Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lauren (#2 in the 100 Strangers with Style Project)

Hi, everyone!  Hope your Wednesday is going well.  Mine's okay, in light of that fact that in 2 hours, the work project I've been living-breathing-sleeping (or not)-dreaming will have officially ended.  Whoooo!  Hahaha, I'm not sure what I'll do to celebrate.  If I weren't on my shopping ban (day 5), I'd go shopping.  I may still go to the mall and surround myself in beautiful things for a couple of hours today.  We'll see.

Last week, we posted our first 100 Strangers with Style photo, of my friend, June.  Anyhow, Kathryn and I finally worked up the courage to ask a couple of strangers - well, not strangers exactly - though I'll get to that in a second - to let us take their photos for our 100 Strangers with Style project.  We decided the next step up, after our friends and coworkers, would be to ask Anthropologie employees!  They're always dressed so fabulously - and I think you'll agree that Lauren is just really beautiful, all-around.

Lauren, #2 in our 100 Strangers with Style Project:

Dress: Floral dress, similar here and here and here
Blazer: Boyfriend blazer, similar here and here and (for a total steal!) here
Shoes: Light brown flats, similar here and here and (pretty pricey) here
Bracelet: Black and gold bracelet, similar here and (easy on the pocketbook) here