Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday's Child (OOTD, one day late)

Hi everyone!  Hope you're all doing well.  I'm just going to post a quick OOTD and then do a much longer post later today (went out to the Chula Vista Anthropologie yesterday, and have photos and fitting room reviews to share!).

Yesterday, I wore my beloved Beda Dress.  It was a little cooler, so I paired it with a cardigan, but I found myself a little conflicted, once the cardigan was on.  For some reason, I suddenly felt like either a) a nurse or b) a nun.  I think the color and the added belt improved it, but still...wasn't sure.  My co-worker, Cindy, was reassuring - said she thought it was cute, and it hadn't crossed her mind once that I looked nurse-ish or nun-ish.  What do you think?  

Dress: Beda Dress, Anthropologie
Cardigan: Halogen Pleat-Shoulder Cardigan, Nordstrom (similar here and here)
Belt: Stream Bank Sash, Anthropologie
Shoes: Me Too Ruffle Flat in pewter, Nordstrom (bought at 2009 Anniversary Sale - similar here and here)


  1. I think you look great today - not nun-ish at all (unless nuns have suddenly become Anthro-lovers and changed their unis to Beda dresses). And I think the color of the dress and the collar may be the only thing things that make your co-worker think nurse-ish - though I've yet to find such a fashionable nurse uniform either!

    I like the purple floral of the sash, I think it brings a zing to the outfit.

  2. That outfit looks really great on you!
    I know where you're coming from re: the nurse thing though. I bought the Beda dress but returned it in the end because whenever I tried it on with a cardigan I felt like a Florence Nightingale re-enactor. I think it's one of those things that you notice yourself, but no one else does!

  3. No, Carol, it doesn't look nurse or nun-ish! I love how you paired it with a purple cardi and the sash. I thought about this dress when it first came out, but then I read one of the first reviews that it ran big so I never ordered it. I'm like tiny petite asian, so I don't know if I should call and find it in stores since 0 is sold out online. How do you find the fit? Then they released the pretty green, but I already have the green Reed shirtdress.

    Well, again, I like the outfit and I don't see nurse or nun!

  4. Thanks, everyone, for your reassuring words. =)

    @HQ - Florence Nightingale re-enactor - that's just perfect. :D Hahaha...

    @Gemma - How tiny petite are you? Just for reference, my dress is a size 2, and I'm 5'2" and currently round-about 110-111 lbs (still trying to shed a couple more lbs of pregnancy weight). I feel like the size 2 fits me really well right now, so the size 0 might work for you. I also saw the green, but I also have the Reed shirtdress in green too. I don't think it runs big, exactly. I think it's a TTS Anthropologie size 2 - which is a "misses" sizing scale, vs a "juniors" sizing scale. Hope that helps...

  5. T! I! N! Y! 4'11" and 87lbs-ish. So, it's kinda weird I can actually fit in Anthro's clothes! But usually xs will fit better that a 0. Can't usually get skirts there unless they are super small. I do have post-post-post baby belly...haha, but I'm accepting that. I usually don't alter anything except for pants. I just deal with the big tops with a cami underneath if it's possible or I don't buy. Yup, that's little ole me.

  6. Oh man you look great! I passed on that belt - now I want!!

  7. the belt definitely helps :) maybe the beda dress just isn't meant to go with a cardigan? i imagine it with a chunky, bright necklace. or if it's too cold, as you mentioned, what about a floral print cardigan? i feel like it's the heavy dark solid color that's making it have that black/white/solid nun-nurse look. (though i definitely didn't notice it until you pointed it out!)

  8. @Shares - you know, you might be might just be a non-cardigan dress. I think when it's cooler, I'll just have to throw on a different sort of coat/jacket.

    @Peggy & Diana - thanks! I'm glad you like it. =)

    @Gemma - wow, you ARE tiny! =D