Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Still Rock and Roll To Me (Circle the Globe Skirt Review)

Back in the day, my husband found a jacket by Diesel that he loved. He stalked it for weeks, hoping it would eventually go on sale so he could snatch it up. When it finally did go on sale, he couldn't decide what size to get. He went back and forth, back and forth, trying on different sizes to see what looked best. The larger size was more comfortable and roomy, but the details and the fit were really brought to light in the smaller size.

My hubby had been wanting this jacket forever, and now at the moment of truth, he couldn't decide what to do. I'll never forget what the sales associate (covered in tattoos) said to him:

"If you wanna rock the Small, rock the Small. If you wanna rock the Medium, rock the Medium. It's all about how you wanna rock it."

This might be the silliest sounding piece of advice you've ever heard, but I find that there's a lot of truth to it. Sometimes it's really just up to you how you want a particular piece of clothing to look.

(My husband and I make quite the pair, eh? ;o) )

Anyway, I missed out on meeting up with Carol and her mom at the somewhat-underwhelming "Tag Sale" at Anthropologie on Tuesday because I was on my way up north to catch the San Jose Sharks play the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I've been under a lot of strain lately, and I have some dear friends who are season ticket holders for the Sharks and were kind enough to offer me a ticket for the game.

Of course, that didn't stop me from stopping by an Anthropologie on the way up.

Retail therapy + playoff hockey = happier Kathryn.

I've been waiting for what feels like forever for the Circle the Globe Skirt to hit stores. I love my Thousand Days Skirt, so I was really looking forward to getting my hands on this one as it seems to be its sister.

Yes, I bypassed all the sale stuff to try on a full-priced item. That's how I roll.

The weight of the fabric is much lighter than the Thousand Days Skirt, which is understandable since it's meant to be for spring/summer. I'd compare the fabric of the Circle the Globe Skirt to that of the Reed Shirtdress. The pockets are slightly different from the Thousand Days, as they're on-seam. And the other major difference is the elastic waist (versus the exposed side zipper of the Thousand Days).

The sizing for this skirt is...interesting. I'd been reading some of the reviews online that suggested to size down in the skirt, so I pulled a size 2, a size 4 and a size 6 to try on. The elastic waist is extremely stretchy, so there's a lot of flexibility in which size you ultimately decide to pick. Keep in mind, I'm normally anywhere from a size 4 to 6.

(And, apologies for the quality of the fitting room little cameraphone can only do so much. And I have no idea what's up with that yellow-y/orange-y lighting.)

Here it is, in a size 2 in Black (shown with the Faint Lines Tee in Small):

(Oh, uh. Hey...recognize the purse? yeah. it's the same Forever 21 one Kim blogged about here. I'm a sucker for purses with lots of pockets and detachable shoulder straps! the $32.80 price tag doesn't hurt! Props again to Anthroholic for her eye for fabulous finds!)

So, here's a size 4 (shown with the same tee, I think, only in a heather grey with sparkly stripes):

Size 4, in Blue (which is really more of a "teal," if you ask me), shown with the Unveiled Tank in Small, by Deletta:

Size 6, in Yellow: a huge difference between the three sizes, huh?

Here's a photo to give a comparison to the infamous Thousand Days Skirt:

(Circle the Globe Skirt in size 4, compared to the Thousand Days Skirt in size 6)

(Comparison of the detail of the waistbands)

Here's how the Thousand Days in 6 fits me:

(blech, pardon my scruffiness)

So, for sh*ts and giggles, here's the skirt in a Size 0:

(the waistband is a little tight, but I was still able to pull it on okay)

And if you weren't confused enough, here's the skirt in size 4:

And - in case you haven't fallen asleep yet - to refresh your memory, here's the size 2, again:


I decided to hold the waistbands of the skirts level on one side, and then stretch them out to show the difference in width:

(Size 0, size 2 and size 4 - layered one on top of the other)

I really would say the "Blue" color of the skirt is actually more of "Pacific teal." Like in a kind of "San Jose Shark"-ish type of way. To illustrate the point:

(HP Pavilion in San Jose, very teal. Note the Shark head, with glowing red eyes. The Sharks skate through that, to enter the ice.)

