Friday, April 23, 2010

The Postman Always Rings Twice (and a Bright Seaside OOTD)

I love getting packages in the mail.

This past Tuesday was a clothing sale day at Anthropologie, and I took the opportunity to pick up a couple of pretties that I'd had my eye on for awhile.

For some reason, Anthro decided to send my items in two packages. Which is just great, when you're trying to be inconspicuous about your shopping habits in front of your husband. On top of that, my backordered Snakebite belts had arrived yesterday, in their own package. Which means I had three different packages arrive for me from Anthropologie, in two days. The whole episode felt similar to what happened to Jan of The Girliest Boy Mom.

Like I said, I love getting packages in the mail...just...maybe not like that.

But I digress. Let's get to the pretties, shall we? I haven't seen this dress on anyone in this color yet, so I thought I'd share it with all of you! (Please pardon the wrinkles...I ripped the package open and tried it on, without bothering to steam it. Yes, I was that excited.)

Beda Dress
(Style #030033, shown in a size 4)

...oh, I forgot to mention that I didn't necessarily stick to sale items, while shopping the Anthro sale. Whoops. But what do you think? Is it a keeper?

I'm hoping you'll all ignore the overgrown weeds in my patio...

The husband actually liked this dress alot. I tend to trust my husband's judgement on these things (it was he, who wisely steered me away from the Drifting By Dress, thank goodness!), so it was reassuring when he said this dress was, "cool-looking" and that I could, "maybe wear it on stage sometime."

Hm. I wonder how it would look, on stage...let me try playing Hysteria, by Muse...

Yeah, I'm not that great at the bass guitar. I still stare at the neck, as I try to figure out what the heck it is that I'm playing.

Aaaaand now I start to go a little nuts...

I rock a mean A#, lemme tell ya.

Well, even if I'm not a great bass player, maybe the audience will still like my dress?


For the content of package #2, the Openwork Vines Skirt (Style #023030, shown in a size 6):

I already owned the Vanilla Bean Blouse, so when the Openwork Vines Skirt went on sale this week, I knew I had to have it. This was a look I'd seen on Kim of Anthroholic and also featured on Roxy's blog, at Effortless Anthropologie.

I have to say, I have no idea where I would wear this outfit. Then again, I don't even care - it's so pretty. I'm sure I'll find something! I really hope Kim isn't creeped out, as this is like, the 3rd or 4th outfit she's inspired me to piece together. I'm not sure what (if anything) to do about the black loopholes on the Vanilla Bean Blouse. I guess you just...let them be? It's not like you can cut them off, right?

The Beda and the Openwork Vines weren't my only splurges, this week. Inspired by Tara B. (yet again!) and Anthroholic Kim (yep, yet again!), I stopped by J.Crew on my way home mid-week to try and find myself a pastel-y, mint-y colored cardigan. I told myself it's "okay," because I don't really have anything in my closet in that color. Unfortunately, I'd missed out on the BP version from Nordstrom in the mint color. But lo and behold - the Jackie Cardigan was on sale for $39.99 in Bright Seaside. Woo! So, that's "okay," right?


(...what was I thinking, in this photo? "Hm, I should really dust the mantle...")

So, here was my outfit of the day:

  • J.Crew Jackie Cardigan, in Bright Seaside
  • Anthropologie Whirling Ruffles Dress, by Moth
  • Anthropologie Snakebite Belt, in Grey
  • Nordstrom Tights
  • Steve Madden Kitten Heel Shoes (a few years old...can't remember the name now, but similar options here and here)
  • Sparkling Sage Earrings (picked up for a steal at the OC Fashion Co-Op, circa 2006?)
  • Brooch - Unknown, birthday gift from Carol six or seven years ago!

My accessories:

Detail of the brooch:

Closer detail of the earrings:

Okay - must conserve my energy and get some sleep. I have some work to do this weekend. I'm excited, yet scared - I get to work on a proposal to design reusable bags to promote sustainability! I'm excited because I love to play with design, but I'm scared because I'm afraid people won't like what I decide on. I'm so lucky to have talented graphic designers to work with, and I love the logo they've come up with, so far:

...okay, so it makes more sense if you're familiar with UC Irvine.

