Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Double-Down (A Very Big Sale (?) and Anthropologie Fitting Reviews Part 2)

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope you're all having a great day. We have some really exciting news that we want to share with you! As some of you may know, Anthropologie holds two really big sales every year - one during the Christmas season and one in late spring. Well, last night, Kathryn stopped by an Anthropologie store, and she heard from a very credible source that next Tuesday is going to be the start of the big Spring sale!!! What does this mean? In the words of the source, on any given sale-Tuesday, you get a couple to a few dozen items reduced. In store, that can come out to a few hundred pieces of clothing being moved to the sale racks. The source told Kathryn that this coming Tuesday, they'd be moving over 1000 items to the sale racks!

This may have been an exaggeration, but I think it's safe to say that next Tuesday is going to be the occasion of an enormous sale. The source even suggested that if there's an item that you're waffling on, you might want to buy it, as you're now in range of a price adjustment.

Honestly, I could just weep. (I don't need anything new, I don't need anything new, I don't need anything new...)

Kathryn here! Carol did a great job of translating my excited and nonsensical babbling into coherent text. (I think I said something like, "Carol. Carol! CAROL!!!!! The girl at Anthro said like a thousand things were going on sale NEXT TUESDAY!") The source of this information is Kristen at the Newport Beach Anthropologie store, and she explained that it's like doing a "Boxing Day" sale, aka. Day-after-Christmas. Only in the springtime. She made it sound like it was going to be pretty epic, so I think I might be asking to take an early lunch next Tuesday. I hear it's an absolute madhouse. (Michelle Q., wanna meet up and do an early "lunch" that day? Eh? Eh???)

Here are the second half of our side-by-side reviews. These are from Anthropologie:

Hovering Dots Dress ($148)

Kathryn here! It's so hard not to giggle when we're side-by-side in Anthro dresses. It must be something about their general sweetness and frothiness. This dress is so sweet I think I have cavities. Here's yet another example of a dress that I liked the idea of, but didn't
love-love, once I got it on. My biggest complaint has to be the buttons. What the heck was up with the buttons?! I swear I burst a blood vessel trying to unbutton one of them, they were that difficult! The skirt, while lovely, is just too perilous for a klutz like me to handle. I might have liked it more if the skirt portion was black, but...yeah. Really cute, but pass for me.

So, for me, this dress was ill-fitting.  It's hard to see, but on me, the bodice is too big - I just don't have the goods to fill it out appropriately.  Also, while the separate details are super pretty, I don't know that I actually liked the reality of them all put together on one garment.  And seriously - snap buttons up the back?  Why?  Didn't we invent zippers for a reason?  Hahaha...yeah, in theory, this might have been a good idea, but the execution, not so much.

(...these are detail shots, not intended to be a shot of my bewbs.)

I had a feeling I wouldn't like this dress on me. Again, we have the weird buttons in the back. I'm not exactly sure how a girl is supposed to get this dress on without help from someone else. I didn't find the cut to be particularly flattering - instead of defining my waist, the way the skirt flares out makes my hips and abdomen area look HUGE. As other bloggers have mentioned, the fabric is very stiff and...weird. And check out the way the grossgrain straps just hang loosely off of our shoulders?! No bueno. Pass.

I was really prepared to love this dress.  I gasped and sighed over it when it first appeared on the website.  I oohed and aahed over the outfit, pairing it with the Ambrosial Cardigan.  I waited impatiently as other bloggers reviewed it, for it to finally appear in one of my stores.  And now...this.  This...sad disappointment of a dress.  For some reason, the print is just too.  Too spotty, too busy, too something.  It sort of overwhelms me, and Kathryn.  And I agree that the way it falls over my hips makes me look broad.  It's just not flattering. Oh, and yes - instead of a zipper, there are buttons up the back.  Kathryn and I were grumbling as we buttoned and unbuttoned each other into and out of these dresses.  Hahaha...yeah, not so much on this one.  It's really too bad.

