Friday, May 21, 2010

Parisa (Another Lovely Anthro Employee: #3 in 100 Strangers with Style)

Sometimes, we're not at our best or even our most resourceful.  We took this photo a couple weeks ago, but somehow, forgot to get the name of our subject.  And while I've been back in the store at least twice since then, I haven't seen her, nor have I remembered to take the time to ask after her.  I've considered, on multiple occasions, just picking up the phone, and calling the store to ask, but didn't want to seem overly stalker-ish.  So, I'll just have to put out a general request.  If you are this young woman, or are a friend or co-worker of this young woman, could you please tell us her name?  Because, really, she's quite lovely, and I'd love to title this post after her (which is our normal mode of operation when doing a 100 Strangers with Style post).

See?  She's a real and honest stranger.  Because aside from her place of employ, I have no idea who she is! (**Edit: we now know her name is Parisa, thanks to a comment left by the selling manager of the store at Fashion Valley.  Thank you!)

Here is Parisa, #3 in 100 Strangers with Style:

Cardigan: Cropped black cardi, unknown provenance (similar here and here)
Top: Pleated black tank, unknown provenance (similar here and here)
Skirt: Urban Outfitters (older, similar here and here)
Bracelet: Pearl beaded bracelet (similar here and here)
Tights: similar here and here
Shoes: Lace-up mid-calf studded boots (similar here and here)
Audio headset: Anthropologie  ;)


  1. She's gorgeous. I love her outfit, too. link to where I can get a headset? *lol*

  2. I'm the Selling Manager at Anthro at FV...her name is Parisa :)

  3. Oh, thanks! I'll update the title of the post. =D

  4. That's me! I am honored to be a part of your blog! If you need to know where I purchased the items I am wearing, just let me know!