Anyway, wish me luck! I'm very passionate about the environment (much like Scott Niedermayer, my favorite hockey player), so it's exciting to work on a project like this. I'm looking forward to the results!

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to enter our Happy Birthday Giveaway!


  1. I love the green Beda Dress on you! It's so cute! I'm also loving the "rock chick" pictures!
    Your story about trying to sneak packages in past your husband made me laugh, we're all in denial about how much we spend on our addiction!
    Your outfit of the day is really lovely, and I think that brooch is a really nice touch.

  2. You're tempting me. I was debating on the Beda dress in the green. I usually wait until sale, but might break down on this one.

    I love the green cardi with the Whirling Ruffles dress. I have both and will have to try that look next week when the weather is a little cooler.

  3. I love the Beda Dress! Definitely a keeper! Now I want to order it, but I have the same problem with hiding packages from my fiance. The good thing though is that he doesn't put 2 and 2 together very quickly (lots of boxes means lots of money spent at Anthro). So by the time he makes a comment about the boxes, I've usually gotten rid of them and I just tell him they were nothing!

    I'm also glad the Openwork Vines Skirt worked out for you. A little piece of me is regretting not buying that when I had the chance!

  4. Cute, cute, cute! The green Beda dress looks great on you! And so does the Openwork Vines! I'm glad you were able to find one! I'm pretty sure Kim wouldn't mind being the inspiration for your outfit. It's a compliment! She's inspired a lot of ladies! You sure are making me want the dress and skirt though! Is it wrong to have the green Reed shirtdress and the green Beda dress? Hmm...

    I have a hard time hiding packages from the husband, too. He sees it on the bank statements, but it's different when you're getting packages every so often! Then even if he misses UPS/USPS, he still sees all those boxes that need to be recycled! Can't win! But thankfully, he never complains! (at least out loud)

    Good luck on your design proposal! Have a great weekend!

  5. I am sure will like your dress more than any guitar thingy on stage. Hahaha...
    Can I be your and carol' s friend (seriously)?
    I live near Pasadena, with 0 friend. I really wanna know you girls and go to Anthro with you two sometimes... I am in my (late)thirties asian with 2 children. Please email me if you dont mind a new friend : )
    Hey I do have the Beda dress in white! Please accept me to the beda chic group!

  6. Win! Win! And win!!!
    The Beda in green looks absolutely FAB on you (not to mention the goofball pics that make the whole thing somehow cuter!)- wow, the fit looks impeccable- I was yearning for the white, since I thought the green might be too similar to my navy reed, but now....hmmm...
    The Openwork vines skirt = divine! I got mine in the mail yesterday, and have yet to try it on.
    And finally, the mint cardi- I love the way you've styled it, especially with the sparkly brooch over it. It's a great color on you!!
    And you know what? I absolutely feel you on the too-many-packages-giving-away-your-embarrassing-habit ordeal. I was in the same boat this week, with a package from Anthro and 2 separate packages from J.Crew (a lot of stuff went on sale on the website, 2 separate days-haha) AND a package with an ebay purchase in the mail! Grrr...and the USPS guy is sooo sneaky, he just leaves the packages outside my door, so when bf comes home, he's holding them in his hands with a suspicious look on his face *cringe cringe*

  7. AWESOME! Ok, first off, the Openwork Vines skirt/outfit is absolute perfection on you. Wow - I really think you could pull that off at work. I know we're a pretty casual environment most of the time (even my office which is more "business-traditional" than most on campus) but it's so gorgeous I don't think it would look out of place. But then again, you could also do the Beda dress. Which, also, is gorgy on you. The green color really pops on your skin tone - which seems like it's the same as mine - so I've got to try it too! HAH!