Here's the gorgeous In a Twinkling Dress ($138). I started itching, just looking at these photos. I really adored the look of this dress. I just couldn't handle the feel of it. I know other bloggers have said that they are able to overlook the itch of the dress, but honestly? I have no interest in paying that much money to feel that uncomfortable. The longer I wore it, the more irritated my skin became. My skin is pretty sensitive, so maybe that's why? The funny thing is, this dress is lined, but it might as well not be, as the lining is totally ineffective at protecting the wearer from the metallic threads. Also, as has been mentioned before in other reviews, the pockets are visible through the skirt, which is a real no-no for me. It makes the dress look cheap, I feel. That being said, I still thought it was really super pretty. Sadly, I couldn't get it off fast enough...

I'm with Carol - I couldn't bear the itchy metallic threads poking into my skin. The cut and the style are divine (in fact, I like the way it looks in these photos), but the itchy and translucent fabric were dealbreakers for me. My willingness to suffer for fashion only goes so far. It's really too bad - it is a beautiful dress, otherwise.

I'm wearing the Diamond Dust cardigan ($88) and the Lane Change Skirt ($98). When I saw the skirt, I was immediately drawn to the happy turquoise plaid and the charming pockets with their elastic gathering detail. The shape of the pockets make me think of mittens and three little kittens and...okay, sorry. The fabric is sturdy and smooth and holds its shape well. I absolutely loved this skirt at first sight! Then, I saw the sweater, and thought it would be a fun complement to the skirt...oh, and I didn't want to take either of them off. I would have been perfectly happy just walking right out of the store and spending the rest of the day in this outfit. I'm wearing the skirt in a size 2, and found it TTS. The sweater is a S, and I think I could have sized down to an XS. I did eventually take off the outfit, but not before I decided I really couldn't bear to part with the skirt. It's so versatile - in the photo to the right, you can see that I tried it on over my Twenty8Twelve dress, and look! It totally works! It came home with me, and I wore it to Rowan's birthday party here. It was the perfect "last hurrah" purchase.

I know, I'm really late on the money with the Homegrown Dress. But I saw it in the FV store on the sale rack (they still had plenty, if I recall...I had on the 4) so I had to give it a try too! It's extremely cute, but not really a "Kathryn" dress. Still fun to take a photo with, though. *grin*

Here is the Red Delicious Blouse ($88). We'd seen so many bloggers in this top, we were curious about the fit. The print is undeniably fun and cute, but on the hanger, the shirt looks almost boxy. We both grabbed one, and found it fit comfortably. I'm wearing the 2, and I thought it was quite nice. It's a little looser fit, as I expected, but not quite as boxy as I thought it would be. I decided to pick up one of these for my mother-in-law's Mother's Day gift. She likes tops like this, and I'm hoping she'll enjoy the color as well as the easy fit.

I tried the 4 on in this top while trying on the Woodblock Print Skirt (in size 6, for reference), so pardon the clashing patterns! This blouse super fun and pretty, though again - I'm not sure it's really a "Kathryn" shirt. And I'm with Carol again - it's not nearly as boxy as I thought it'd be. I thought it was really flattering and draped well. I did like the Woodblock Print Skirt alot though, and have put that one on my wishlist!


  1. Hooray for a giant sale at Anthro next week! I will be there Monday night to scope out what the items will be.
    I can't imagine thousands of items going on sale - sounds like the entire store! But a huge sale would be nice!!! Thanks for the tip ladies!

  2. These are great reviews and as I've said before, I love your side by sides!
    Please, please let it be wrong! There can be no sale, let alone a BIG sale next week. I guess husband will be right...a month of not shopping...can't do it! By next Tuesday, that will be long enough anyway! Baby steps.
    Have a great week!

  3. Why do you make me want to cry? Why? Why? Sale? Anthro? ARGH! I am on a BAN! That being said, do you think there will be further markdowns on some stuff, cuz I'm really eyeing a skirt or two...

    Kathryn - I would LOVE to do a lunch with you, I do have a 2:00 appointment, but I might be able to work something out. I'll let you know! So exciting - but you can't let me buy anything, ok? ;-)

    And I gotta tell you two, I laughed throughout this whole post - your takes on the dresses just had me cracking up! And Carol, you're a brave woman to take the detail shot that includes the boobage. LOL!

  4. It is always so much fun reading your blog and the side-by-side comparisons are my favorite feature of any of the Anthro blogs out there. It really helps me to decide which items I should try on when I usually have a limited time at an Anthro store (mostly kids in tow). And thank you so much for the heads up on the huge Spring sale. I will definitely make sure to purchase my favorites before they get sold out. Keep up the great job ladies!!

