Friday, May 21, 2010


Happy Friday, everyone!  Hoping you're all doing well.  We're winding down an eventful week and gearing up for more eventfulness for next week (Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale starts next Wednesday - we'll do a run-up post on Monday or Tuesday...).  Does the shopping never end?  (I'm sure my husband wonders this everyday...multiple times a day...)

Here are some OOTDs in the meantime.  I finally found a Sidestep Skirt, which I've been dying for, since seeing Kim, Maria, and other bloggers wearing it.  I got this one on EA's Trade Market (thanks Roxy for hosting this, and thanks Shilpa for selling yours!).  This is my "channeling Emma Pilsbury and Kathryn" outfit:

Cardigan: Blooming Lattice Cardigan, size: XS, Anthropologie (sold out online but available in stores)
Skirt: Sidestep Skirt (similar here and here)
Belt: Croc-embossed skinny belt, Benetton (about 10 years old - similar here and here)
Shoes: Linea Paolo navy kitten-heeled pumps (Nordstrom, winter 2009. Similar here and here)

Kathryn sent me these photos, saying, "It's boring.  Meh."  I opened the photos and thought, "What is she talking about???  Man, I can show you boring.  I think you'll agree with me, that this outfit is far from "meh":

Dress: Maeshowe Shirtdress - Anthropologie, Winter 2009 (similar here)
Cardigan: Gap (similar here)
Boots: Jessica Simpson, super old (similar here, here and here)

What are your plans for the weekend?  Anything fun lined up?  (i.e. Opportunities to wear sale finds?)


  1. I love both you guys' OOTDs!!! Kathryn's outfit is far from boring- love the color ^^
    And thanks for reminding me to wear my Sidestep skirt more often- I love that thing to bits!!!

  2. Aw, now I'm even MORE sad I missed out on Kathryn's dress...sigh....

    I'm thinking my daughter's 2nd birthday this weekend would be a perfect opportunity to wear my new ($20!!) Anna Sui Country Fair dress...never mind that it's circus-y, and the party is Whale themed...

  3. That cardi looks so great on you, Carol! I had to return mine in green because I just couldn't find the right things to wear with it. I was so sad about returning it tho.

    This weekend I'm going to take my engagement pics. I wrote about it on my blog but both outfits I'm wearing will be Anthro buys. One's the horizon dress, the other the beda dress. Can't wait! The forecast calls for scattered showers here in Seattle (surprising huh???) but I'm hoping it'll clear up 2 hours for us. :)

  4. I LOVE reading your blog. You two are so darling and fun! NOt to mention great writers. All your posts are like a present I can't wait to open. So I finally bought the do-si-so skirt yesterday at the sale (my second time back) and I'm wearing it tonight on a date with the hubs. I thought it was cute at $118, but SO MUCH cuter at $29.95. Daughter is turning 9 and we're decorating paper mache houses! it's a HOUSE party. haha. Will probably whip out the double buckle red/white polka dot belt I bought at the sale, cause it's fun. reminds of sprinkle on a cake. hope your weekend is fabulous!

  5. Carole: Love this outfit! We're style twins today. I'm wearing my blooming lattice and a skirt ;) Love Kathryn's dress. So so far from meh!!

  6. Carol-Don't be surprised if you see me wearing your outfit on my blog sometime in the next few weeks...I love it!

    Kathryn-You could never be boring even if you tried! Any Anthro dress+Looping Lanes Belt=Perfection :)

  7. I want that skirt badly too, I've been trying to resist temptation and not look at the Trade Market - which clearly, was a mistake! You look cute as a button, Carol!

    And I love that dress Kathryn! It looks great with those fabulous boots!

  8. You guys both look so cute! Everytime I come to your blog, I wish I had a best friend to blog about clothes with!! So fun!

  9. Um Carol - I hope you don't mind, but I'm totally going to copy your outfit! I love it - you look darling. I'll of course give ya all the credit ;-)
    Kathryn is FAR from boring - I love the outfit, and omg I HAVE those boots. She's given me inspiration to break them back out!

  10. @Tara - I love mine too! I'm so glad to have finally found one!

    @Patti - $20 Anna Sui! Awesome score! And happiest of birthdays to your little one!

    @Cindi - aw, too bad about the green Blooming Lattice. I'm going to wait for it to go on sale (if it ever does) before I get the BL in green. I thought the navy would be a little easier to style. So exciting about the engagement photos! I don't know if you ever saw Danni's photos ( but they are wonderful! Good luck with yours! I'm sure you'll look beautiful!

    @Molly - thanks so much for your kind words! Hope you and the husband had a great time. =) And happy birthday to your daughter! (Love the House Party idea!)

    @Cat - yay! (style twins!)

    @Sara and Kim - oh, you should totally feel free to copy the outfit. =D Goodness knows you've both inspired my outfits! (You'd have no idea how mint green anything jumps out at me, these days, hahaha!)

    @Jan - thanks! If I see another one, I'll let you know. ;)

    @Peggy - aw, thanks so much! It IS so fun!