Saturday, May 22, 2010

Please Anthro, Stop It (My Wallet Needs a Break...New Arrivals and Fitting Room Reviews)

Good Saturday, everyone!  Hope the start of this weekend finds you all happy and well.  I just spent the last half hour recovering from a not-quite-full-blown-migraine (thank God for Excedrin) and catching up on the latest updates on my blogroll - and can I say, I'm not sure what I was doing with myself before I discovered all of you?  Really, I feel like finding this community is one of the most delightful things I've ever come across in my life.  Thanks for being so...well, you.

All right - enough of that sort of heartfelt emotion for now.  Onto a different type.  I know - in my head and if I'm very honest with myself, in my heart too - I know that it will always be the case that Anthropologie will continue to churn out beautiful, covet-worthy dresses, tops, sweaters, and skirts, non-stop.  But does anyone else feel like it'd be nice if they'd just give us a little break?  I mean really, couldn't they just go for a couple of months - a whole season, even - and give us a bunch of duds?  The sort of things where we walk into the store or peruse the website, and think, "meh."  "Not so much."  Or in my case, "Oh, thank the heavens!  My credit card balance will actually get a rest this month!"

(Yes, sometimes, Anthro will induce me to erm, add to a balance I'd otherwise be paying off.)

And if we're really doing the full-disclosure thing, here, it's killing me!  What's with all these weekly new arrivals?  Couldn't they just do them monthly?  I mean, just to start, my list of "Oh, I really really really want that" items include the Doubly Dapper Dress, the Rock Slide Skirt, and the strange Mystery Dress by Maeve reviewed by British Anthropologi(e)st.  Also, Roxy and Rosa both look incredible in the Perilla Dress, which intrigues me to no end....

Sigh.  And then there are the things I tried on, yesterday:

Here's the Circle the Globe Skirt ($68) that has been the object of much excitement, since Kathryn reviewed it a couple days ago.  I found it at the Carlsbad store, and tried it on.  The zero fit me well, so the smallish shouldn't be sized out, as some feared.  (I say smallish, because I've been indulging in high-fat foods lately, and can see the evidence of it, in my waistline.  And, there are some readers who are seriously teeny-tiny.  They may still be sized out, but hopefully, not badly, because the skirt's waist is elastic).

This is the Geometric Cluster Blouse ($88), which I picked up thinking that the teal-toned accents might pair well with the teal Circle the Globe skirt.  I tried on the size 2, and found the top surprisingly snug - remember, I'm not the best-endowed, when it comes to chest-size.  Then again, I did eat 2 dinners the other night (how could I resist the yummy tacos my husband brought home, after the quick and unexciting instant ramen-dinner I'd had earlier in the evening?) so maybe that's what it was.  Still, I tend towards smaller on top, so I'd say that this top might run a little on the smaller end.  It has removable straps and a tie-sash in the back (see photo above right) and closes with a side-zip.  

I wanted to try out the Aniseed Skirt ($128 - sold out online but still available in store), after seeing Kathryn's and Cat's photos of it.  I've got on the size 2, and I think I could have safely sized down to the 0 on this one, so I want to say it may run a little large.  I didn't think it was terrible, but I really didn't love it on me (relief!) so I'm not going to waste a lot of time pining after it.  Still, if it went on sale, I might think about it...well, maybe if it was on a second reduction and still around.  Okay, okay, I'll pass on this one entirely (must remember what Tim Gunn says...).

This is the Oratory Dress ($98) by Maeve, and it immediately caught my eye on its hanger with its easy and pretty style.  I feel like it's a more summery and trimmer version of the All Seasons Dress, and I really like it.  This will make a wonderful addition to my spring/summer repertoire, and here in San Diego, it should be fine in the fall with a cardigan and boots too.  I'm wearing an XS, and this dress is a pull-on style - no buttons or zips.  Notice the elastic paneling in the photo below - this is what allows the dress to hug you and still be pull-on:

The waist-line is just begging for a cute belt to accompany it, don't you think?  I paired it with a cardigan ($98, Maeve, not yet available online) below, and look how cute it is:

The dress is also available in gray:

I'm not sure what color I should get it in?  Thoughts?  The orange is a little "Hello, I'm a traffic cone!"-bright, but the gray is a little on the washing-me-out side, if I'm not wearing something over it.  Advice?

I'm wearing the Chinaberry Shrug ($39.95, reduced from $68).  The color caught my eye, and then the strange, drape-y shape, so I thought, why not try it on?  As you can see, it's not terrible - on someone small like myself, it's less of a shrug and more of a cropped jacket/cardi.  The back is bewildering...with it's strange peek-a-boo lace insert.  I guess it lends interest to an otherwise average garment.

