Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Week and A New Project

Good morning, everyone, and happy Monday!  I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend.  I know I did!  On Sunday afternoon, I drove out to the Carlsbad Anthropologie (thanks Robin, for the reminder) to check out the store.  It's located in the Forum Shops there, which butts up right against Encinitas (I love the vibe of laid back and...wholesome...).  The Carlsbad Anthro looks a lot like the Irvine Spectrum store (for those of you who are familiar with that one) in terms of layout and footprint.  Anyway, while there, I returned a couple items I'd ordered online so that I could get the Beda dress (which did come home with me, yay!) and also found a Reed Shirtdress in the red motif for Kathryn.  They had quite a lot of stuff in their sale section (vanilla bean blouses and tic tac toe blouses in larger sizes jumped out at me, for one), so if you're still trying to find something, you might want to call there.

Right next door to Anthropologie is another store I love - Paper Source!  I first came across this store when I was living in upstate New York, and making a visit with Kathryn (who'd flown out to see me) to Boston (that was one of the most fun days of shopping I've ever lived, by the way).  I stepped through the door, and immediately fell in love.  While there, yesterday, I bought a sheet of the Jaipur Folk Print Wrapping Paper, Pom-Pom Wrapping Paper, Golden Cherry Blossom Wrapping Paper, and Hydrangea Wrapping Paper. I have notions of making some wet-erase boards out of large picture frames, backed with these papers.  When I get around to doing it, I'll show you how they turn out.

Speaking of new projects, Kathryn and I are beginning one called, "100 Strangers with Style."  It's a play on a photography project that's hosted on Flickr, and one that my sister-in-law, Karen, participates in.  The flickr version is just called, "100 Strangers," and photographers are tasked with doing portraits or photos of 100 Strangers.  Karen's photos, linked above (at her name) are amazing.  Kathryn and I have decided we'd like to do something similar, but with the style twist - and of course, my photos will literally be snapped with a point-and-shoot, and no technical skill at all, so don't be disappointed when they don't look anything like Karen's or Kathryn's.  Photos of people who give us permission, will be featured here, for your enjoyment.  I'm so excited to get started on this one, but still trying to figure out how to approach and convince people to let me take their photos for the blog.  How freaked out would you be, if someone you didn't know asked you if they could take your photo?


  1. Yay! I'm glad you went to Carlsbad- I actually went there on Sunday, too!

    Of the three Anthros in San Diego, I think I like Carlsbad the best...but maybe I'm biased. The one in UTC is a close second. I'm not really a fan of the one in Fashion Valley.

    I've never been in the Paper Source, but now I think I want to go!

  2. I would spend too much money in Paper Source, and I haven't even seen it in real life!

    And if someone approached me for fashion blogging photo research, I would be flattered! Unfortunately, in Paris, this is not going to be happening any time soon! Lol.

  3. OOO cute paper! We used to have this cute paper store across the street in the UTC but it went out of business :(

    I love the idea! And I think most people would be flattered if you told them you liked their style and wanted to post a picture of it! I know I would!