Saturday, May 29, 2010

It Begins. (Plus A Quickie Fitting Room Review)

Hello! I hope everyone is having a very nice Memorial Day Weekend, so far!

Today, two teams I largely don't care about will begin their last leg in pursuit of the prettiest trophy in all sports: The Stanley Cup.

From the Western Conference, you have the Chicago Blackhawks, who will try to win their first Stanley Cup in 49 years.

From the Eastern Conference, you have the Philadelphia Flyers, who have mounted an improbable postseason run after they needed a shootout victory in the last game of the regular season just to quality for the playoffs.

Being a fan of the Anaheim Ducks, the greatest Stanley Cup Champion of all time (hey, I didn't say it, The Hockey News did! ;o)), it's hard for me to be too emotionally involved in all this. But my love for hockey will always transcend my apathy.

I haven't decided who to root for yet. We'll see what happens after they drop the puck.

Annnnnnyway, I have a few more reviews. Nothing earth-shattering, but I hope you like 'em!

Mossy Atoms Skirt ($148)

I confess...I already knew that this skirt, at $148, was going to be a bit rich for my blood. But I loved the styling in the June catalog, so I couldn't resist giving it a try after seeing it on the table in the store. I grabbed a Small to try on, and it felt like the right size. There's probably a little wiggle room with the sizing with this one, as it has an elastic waist. The color is really cool (and a lot more "mossy" in real life than in these photos), and the print is very happy. The fabric is a light, airy silk and - what I love about Anthropologie skirts - there are pockets.

Now for the bad part. The all-over elastic waist is a turn-off, for me. I felt like it gave me a ton of extra poof (is it "poof" or "pouf?") around the midsection....which...this photo...doesn't help show at all.

How helpful.

(On the other hand? I love how skinny my cameraphone just helped me look! Yay Samsung!)

Detail of the elastic waistband:

It's not as bad with a belt, but still. Not my favorite silhouette ever. I can think of other ways to blow $148.

My attempt to re-create the catalog look, without the Graces Tank:

Detail of the Glimpse-of-Glitz Tank ($68):

So this tank didn't do anything for me either. It was like an imitation of a tank that's already been done by J.Crew, only with ribbons hanging off it. I can already imagine myself at dinner, trying to enjoy a plate pasta in tomato sauce and having the ribbons fall right into the sauce. I tried on a Small, and it fit fine...but - like the skirt - it was honestly nothing to write home about. The fit just felt off to me...hanging loosely through the torso like a t-shirt. I'm holding out for the Graces Tank.

Field Game Cardigan ($118, shown in a size Small)

Now, this? This is something I could see myself blowing $118 on. Because, who doesn't have $118 just laying around, right??



But...come on! It's heather grey! And an oatmeal-y pink! And lace, with pretty buttons and...and...

Anyway, I really really really really really like it. I love me my cardigans, and I could see myself throwing this baby on and feeling instantly chic. Wishlisted for future shopping debauchery.

I'll leave off with my OOTD from the other day. Though I passed up most of the things at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale, I do have to recommend these little Caslon Tiered Ruffle Tanks. They're on sale for a steal right now at $17.90, and there are over half a dozen different colors to choose from. They're just an easy-peasy little machine washable layering tank. And you know me - I'm nothing if not lazy.

Cardigan: Banana Republic (super old, but one of my staple fallback options here)
Skirt: H&M (similar option here)
Shoes: Charles David Wedge Heels (super fun and funky option here)
Sequined Bow Pin: Gift from Carol for my birthday last year =)


  1. I love the Mossy Atoms Skirt on you, but I agree, $148 is just too steep. Do you think you'll get it on sale? I'm not a fan of the elastic waist skirts either, but in the picture, you really can't tell there is extra poof there. It looks great :) I really like it paired with the purple/pink tank too.

  2. The Mossy Atoms Skirt looks perfect on you. Can't see the poof you're talking about, (in fact, you do look teeny in the side picture) but I agree elastic waists can poof out on people. I love the new Field Game cardi color. Is that thing ever going to go on sale?

    Your OOTD is beyond cute!

  3. My local store didn't have the Mossy Atoms skirt yet, so I wasn't tempted. Yes, $148 is a bit much. As the other posters mentioned, you can't see the pouf and you do like tiny in the shorts.

    Finally, your OOTD is FAB!

  4. The mossy atoms skirt looks so pretty on you. I completely agree $148 is way too much for a skirt! this skirt would look great w so many types of belts. I can't wait to try it on myself. If I like it, I would totally wait for it to go on sale.
    P/s You look STUNNING in your ootd

  5. Well, these reviews definitely make me want to go out and buy a Samsung! You look teensy and adorable in the Mossy Atoms Skirt! But poof, or pouf, it's phooey when you don't feel right in something! Living just outside of Philadelphia, you can imaine that my husband has instantly become a die-hard Flyers fan - roll eyes.

  6. I love the skirt from your OOTD. Is that a newer H&M acquisition or is it older? I think I want to find it...

  7. You look lovely in that Mossy skirt!! not at all poofy/poufy. Can you share what size you are wearing in the Caslon tank - I totally want one now!

  8. EEK! I love the Mossy Atoms skirt on you so much! There's no way I'd pay $148 for that, but I'll be stalking it for a sale. Anthro is killing me with these newest arrivals!
    I tried on the Field Game Cardigan yesterday in that color too and loved it. I wasn't a fan of the previously released navy or red, but this version i love!

  9. @Sara - Thanks! I'm not sure if I'd get it on sale for $75. I might consider it at a second cut, but I'm not sure I really love it enough. Haha, does that make me sound like a cheapskate?

    @Gemma - Thanks for the compliments! I'm starting to *dream* about that grey FG Cardigan. This is not good. Ack!

    @Bronzi & Beli - Thank you! You guys are really doing alot for my self-esteem. =D

    @Jan Russell - I agree, for $148 (or any amount, really) there has to be Love. (with a capital "L") And LOL, it's amazing how success inspires fandom. And thank you for the compliments. You guys are seriously making my day!

    @Victoria - Thank you! Unfortunately, my skirt is over a year old, but sometimes I still see a few lingering in stores.

    @SLC - Thank you! I'm wearing a Small in the Caslon tank. Hope that helps! It's a great piece!

    @Kim - Thank you!! And I know what you mean about the Field Game Cardigan - I never really gave it a second look until I saw the grey color. I think I'm becoming obsessed with it. I need help!!!

  10. I'm completely in love with the new Field Game Cardigan too! I didn't much care for it in the other colours but I need this one!
    I love the print of the Atoms Skirt, but you're right: the waist band looks messy.