles (thank God for wonderful husbands who know how to recover data from recalcitrant machines when their wives are facing deadlines) and stressful meetings?  Well, this girl turns to her first and most beloved retail therapist, Nordstrom.

I blew my newly realigned (that's right - I'm the Queen of Euphemism) clothing budget for the month on the Beda dress and a couple of sale items at Anthro for this month, but this doesn't mean I can't dream of pretty things at Nordy's.  I just received some Nordstrom notes (yay, Fashion Rewards points!) so, of course they're just burning a hole in my wallet.  But what to spend them on?  Currently, I'm leaning towards some sandals, similar to Anthropologie's Cassis T-Straps or Got Rocks Gladiators (I sent the brilliant Kelly, Nordstrom Personal Stylist an email request to see if there's anything similar in the store).  While I'm there, just for fun, and future reference, I might try on some things:

This is Nanette Lepore's Windswept Dress.  I'm such a fan of Nanette's designs (yep, we're on a first-name basis...) because she manages to be so girly and so edgy at the same time!  I love it.  Here's the perfect example - soft, lilac hued silk adorned with --- grommets!  Yes, that's right.  This dress caught my eye because it feels like a much more structured version of Anthropologie's Everywhere Dress.  More structure and shorter hem length are always pluses for a petite frame like mine (leftover pregnancy-weight notwithstanding), as loose folds of fabric can otherwise overwhelm me and leave me feeling like I'm either a) wearing a bathrobe, or b) playing dress-up in my mom's closet.

Rebecca Taylor's Dotted Chiffon Top is just a frilly, frothy dream that somehow grounds itself with a very sensible color (navy blue).  I really love the way this top looks, and am fearful of what might happen if I try it on and it loves me back.  Rebecca Taylor is another designer I just adore.  I only own one thing by her, and it's a ruffled tweed jacket that Kelly found me at a deeply discounted price, but I wear it all the time.  In fact, whenever a work activity calls for a suit, I find myself reaching for that jacket over all the other ones in my closet.

This Ruffle-Trim top is by Mia Via and while Mia Via isn't a brand I'm familiar with, I'm intrigued by the detailing.  The pleats at the waist look like they'll offer some definition there, which I like, and the color and print on this top make it really versatile - it could pair with any number of pants, jeans, and skirts, as well as jackets and cardigans in a variety of colors.  Also, I love cap sleeves (which this top has) and the neckline looks like it'll be easy and flattering.  

This is the Kate Spade Joelynn Dress, which I thought I'd include because it made me think of Kim, from Anthroholic.  I think it's the mint-green and the waist tie.  I love the look of Kate Spade clothes - so preppy yet quirky-sassy - but for some reason, they don't seem to fit me terribly well.  Maybe it's because I'm short-waisted?  Just looking at this dress, I know that the waist and tie on it would have to be raised on me, otherwise it'd be sitting awkwardly at the top of my hips - poor positioning for that sort of thing.  Still, the dress is darling, with it's full-skirted silhouette, bateau neckline, and cute cap sleeves.

I suppose it's a little silly to be daydreaming about clothes that would require at least 2 months worth of my newly realigned clothing budget for me to afford, but that's what daydreaming is for, right? 


  1. i love that blue top! Kate Spade is great, i saw a lovely little cream jacket of hers in Nordstrom. And speaking of which, thanks for the amazing shopping advice, to paraphrase Kelly: "there has to be love". This is now my shopping mantra! =)

  2. I <3 Nordies too - my fav is the one at South Coast Plaza...well, with the exception of the SA's in TBD, but otherwise, it's a great store!

    Did you get the newest Nordie's catty in the mail this week? I'm REALLY digging all the chambray they feature! It's making me look at the western look a bit differently.