  5. Thank you both for the heads up on the big sale next week!!! I haven't been able to concentrate on work ever since I read about it...all I can think about is all the things I might pre-buy in the hopes of getting a PA next Tuesday. It's a pretty long list :)

  6. First off, I LOVE your side by side reviews! I let out a little giggle every time I see them :)

    My eyes also lit up when I read that 1000 things would go on sale next week! I said no more purchases for the month of May, but there's no way I can sit out next week if there's a huge sale!

  7. Kat... hello! I want to go to an early lunch next Tuesday, too! :) BIG SALE... this is dangerous information.

  8. I'm a new follower to your blog and it's just too cute! I really like the side by side reviews, too. I have two little girls and as a mom and once a social worker before kids I can kind of relate to you, Carol. I'm going to have to visit all your past posts to catch up. ^_^
    Thanks for the lead on the sale next week. :-)

  9. I love reading your blog...thanks for the sale tip!

  10. Ooooo, a huge sale?! I am excited! I love these side by side posts -- seeing you two in matching outfits is too adorable for words too, haha! I love how both of you look in the Twinkling dress -- it's too bad that it's so itchy! I wonder why they didn't think to put a more substantial lining in there?

  11. You girls are toooooo adorable!

    Thanks for the thoughts especially on the Chocolate Chip Dress. I loved it on the wesbite, too.

  12. That's SO ANNOYING! I'll be in the states on the 24th - couldn't you have waited Anthro, seriously??
    I love the side by side shots, particularly when you both switch to a profile shot - I would be cracking up from the get-go!
    I'm glad to have more in the camp that thought the In a Twinkling Dress was just ridiculously uncomfortable! Why would you not just use a more expensive fabric?
    Kathryn: I actually think the Hovering Dots Dress looks great on you, but agree the snaps are such a pain: they totalled my manicure.
    Carol: I love how you thought to wear the Lane Change Skirt over your dress, it looks marvellous!

  13. I love your side-by-side posts. They are fabulous and so helpful!!

  14. Just wanted to chime in here (again) and wish you luck on finishing your grant proposal today, Carol! Don't know if you're done with it yet, but if you're in the home stretch - GO GO GO!!!!!!

  15. Kathryn, How certain are you about the sale? Do you think you could somehow confirm it? My husband is off Mon-Wed next week and some how (shh) he's forgotten I put myself on a shopping ban and is offering to go up to one, but it's 2 hours away. I am scared to say "yes" to him because he'd also have to cancel a dentist appt. and I'd have to pull my son out of preschool, too. I don't know what to do!!! Anthro sales...you make me so weak!!!

  16. Hi! Thanks everyone, for your sweet comments on the side-by-side reviews. Carol and I will try to do them as often as we can, schedules permitting. =)

    @Gemma - I just got off the phone with a totally different SA at the Newport Beach store, and she's confirmed that next week is the twice-a-year "Tag Sale." Keep in mind, I'd hate to have you cancel a dentist appointment and pull your son out of preschoole for a sale, but that seems to be the scenario. I believe Carol is heading to the Fashion Valley store in San Diego later today, so perhaps she can also confirm. Maybe you can also call your local store to confirm?

  17. Thank you for the sale scoop!

    Side by side reviews should be a regular feature. They are fantastic and helpful. Plus you are both so cute! I really like the chocolate chip dress on each of you.

  18. Ohhh, thanks for the sale scoop! I officially can't wait until next Tuesday- thanks girls! And your side-by-side photos are hilarious, and very helpful. I now really want the Homegrown dress, but I am holding out for a 2nd markdown.

  19. Haha, goddamn, you ladies scooped me on the sale. Too excited for next week.

  20. PS - I'll be running a prep post on the sale on Friday. Thanks for the review of the Diamond Dust cardigan too, I have been staring at that sweater since it appeared on-site. :)

  21. OH NO! Has Roxy confirmed this big ole sale? I need to get my priorites in order! Husband cancels dentist appointment, get kid out of school- It's just preschool. (joking!) I'm excited and husband isn't even saying no, but enabling me! :) Love him!!! And thank you for the scoop!!!

  22. Thanks for the great reviews ladies. I love the side by sides and frank reviews.

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