Monday, May 31, 2010

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Waves...

Sometimes I think I have a problem with impulse control.

I had one of those gasp-so-loud-people-turn-to-ask-you-what's-wrong moments when I laid my eyes on the Count the Waves Dress on Roxy's June catalog preview post last week. In fact, my scheming brain immediately started thinking of things I could return so that I could buy it.

It's weird, because it's not as if there weren't other pretty new arrivals in the latest catalog. I'm fairly certain the Graces Tank will be mine by month's end. (which is totally okay, right? I mean, I think I must have at least like 80,000 skirts I can pair that ruffly puppy with...) And I've also got some serious Field Game Cardigan on the brain, in grey.

But I found myself with a super itchy trigger finger when it came to this dress.

Not surprisingly, the dress hadn't yet hit the Newport Beach Anthropologie when I went in. However, the beautiful Ashley cheerfully informed me that I could place an order for the dress in the store and have it sent to my house, and they would waive the shipping for me. This was before the announcement of free shipping through the summer, so you can imagine I was pretty darn giddy.

So, what does one do, when they're about to commit retail debauchery?

Drag your friend down with you in flames, of course.

Besides, reviews are always so much more fun when they're side-by-side, aren't they?

Count the Waves Dress ($148)

(pardon the wrinkles, this was straight from the box!)

For reference, I'm wearing the S and Carol is wearing the XS. Overall I'd say the fit is TTS, but keep in mind it's a pullover style. The skirt was a little tighter than I thought it was going to be, but that might just be because I have some serious hips. Once it's on it's plenty comfortable. The armholes are a teeny bit big, but not a dealbreaker for me.

Carol, solo:

Shown with Seychelles "She's Got the Moves" Heels

Carol here: These are obviously not the correct shoes to wear with this dress - I was wearing them with my OOTD (below), so that's why I've got them on, sorry! No worries, though - I've got just the shoes for this dress! Kathryn was the one to point this dress out to me, actually, as I was working the day Roxy posted her June catalog post, and hadn't had a chance to read updated blog posts. I also gasped, when I opened the link. You see, I missed out on the Bold Boutonniere and have been searching for it in vain for some time. Kathryn and I had also missed out on the Horizon Line dress as well. This dress sort of fills the gap for both of those dresses. When Kathryn called me to let me know that we could order the dress immediately, it only took me a heartbeat to agree. And I have to say, I don't regret it for a second. This dress is that great. ^_^

And here's me, solo:

And here it is, with the Snakebite Belt over it:

Shown with Tory Burch Miller Thongs in Black

One of the reasons I was quick to decide I wanted this dress was because I felt it would be a good transitional piece. The skirt is a double-faced rayon which I think would work for summer as well as fall. And I just love the detailing on the skirt, from the scalloped hem to the white topstitching. (I am a sucker for topstitching!) And pockets! Gotta love my pockets!

A look for when the season turns colder:

Shown with:
Banana Republic Cardigan (which is almost exactly like the J.Crew's Jackie)
Snakebite Belt in Black
Lela Rose for Payless Heels (pretty option here)

I could easily see wearing this dress with tights, too.

A happy impulse purchase, made happier because it's shared with a friend.

Now here's Carol's OOTD, which I insisted we blog. She kept telling me her outfit wasn't worth blogging, but I took one look at her bag, her shoes and her necklace and I told her it was going on the blog. Isn't she cute???

Seriously. Check out her fabulous handbag.

Carol: Haha - Kathryn bullied me into taking this picture - I honestly didn't think it was much to speak of, and not really photo-worthy, but here it is. This is a "running after the kids all day while going from my in-laws to my parents' to my sister's houses while visiting the OC" look. It's very comfy and totally machine-washable, so yes...easy-peasy Mom-look. Not particularly glamorous, but it does the job.

Shirt: SuperDry plaid shirt, Nordstrom (winter 2009, similar here and here)
Tee: Gap Body scoop neck layering tee (old - 2007? Similar here and here)
Pants: Denim Minnie, J. Crew
Shoes: Seychelles She's Got the Moves, Nordstrom
Necklace: Oh, Hello Friend
Bag: Just Cavalli Perforated Rosette Tote,

***Just a quick note - we have it from a reliable source (a Fashion Valley Anthro employee) that there will be more markdowns this coming Thursday.  It looks like Anthropologie might be trying to move their remaining winter/spring merchandise to make room for all the new summer goodies.  I can't wait to see what hits the sale racks, and at the same time, can't bear to see what hits the sale racks.  I think I'm good for now, but heaven knows, when something goes on sale....


  1. The side by side it! You girls look super adorable in the Count the Waves Dress! I hope it and a few of the other new pretties hit stores by tomorrow since I'll be taking a trip to go shopping for 3 days (and maybe do some fun things for the boys and husband...maybe).

    And a sale on Thursday? But I'm leaving that day...guess I'll have to hit the store before leaving for back home. The family won't mind!

    Carol, your OOTD is blog worthy!

  2. A beautiful dress on both of you! I love the side by side reviews! And I love Carol's "mom" outfit - looks straight out of J Crew.