Kathryn will tell you that when I saw the Fresh Current Dress, ($158) I was immediately put off by the fact that it's a somewhat mediocre knock-off of a Marc Jacobs dress that I'd been coveting for a while.  Still, this version is hundreds of dollars less than the original MJ one (as are most knock-offs) and to be less mean, the colors really drew me in.  I went in with an open(ish) mind, and was willing to give it a good review.  I'd say that while the dress wasn't awful, it certainly didn't take my breath away.  I'm wearing a 2, and I'd say it's fairly true to size.  I felt that the neckline was unflattering to me, somehow - and the bodice felt strangely big, though I couldn't really pinpoint how or where.  Not sure what the deal was with that, and I know that's not terribly helpful.  The colors didn't work with my own coloring quite like I hoped they might, but then, the lighting in Anthropologie fitting rooms can be a bit wonky.  Still, this dress was a definite pass for me, even without my pre-existing bias.  The MJ version is now sold out, but as you can see, Girls From Savoy pretty much straight ripped off the design, and the MJ back ruffle is so awesome!  It almost makes me mad to see how badly GFS did it:

Marc Jacobs Brocade Pleated Sundress

This last one - the Eyeleted Islands Dress, ($158) - has been reviewed by other bloggers, but the ruffled bib made me smile, so I decided to give it a try.  This spaghetti-strapped dress was really cute on, I thought - it nipped in my waist so nicely, and gave me an almost hourglass-ish shape, which was fun.  The color is very slimming, I thought, without the starkness of black.  I'm wearing a 2, and I'd say this dress is TTS.  I really liked the ruffled bib and I really liked the eyeleted skirt (see the detail photo below), but I did sort of feel that maybe both together were a bit much.  I'd have preferred if the skirt had a more subtle adornment, if it had any at all, or vice versa.  Anyway, it's still a very pretty dress, so I wouldn't say no, if someone offered me one.  Will I buy it on my own at full price?  Probably not.  If it went on sale?  Very possibly.


  1. ooooo I love love love that skirt! a lot of cute dresses too : )

  2. I need to stop reading these blogs if I wanna keep up my shopping ban that I just broke last Tuesday. Love these reviews! I wishlisted all 3 of those dresses! I like the orange Oratory dress on you. And with that oh so cute cardi...*sigh

    I think you're right when you say Anthro needs to stop churning out these lovelies! They should wait 2, 3 months so I won't feel the need to buy something. Plus, give my husband a break from thinking I can't keep my shopping ban promises! (Which I can't and he knows!)

    Someone commented on Roxy's Weekend in-store post that Anthro is doing more markdowns this Thursday in anticipation for Memorial day weekend! Holy Moses! Help me!

  3. I saw that same cardigan that is not online yet in the store today. It is very cute and they showed it over a rust colored tee with pleating in the front. I don't think the tee is online yet either. Had to run past it since the purpose of being in the store was to do some returns for things that didn't work out.

    The orange dress looked great on you.

  4. My favorite is definitely the beautiful, nameless Maeve cardigan- it looks like it would go with so much, and it reminds me of something...idk..Turkish Delight?

  5. Carole: Does anything look bad on you? You look too cute for words in both colors of the Oratory Dress. That design really flatters you. Ditto for the last dress. More reviews please :)

  6. I think the way you combined the Oratory dress with the "unknown" cardigan is great. I love the look of the too and will have to try them out myself.

  7. I like the orange dress! And you're right, I can totally picture wearing it in the fall out here in San Diego with a cardigan and tall brown boots! I may have to pick it up on sale!

  8. I have no idea which color of the Oratory dress I prefer! They both are great colors! Which did you end up with?
    I totally want to pull the trigger on FP for this dress bc I fear that by the time it hits sale, I won't have time left in the WI summer to wear it! I may end up picking it up for the weekend. Anthropologie needs to take a breather already! Too many cute things too fast!!! UGH!

  9. Isn't this why we are all addicted to Anthro? I love the orange dress on you with the mystery dress.

  10. I also hope anthro takes a break from producing pretty things...well, at least after I use my birthday discount in June :)

    I love the orange Oratory dress on you! The grey is also nice, but I love bright "I look like a traffic cone" colors!

  11. Orange, all the way. You look great in it and it's so much happier than the gray.

    Also, Why, Why, Why did you have to post that MJ dress? I'm in love with it now too. The lines of the ruffles just flow so beautifully.

  12. Love the orange Oratory dress on you - I am a huge orange fan, and I never think traffic cone. Ever. In fact, the only time I think poorly of orange is when it's paired with camo and worn in the woods. Really, it's such a happy color for Summer, and it looks great on you!

    I decided to try the Circle the Globe skirt after I saw your review, so cute! I ordered the teal, and hope it fits (a heck of a lot) better then the poplin skirt I tried from Lands End Canvas. I'm glad to see the length on petite little you. And your waist? It's keeping your two dinners a secret, you are TEENSY!

  13. I think I prefer the orange dress over the grey. That grey just looks so drab. Oh and I think the Eyeleted Island dress looks lovely on you too. It's so flattering.

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  15. Thanks for your comments, everyone! I think I'll definitely go with the orange, per your suggestions.

    @Bronzi - I'm so impressed by your strength of will! I seem to be completely unable, on some sub-molecular level to walk into an Anthropologie store and not browse. (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it).

    @Tara B. - I love that cardi too! It's still not on the website, but you're absolutely right about it going with so many things. I want it, but at $98, am hesitating. $98 is just so much for a cardigan right now...

    @Cat - aw, you're so nice! Right back at you, though. ;)

    @Pamela - oh, let me know how it works out for you, if you do get it. I can't wait to see how you style it!

    @Jan - oh, I hope the Circle the Globe fits you well. =) It's such a great skirt and such a pretty color.

    @Diana D - LOL! Sorry! I know, it's just too beautiful, isn't it? The other dress falls so flat, in comparison. Sigh...