Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday (OOTDs)

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you're all doing well today. Kathryn and I both have pretty full schedules today, so we thought we'd put up this one quickie post before we get too busy to blog. These are just a few OOTDs from the last couple days.

I bought the Blooming Lattice the week before the tag sale, like many others, hoping to secure my size in time for a price adjustment. When the tag sale came and went without this cardi going on sale, I realized I couldn't bear to take it back. And in terms of price per wear, it's a deal at full price, because I've been wearing this sweater to death. Here, I paired it with the In A Moment Dress, that's the older sister/fall-winter version of the Vappu, in terms of color:

Dress: In A Moment Dress, Anthropologie, winter 2009
Sweater: Blooming Lattice Cardigan, Anthropologie (sold out online, available in stores)
Belt: Snakebite, brown
Necklace: Pessinus Garden Necklace in gold, Anthropologie

I actually didn't wear this outfit with these shoes, when I went out today. It was pretty cold today (high of 64!!!) today in San Diego, so I wore tall brown boots with tights, but I stripped them off when I got home and was too tired to pull them back on, when I got around to taking these OOTD photos. I cheated, sorry!

Here's an OOTD from a couple days ago:

Top: Sailing Stripes Blouse, Anthropologie
Skirt: Benetton (super old - 1999? Similar here and here and here.)
Sweater: BP Three-Quarter Sleeve Jersey Cardigan, in white, Nordstrom
Shoes: Diamond Stitch Skimmers, Anthropologie

Here's Kathryn, in her OOTD - too cute!

Hello! This was my simple OOTD for Saturday...

...and my "bored model" look:

Ready to cook!

The top is a James Perse piece which is a few years old, and it's actually a drawstring skirt that I decided to wear as a strapless top. I decided to give this look a try when I saw Carol's fitting room review where she paired the Geometric Cluster Blouse with the Circle the Globe skirt here. I could've also easily tucked the top in, so I might try that next time I decide to pair these pieces.

Top: James Perse Skirt
Cardigan: BP Three-Quarter Sleeve Jersey Cardigan in Oatmeal
Skirt: Circle the Globe Skirt, Anthropologie
Pocketwatch Necklace: "Calm Summer Day" by Oh, Hello Friend
Belt: Oh, Hello Friend
Sandals: Tory Burch Miller
Apron: "The Lady's Apron"


  1. Great looks.
    I wore my sailing stripes blouse on thursday and just love it. What a great, fun piece.

  2. Too funny - I used Manic Monday as my post title today too. Great minds...

    Love the Blooming Lattice Cardi on you - I so wish I was shorter so it could work on me, but it's just way too cropped!

  3. OMG! I love the Blooming Lattice Cardigan with the In The Moment Dress. Such a cute combo! Ok I'm not going to lie, I loved all the outfits!!! SO CUTE!

    And Kat... you can cook for me anytime ;)

  4. Carol-You really have to stop it with all the cute outfits! Now I want to run out and get the yellow Vappu Dress so that I can wear it with my Blooming Lattice Cardigan!

    Kathryn-I want an apron! I saw a really cute white/mint colored apron at Anthro the other day, but I wasn't sure if I would wear it. Does yours get a lot of wear?

  5. @shira - Thanks! I just need to find something to cook! =)

    @Sara - I hope you do run out and get the Vappu Dress, then we can be dress twins! And I'll let you know how the apron works out - it's a new purchase! Heehee. =D

  6. you both are so cute!(says in screaming voice)

  7. You ladies are killing me with the cute dresses, skirts and cardis! LOVE them so much!