  3. You women are awesome and I really love your thorough! I also was immediately drawn to this dress. Can't wait to try it on myself! Thanks!

  4. This has to my my favorite review yet. You guys are both adorable in your count the waves dress!! And, side by side? So darn cute!! I can't wait to see the dress in person. Kathryn - Thanks for strong arming Carol into the OOTD picture. Carol - you look great. Love the jeans and button down look!

  5. I loved this dress out of the catalog too and think it looks wonderful on both of you! Thanks for the dual review. :)

  6. Love the dress on both of you, seriously considering adding it to my shopping cart. Carol, you're such a chic mom!!

  7. Your blog is my absolute favorite. Just bought the Seychelles sandals after admiring them on Carol in several blogs. I agree, Carol is a chic mom.

  8. Kathryn,

    Thanks so much for your reviews. Ok, so here is Sophie's choice. I can only get one dress, vappu or the count the waves. I know you have both. Which would you recommend? Also, I wear the 2 in vappu, what would be the comparable size in the other? So appreciate your help.


  9. I just added this dress to my wishlist! I hadn't really looked at it much but now seeing it on you two, I realize how cute it is! And thanks for showing it with the cardigan and belt Kathryn. That's how I'd wear it probably.
    Also, Carol -- I LOVE your owl necklace! So cute! :-)

  10. I already know that this dress isn't for me because of the colors, but it looks great on both of you! I never even noticed the scalloped hem until you pointed it it! And Carol, you definitely need to post more "mom" outfits...I love seeing the more casual outfits!

  11. Omigoodness, Terri, I am having the same trouble deciding between the exact two dresses! Can't wait to hear Carol and Kathryn weigh in!

    LOVE the side by side reviews, girls! You both look stellar in this dress. It was a total favorite of mine from the new arrivals, also - the details are darling! Kathryn, you did what any true friend would do when ordering a dress this cute ;) ;)

    Carol - you are a WAY cute mom, and I really love seeing casual day-to-day outfits - mostly my Anthro gets worn on Sunday to church, so...yeah, I sport a lot of mom wear!

  12. I love your side by side photos. I feel like you two should break out in a song and dance.

    You both look great in that dress.
    And Carol-love your OOTD! While we all love dresses and skirts, sometimes reality calls for otherwise. Your outfit looks so casual and hip. I love it!

  13. Thanks everyone, for the sweet comments! =) I kept telling Carol her outfit was great. I'm glad you all agree with me! Heehee!

    @Terri & Jan - Hm. That's a toughie. It's hard for me to really recommend one over the other, as I feel like they're very different dresses and I'm not sure what your wardrobe needs are. So I'll just list some traits (i.e. I'm going to ramble, haha) and see if that helps...

    Carol is normally a 0 to 2 in dresses, and she needed the XS in the Count the Waves. It's worth noting that Carol wasn't a huge fan of the Vappu. She said she tried it on and it just felt all wrong, while I tried it on and loved the silhouette. We both loved the CTW dress. Keep in mind, Carol is 5'2" with a short torso while I'm about 5'8" with a longer torso. We're both smallish on top and somewhat pear-shaped. I felt the flared skirt helped accentuate my waist while disguising my bigger hips.

    The Vappu is also a true summer dress, and thus perhaps less of a transitional piece; so, in that respect, a gal might be able to get more bang-for-buck from the Count the Waves dress.

    Then again, we're talking about a $50 difference in dresses here. Some have mentioned the Vappu didn't have enough "oomph" to justify buying at full price. But it can get pretty hot and miserable where I live, so the lightness of the fabric is something I count as an asset.

    So here's something to think about - do you have the Bold Boutonniere Dress? Or do you have a ruffled shell with a black tulip or scalloped skirt (maybe like the Scalloped Dots Skirt) that you could essentially recreate the look of the CTW dress with? Or do you maybe have the Great Escape Skirt or the navy Thousand Days skirt (with a cute white tank) that you could maybe recreate the look of the Vappu dress with?

    I can safely say that - while it might seem ridiculous that I sprang for both dresses - both of them will fit into my wardrobe nicely. (I own nothing in yellow, and I agree with Carol in saying that the CTW fills the gap for the Bold Boutonniere dress we'd both missed out on)

    I also plan on returning some things, to take away the sting. Oh, and apparently I don't have a U2 concert to go to anymore, so uh...that's "extra cash"...? Haha. =)

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help! It's so hard to choose between the two...

  14. Kathryn,

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful response to the vappu versus ctw dilemma. I totally see how they would both work in a wardrobe in very different ways. I always need my attire to at least be sw work appropriate so.....I may spring for the ctw, though I do love that yellow in the vappu. Anyway, you weighed in on some important points and like you, I missed the bold boutonniere though found a substitute on another website, bought it and though I wanted to love it, it was just too much of a statement for me. so...perhaps ctw is a great alternative. Anyway, I'm rambling too, thanks again for your reviews.


  15. Thanks everyone! You're all so sweet. I can't tell you how your comments made my day. =)

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