(I wouldn't actually wear these two things together, but you get the point.)

( clarify, I'm actually a Ducks fan...but a) my beloved Ducks did not make the postseason, b) I LOVE HOCKEY and would never pass up a chance to go to a playoff game, c) I have a little crush on Joe Thornton of the Sharks and
d) this shirt was a gift from my friends. What can I say? I might have a bit of a soft spot for the Sharks because of my friends. They supported me (albeit grudgingly) when the Ducks won it all in 2007, so I feel obliged to do the same for them. Unfortunately, the game did not go well, as the Sharks lost to the Hawks, 4-2...)

I hope you'll all allow me one last photo, to "balance" out the previous ones:

(Me with the Lord Stanley's Cup in the Ducks' locker room, June 6, 2007)

I ended up settling on the size 2 for myself, which I brought home in the Black. I plan on exchanging the 4 in Teal, I mean, "Blue" for a 2 (which I have on hold for me, in NB). Can you believe the Pasadena store was already sold out of the 2 in Blue? They just got the skirt in today, for goodness' sake! The size 0 Blue is for Carol, and I really hope it fits her. I ended up passing on the Yellow, as the color just didn't go well with my skin tone.

So, uh...yeeeah. All in all, this may be the most unhelpful clothing review in the history of all reviews. Sorry about that! But I feel like the moral of the story with this skirt is, if you're one size and you fit into a size or two smaller, and you feel like rocking the smaller size? Rock the smaller size. If you feel like rocking your true size (or even a size up)? Rock your true size (or a size up). It's all still rock n' roll, in the end.


  1. Two things--
    1. How did you get in the locker room after the Ducks won the Cup?? That is amazing! I am a die hard NJ Devils fan and I heart Scott Neidermayer--though I think he may be done playing. :( I had his jersey when he played for the Devils!

    2. I am so glad the Circle the Globe skirt is finally hitting stores! Do you find it is more wrinkly than the Thousand Days skirt?? I'm really hoping it's not, but one review mentioned it. I was just hoping that is the way it came out when she unpacked it because she had ordered it.


  2. Best review ever! I found it to be very humorous and informative, perfect combination!

  3. Thanks for the great review. I was wondering how it was. what wonky sizing...

  4. Kathryn, that was a great review! It really helps me figure out which size to get. Was the yellow pale yellow or like a citron yellow? I really want a yellow skirt, but if it's too pale, it will wash me out.

  5. I sized down two sizes in this skirt! Thanks for your review!

  6. Yes, I had the same experience as you-I ended up sizing down from a size 4 to a 2 (though I could get into the zero as well). I felt the 2 had the perfect level of poofyness. I could just have easily done the size four but I felt it was too poofy, I think that will probably be the biggest factor for most people. I like that you can adjust the length because of the elastic waistband (though I kind of felt I was reverting back to my childhood with the all elastic waistband). I was a bit disapointed in the yellow color, I was hoping it would be either pale or golden but I felt it kind of hit the middle and was a bit too neonish bright for me. I ended up with the blue/teal color and am still debating the black.

  7. Gaaaahahahaha all the sizes look the same to me! The teal was an excellent choice, what a pretty color on you! (And you know what? the last pic of you is so adorable, not even funny!!)

  8. Yea I was going to say the 2 looked the best just because it holds slightly better to your body but those last sets of photos completely confused me.... I mean I can kinda tell the difference in a 2 and a 6 but then the 4 looks like both the 2 and the 6... ANTHROPOLOGY IS DESTROYING THE NATURAL ORDER OF THE UNIVERSE! Well at least its cute.

    And LOL @ Darren!

  9. Thanks for the review, even if they are confusing! I have no idea what size I'll need - maybe 0?
    Anyhow, I love the blue (teal) color! I hope it's in my store when I go!
    Also, I'm glad you got the F21 bag - I love it!

  10. Love the review! I honestly can't tell that big of a difference between all the sizes, but I'm sure it will be easier once I have it on. I'm worried though because I am VERY indecisive when it comes to sizes...So I'll probably be in that fitting room forever trying to decide which one to get! Before that though I need my store to get the darn thing in!