    I'm right there with you on the packages. DH and I used to have the same work schedule with him coming home a bit later than me, so I was able to get home to grab the packages off the front porch before he saw them. Now his work rotation gives him Mondays and Tuesdays off and I get caught every time! ARGH!

    Last thing - love me some Jackie cardi's! I actually saw that one at J Crew yesterday (I picked up the Sunshing Peony skirt - LOVE!) and tried it on, but the color was AWFUL on me. I'm so jealous that it works so great on you. Love the way you styled it.

  8. Love all of your outfits. The Jackie is on sale? I'm going to have to hit a B&M and see if I can find one. Love that color!

  9. LOL, how cute are you? I'm not creeped out by you at all - I'm thrilled to see you replicate an outfit I wore!! You look lovely, and to answer your question - I keep the black sash on the Vanilla Bean Blouse, and wrap it around the back - that way you don't see the side belt thingies and it sort of blends w/the waistband on the skirt!
    The Beda is a major win on you and I love the pic of you w/your guitar!

  10. I am loving the beda dress on you and also the jackie cardigan. Go anteaters!!!

  11. I love all the outfits! I have a question: what beige shoes are you wearing in the shots with the openwork vines skirt? I have the Jessica Simpson ones from DSW but they have a little more "toe cleavage" than I'd like haha. :)

  12. ok, now i'm SOLD on the beda dress, and that color is killer. also, love the rippin' the A#--it's a very important note!:)
    i am now going to have to go on a cardi binge--you've totally convinced me. loved all 3 looks!

  13. Drool....must.have.beda.dress....In green... MUST!!!

    Your bag project is finally going through?! That's awesome!!! So exciting!

  14. everything looks great on you! I love the post with the fun pictures! Good luck on your work project.

  15. Thanks so much, everybody! I'm so glad you all like the Beda as much as I do! =)

    @British Anthropologiest - Thank you! I love finding reasons to wear that brooch. It's so delicate and pretty, and really special because it's from Carol.

    @Diem - Thank you! I can't wait to see your look!

    @Sara - I have no doubt the Beda would look gorgeous on you. Luckily my husband is very understanding about these things. Still, I feel so guilty when I see the look on his face!!

    @Gemma - The Beda really is special, isn't it? I would dare to say that it's different from the Reed. It's got all that eyelet detailing, and it's about 2 inches longer in the hem. Which is totally sketchy reasoning, but hey, whatever works, right? Btw, I still need to message you about those Mario pops!

    @Tara B. - I just saw how you styled your Openwork Vines, and I love it! Just warning you, you may see another one of your OOTDs show up on this blog. Hope you don't mind. ;o)

    @Michelle - Thank you! You are so sweet! I made the mistake of checking out the Sunshine Peony Skirt on J.Crew's website - ack! TOO CUTE! Must...resist..! Since you're a fellow anteater, I kind of want to show you my proposed designs on reusable bags, to see what you think.

    @Anthroholic Kim - Thanks for being such a great inspiration! I was totally wondering what you did with the sash on the Vanilla Bean, for that outfit. I'll have to try that when I wear the outfit for real!

    @Mandy - The beige shoes are the same Jessica Simpson ones, I think. They're called "Oscar" and they're the same as Kim's, haha.

    @~Sarah - Heehee! It helps when you sell a crap-ton of bags in a short period of time! =D

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfits... and how am I not surprised that your bass matched your outfit?

  17. I caved and bought Beda in white! We really must stop this matching thing... I figured I have a jacket the same color green, so I should branch out, right? And white is easier to pair things with it, right? And it's cool b/c I got 10% off b/c it has a tiny little lipstick smudge by one of the buttons that I'll totally be able to get out, right? Right?? =)

  18. what size did you buy the jackie cardigan in? i'm thinking of ordering but not sure of size. is a small like banana republic's small?

    thank you!

  19. @Sarah - I love it! I can't wait to see you in the Beda! Good luck getting the stain out!

    @Quyen - I bought the Jackie in a S. I tend to wear Small in Banana/J.Crew/Gap. Hope that helps!

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