Friday, May 14, 2010

Lunch in an Anthropologie Fitting Room

I'm afraid that I'm annoying the girls at the Newport Beach Anthropologie store.

Between the large-ish amount of go-backs I generate from my fitting room visits and the number of times I've asked them if they've gotten the Circle the Globe Skirt or the Pinnacle Skirt in yet, I'm kind of scared that they're going to ban me from walking through their doors altogether.

So if any of you lovely SAs from the Newport Beach Anthro happen to be reading this, please know that I appreciate all that you do. And thanks for letting me spend my lunch with you today.

So, while scoping out the store for next week's big "Tag Sale," I spotted some fun new arrivals!

Embroidered Freesia Dress ($188, by Zehavale)

I'm usually not a fan of white dresses, but I have to admit I really liked this one. I have on a size 2, so I think it's fair to say that this dress runs big. Small-chested girls like me will need to size down for this one. This dress also runs longer than the average Anthro dress, hitting me slightly below the knee. There's a side zip and an elastic back, with a weird ribbon tie that serves no real purpose in the back.

I wish they'd used a different ribbon for the back, or just not had a ribbon at all since it doesn't really do much. I do like the rest of the detail on the dress - from the embroidery on the chest to the detailing on the hem. Pretty pretty pretty!

I felt like it needed a little "oomph," so I added my Looping Lanes Belt to help give the dress a more defined waist:

Ah, much better! And notice the pockets!

The $188 price tag is what held me back from taking it home today, so I'm letting it marinate in my brain for a bit. For now it's wishlisted!

Which brings me to the next item I reviewed...

The Jet Stream Cardigan ($88)

I have to admit, I pulled this one especially for Carol because she had been admiring the Sky color online. (And I'm not sure if she's going to be happy to see that I tried this on, or if she's going to be heartbroken, as she's currently on a shopping ban.) I tried a Small and it fit nicely, with plenty of "breathing room" without being too bulky. It's also very long - it pretty much covers my tush! Even though this is a pretty roomy cardigan I personally wouldn't size down, as the seams on the shoulders lined up perfectly with my shoulders. I think it's just supposed to be big and roomy. I could see this as a great piece for summer.

You can see how generous the cut is, in this shot:

("It's a bird! It's a plane...!")

Playing with my Looping Lanes again...

Some detail of the cardigan and the dress:

Next, I pulled a new, dark stretch denim Leifsdottir skirt that I don't see online yet, to try on with the lovely Blooming Lattice Cardigan:

Well, I don't need to say much about it, as the Leifsdottir brand pretty much speaks for itself. I will say that the fabric is substantial, yet super soft and comfortable. This is quite possibly the most comfy pencil skirt I've ever tried. Even though it was fitted skirt (I have on a size 6), I didn't feel constricted anywhere. Skirt, I love thee. And the little gold buttons are just adorable! Highly recommended!

A shot of the tag (and the cute lining!), for reference:

And last, but not least, the not-new-but-still-cute Aniseed Skirt (sold out online, but several spotted at Newport Beach store), which I really just tried on to see if this combo would look as good on me as it did on Anthrosdottir here.

Mmm, well...while I thought the outfit was adorable on Anthrosdottir, I didn't find it to be a real "Kathryn"-type outfit. I don't think I have the cute-edginess required to pull off a look like this. Oh well, still fun to try!

A shot of the tag, for reference:

Well that's it for now, ladies. Thanks for readin'!


  1. I swear that belt makes everything look better! What size did you get for the Blooming Lattice Cardigan? I got a medium and we're usually close to the same size. I need confirmation that I got the right one :)

  2. I quite like the Aniseed skirt on you. Maybe you're just not used to seeing that silhouette on your frame? I can also see the color palette working with a lot of things I know you have in your closet. Me likey!

  3. By chance I totally tried on the lattice cardigan with that skirt too! It is a neat combo that looks very cute on you. I was a little too curvy to pull it off myself.

  4. OMG!!! I love the dress and the cardigan!!!! So cute.

    The black and white skirt has got a weird shape to it... I'm not sure if I love it or hate it.

  5. I love the dress on you! I saw it in person recently, and it was beautiful!

  6. Thank you for reviewing the Embroidered Freesia Dress. This was one of the items on my wishlist and I don't have an anthro near me to see it in person. It looks super cute on you and I love it paired with the looping lanes dress.

  7. Thanks for the reviews! That belt really is a staple-piece, and the Blooming Lattice cardi is so cute on you - it's at the tippy top of my wishlist at the moment!

  8. When I was in Cali visiting my brother and SIL in March and went to 5 different Anthro stores, Newport Beach was my favorite. The SA's are SO nice and helpful so I doubt they mind you :-) I have that fear too of the stores here that I frequent!
    I love the Blooming Lattice Cardi & Aniseed skirt pairing - here's hoping they both go on sale Tuesday!

  9. @Sara - I ended up getting a Small. I could've really taken either one, but I just liked the way the Small fit/looked better than the Medium. Here's a photo of me in the Medium, in Green:

    Pardon my freaky face, lol. Kinda "frumpier"-looking in the Medium though, right?

    @Tara & Jesspsh & shira - Haha, yes...I love the colors of the Aniseed skirt, but the silhouette freaks me out a little. Not to mention the little front pleat-thing. Maybe I'll go back to the NB store and give it another try...

    @Tien & Yvonne - Thank you! =D I had wanted the In a Twinkling Dress to work on me and was sad when it was just too itchy for me, so I think this dress might be my "Twinkling" dress. I just love the embroidery on the bodice!

    @Jan - I had to grab the Blooming Lattice cardi after I saw that all the Smalls in Navy were sold out online. They didn't even have them on the floor at NB, I had to have her pull it from the back!

    @Kim - It makes me feel so much better knowing you feel that way about SAs too! I always feel bad because I used to work retail. Btw I LOVED your pairing of the Blooming Latice cardi with the In a Twinkling - SOOO gorgeous on you!! Fingers crossed for Tuesday price adjustments!

  10. I was just at the Newport Beach Anthro yesterday. The SA's are among the nicest I've ever encountered, and sooo friendly!! It's funny you're not feeling the Aniseed Skirt because I was just thinking it looks so much better on you than me. The drape on you is quite nice!! Oh, the blooming lattice cardigan!! I can't get enough of it. That first it!!

  11. I spend many a lunch hour in Anthro so don't feel bad. : ) You all are forcing me to get that Blooming Lattice Cardigan now...I can't wait any longer!

  12. I love the dress on you. It looks so adorable on you. What size is the Looping Lanes belt you have on?

  13. I love that the looping lanes belt is so versatile! I almost broke my ban and bought that on Mother's Day, but the medium felt too small and the large felt too big.

    I'm LOL at your apology to the NB Anthro SA's. I feel the same way at J Crew at SCP. There's a male SA at J Crew that always notices me when I come in and he's so helpful, but I wonder if he thinks I have no life as I spend all my lunch hours in the J Crew dressing room. And many times, I've walked in in head-to-toe crew and I feel so sheepish!

  14. Lovely outfit with the Blooming Lattice Cardi and the Aniseed skirt. Would you let us know how tall you are? I'm wondering what the exact length of the Aniseed skirt is and where it would fall on someone who is 5"8. Thanks!

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