  11. This is a hilarious review! I loved it so much that I'm going to read it again =)

    I'm a Blackhawks fan, so I appreciated the hockey nuances!

  12. i LOVE all of the colors. they all look great on you!

  13. I love the teal on you! And the sizing looks bizarre - far too much for me to get my head around at the moment!

  14. Thanks everyone! I know the sizing issue was super weird, but I hope the review was at least somewhat helpful!

    @KristinH - Best night EVER, getting to celebrate the Cup win with my boys! My friends are friends with Teemu Selanne, so he helped get us all into the locker room when they won. And I heart Scotty too (seriously, he's my #1 hockey crush!) and I'm in total denial about him retiring. I just don't want to think about it, haha! It's hard to see from the photo, but I have his jersey on. It still has champagne and beer stains on it to this day, as well as his autograph. =D

    As for the skirt, yeah - I found it to be a little wrinkly, but it wasn't a deal-breaker for me. I do think the fabric is a lot like the Reed Shirtdress, which wrinkles but then smooths out okay. Sorry it's kinda vague, but I hope that helps!

    @Frocking Anthropologie & ali - Thanks! I hope the review was at least somewhat helpful, despite the weirdness in sizing!

    @Tien - Thank you! It really was pretty confusing to pick a size. I hope the photos with the comparisons to the Thousand Days Skirt help out a bit. My fear is how it'll fit smaller girls, like Carol. However, the waist is soooo stretchy that it should fit the size 0 girls fine in the waist - the only real issue might be the length.

    As for the yellow skirt, I compared it to the yellow of the Flowering Pasture Blouse, and the yellow of the skirt looks almost slightly like a neon green in comparison to the yellow of the blouse. I personally found the color of the yellow skirt to be a little off-putting, but it does look nice in natural sunlight.

    @Robin & Mrs.LifeAccounts - See, me too! I'm normally a 4 or a 6, and I went all the way down to a 2 for this skirt. The combination of length & waist seemed to feel the best.

    @Tara B. - CONGRATS on your engagement!!! And thank you for your sweet comments. I miiiight've been inspired by one of your OOTD photos when I took that last photo. =D

    @shira - RIGHT?! I felt like I could've flipped a coin and chosen any size, and it'd still fit.

    @Kim - I'm guessing you'll want a 0? I know you're a smaller waist size than I am, but we're almost the same height. I can't wait to see how you style it! I'm trying to build outfits around the teal color and I'm a little stumped. And I LOVE the F21 bag! So handy! =)

    @Sara - Hi, size twin! I know exactly what you mean about being indecisive about size. I think I remember you saying your Thousand Days in 6 is a teensy bit big on you, and that's exactly how I feel in my Thousand Days in 6. I think you'll be fine in a 2 or a 4. I felt SO bad because I didn't know the Pasadena store closed so early, and I was seriously flip-flopping between the sizes over and over again while they were trying to close. Like I was saying to Shira, I seriously felt like flipping a coin to decide!

    @Angela - Yay!!! I love hearing from hockey fans! The Hawks certainly seem to have alot of momentum and all the right elements to go all the way! Toews, Kane and Byfulgien are on FIRE and Duncan Keith is a beast!

    @sara.mb.towner - Thank you!

    @British Anthropolgiest - Thank you! I thought the teal was very pretty and would flatter a lot of complexions. And I felt a little bad, posting this review - like I was typing a bunch of stuff and showing a bunch of pictures, but not really helping anybody! So confusing!

  15. Thanks for all of the sizing photos! I love your commentary as always, and the teal looks lovely on you. :)

  16. Wow thanks for the review, Kathryn. True story, but I was waiting for my Fiance to pick me up from work so I decided to read your entry. After reading, I decided to call my Anthro and place that skirt on hold for me to try on tomorrow. Muwahahaha! Thanks for all the information. I decided to hold a 6 but I think I'll try the 4 on as well. =)

  17. Great review for those contemplating on this skirt!

    Was in pasadena yesterday and they had the blue in size 2. I guess they restocked already. I ended up getting a 0. I agree that it runs a tad bit large.

    Bought the blue in teal and can't wait to wear it!