Thursday, May 6, 2010

June (#1 in the 100 Strangers with Style Project)

Last month, we announced that we were planning on launching a new feature, called "100 Strangers with Style," adapted from the "100 Strangers" project.  It took us a while to actually get the first couple images, because, quite frankly, we realized it's really rather hard to walk up to someone and ask if you can take their picture and publish it on a blog.  I practiced by handing out compliments to strangers for the last few weeks, and soon, I promise, I'll actually take a photo of a stranger.

But until then, I convinced my co-worker and friend (okay, not a stranger to me, but probably a stranger to you), June, to let me photograph her, in this amazing outfit.  (And let me tell you, sometimes, it's nearly as hard to convince a friend to let you take her picture and publish it on a blog, as it is, asking a stranger.)

Here she is.  June, #1 of a hundred, in the 100 Strangers With Style project.  ^_^

Cardigan: Cashmere Cardigan, Seaton (old, from Tobi Blatt in San Diego)
Skirt: Odille ($49, purchased at Jeremy's in San Francisco)
Top: Kimchi Blue ($29, purchased at Jeremy's)
 Shoes: Jimmy Choo (Jimmy Choo outlet in Cabazon)
Belt: Pyramid Studded Skinny Belt in Rose Gold, Michael Kors, Nordstrom
Necklaces: Pearls, Nordstrom Rack;
Silver chain with freshwater pearls and charms, made by her friend (details to come)


  1. Ha- nice. The background totally looks like the set of Mad Men too!

  2. Oooo, what a fun idea! I'm glad June let you take a photo of her, she looks darling! I love the pearls, full skirt, patent shoes, and pink cardigan!

    I can only imagine how difficult it'd be to walk up to someone and ask to take their photo, haha! But you look like a total sweetheart, so at least people won't be suspicious!

  3. What a fun idea! And what a chic friend you have- this outfit is so sweet and girly ^^

  4. Good luck with this feature. It sounds like a lot of fun! And it's okay that you knew your first stranger! Baby steps, right? June's outfit is great! Can't wait to see more!