Monday, May 31, 2010

For the Love of Shoes (Nordstrom Designer Sale, Starting June 2nd)

It seems appropriate to me that the week following the premiere of Sex and the City 2, Nordstrom holds its designer sale.  I think Carrie Bradshaw may have single-handedly elevated the designer shoemaker to mainstream consciousness and awareness, making Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik household names. This is not to say that said households actually contain these shoes.  Just that we know of them and can, in passing, speak of and even aspire to them.  As always, if you're scouting for some designer goods, it helps when there's a sale.  Now, mind you, this sale is not for the faint of heart.  A 40% reduction (and that's what we'll be seeing with the sale that starts this Wednesday, June 2nd) on designer goods takes the edge off, but there's still a fair amount of sticker shock.  Still, if you've been craving designer clothing, handbags, and shoes, then this is one of the ways to do it.  Kelly was nice enough to let me take a peek at the shoes so that we could all have fun looking them over.  And when I say, shoes, I mean shoes.  

**Just a note - Nordstrom doesn't have most of these shoes on its website, so I've included links to other stores.  The 40% price reduction applies at Nordy's only, as far as I know.

These are Yves Saint Laurent's Carolina Pump ($775, before discount).  They're a wonderful pale gray color, and when I put them on, Kelly commented that they went really well with the Night Skating top's gray-white flecks.  See?  If I had these, I could wear them every time I wear this top!  (I kid, I kid...but sigh, how gorgeous are they?)  These shoes not only look fabulous, they feel fabulous too!  A seemingly impossible feat, considering the 5" heel with 1" platform.  And incredibly, this was the case with all the shoes I tried on this round.  Who would think that shoes this high have any business being comfortable?  When I asked Kelly, she laughed and replied, "Honey, for $775, they should be coming with a foot rub."  No doubt.

The next pair Kelly pulled were a pair of Pradas - Ruched Platform Slides, ($595 before discount) in a delightful orange color.  How great would these be for the summer?

Again, these shoes were mind-bogglingly comfy.  Of course, these aren't as steep as the YSLs - there's a 4.25" inch heel, with a 1.25" platform, giving you just 3 inches of lift.  Still, it was an exceptionally comfortable 3 inches.  Now, these shoes fall under the "If I'm going to blow $300 on Pradas, they're going to be super cute and fun!"-school of thought.  You know, shoes that you pull out just a handful to a dozen times a year, for special outfits and occasions.  In case you follow the school of thought that believes shoes this expensive should be investment pieces that work for you, skip to the next pair...  

These have got to be the most perfect pair of little black (Prada!) sling-back heels ever.  They have a modest heel (maybe 2.5"?) and are guaranteed to be one of the workhorses of any wardrobe.  I didn't catch the price on these, but I'm going to guess they range somewhere between $500 and $595, before discount.  I thought seriously about these, when I had them on.  After all, they're so practical...

Yes, that's right, practical and pretty.  Can you ask for anything more?  Apparently you can.  If you look at the photo below left, I'm wearing the Prada slingbacks.  But if you look at the photos to the right of the slingback-photo, you'll see I'm wearing a totally different species of shoe...

These are Lanvin's Quilted Chain Anklet Pumps ($1,183(!) before discount).  And seriously, this might sound a little crazy, but they took my breath away.  I think these were, hands down, my favorite Outrageously-Fabulous-Designer-Shoe that I tried on.  Sadly, they were also the most Outrageously-Priced-Designer-Shoe I tried on as well.  But let me tell you all about this amazing shoe.  It's got a 4.75" heel, with a 0.5" stacked, set-under platform, which means you're still dealing with a 4.25" heel.  But wow!  I couldn't believe how not-painful these shoes were!  Albeit, I am fairly accustomed to wearing heels - those Seychelles I'm always running around in are a 3" heel - but these, which are quite possibly some of the highest heels I've ever had on, were positively comfy!  I know, it sounds insane, right?  But honest to goodness, I walked back and forth in them, and stood in front of a mirror for quite some time, just admiring them, and the balls of my feet didn't even whimper.  Also - these shoes are totally more than meets the eye (Transformers).  The chain - while being undoubtedly fierce (see photo, above center and below left) - can be a bit overwhelming for most occasions.  It comes off!  There's a little lobster clasp on each one, and they can be undone and then just slide right out of the little leather loop on the back of the shoe, and voila!  You have really cute, quilted anklet pumps(see photo, above right)!  They're ready to go for work or even church (I said this to Kelly, while playing with these, and she laughed out loud at my antics).  I even found that I could connect the two chains together, to make a necklace, or wrap them around my wrists as a bracelet.  Which led Kelly to laughingly point out that the price was actually encompassing two pairs of shoes, a necklace and two bracelets.  


What I really love about these shoes is their dual personality - the quilted leather and the rounded toe are so demure, and the ankle-strap gives the shoe a dainty, ballerina-esque feel.  But then you angle your foot out,  and you've got that mad-sexy stiletto heel - and if you want, a heavy chain!  Sigh...These shoes rock so hard. 

This next pair are Jimmy Choo's  Phyllis Espadrilles ($375, before discount) in the Fuschia Patent.  I really really liked these shoes, and the more I look at these photos, the more I like them.  I already have the Phoenix Espadrille, in the Nude Patent, so there's really no way I can justify these, but I adore the color and I know it's probably not necessary to repeat myself, but again, I can vouch for the comfort of these shoes.  I've walked in the Phoenix espadrilles (the cousin of the Phyllis) for hours and hours, and been just fine at the end of the day.  I can only imagine these would be very much the same.  Such a great summer shoe, and at 40% off, so tempting...

You can't really talk about Jimmy Choos and Pradas without mentioning Manolo Blahnik.  These little gold CrissCross Slides ($595 before discount) are very sweet and pretty, but I actually found them underwhelming after all those that came previously.  Still, they're probably incredibly versatile, and with the much lower heel (maybe 2"?), very comfortable.

These are, of course, just a very few examples of what will be available at the Designer Sale.  It is currently being presold and there are limited quantities, so if you're interested in these things, make sure you go in and ask a shoe sales associate or your Personal Stylist to help you find what you're looking for (e.g. pumps, flats, or slides, etc.).  Happy shopping!


  1. Oh, I'd love to have those black Prada peep-toes in the plain leather (not the suede). I die.

  2. I am drooling over those YSL's, but I already went shoe crazy last fall at Nordie's. Must. Resist.

  3. Love the Lanvin heels. The quilting, sky high heels and gold chain make for a perfect shoe.

  4. AHHHHH!!!! The Carolina Pumps have me almost hyperventilating. These are sooooo PERFECT! I want them! But we have no Nordstrom = no super sale =(.

  5. oh mah gah. someone shoot me now on the lanvins. i can't even type in caps

  6. Ay yay yai! I am away from the blogosphere for the weekend and look at all the pretties! I. AM. DROOLING. Mah GAWD do I love all these shooz. Seriously, my heart hurts from want. So cannot afford these, but thanks much for the eye candy.

  7. Late to post, BUT: wow. oh wow. Thank you for this one - love seeing designer shoes that are (almost!) within my grasp. THANK YOU. And FYI? Your legs are killer in all these beauties!!!

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  11. Those outfits are also nice. I can see you're at some exhibition at another kind of official event?

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