Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slummin' It - Five Seconds in H&M, A Snoozefest OOTD and Winning a Giveaway

First off - shout out to Ashley at Anthropologie Girl - THANK YOU for your amazing giveaway!!! I LOVE this Rococo Chalkboard! I can't use enough capital letters and punctuation to express how awesome this thing is. It arrived last week, and I decided to put it up at work. I supervise several part-time employees, so this comes in really handy for leaving them notes.

(I love signing notes as, "The Boss." It appeals to my megalomaniac tendencies. Mwahaha.)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ASHLEY!!!

I have a couple quick reviews from H&M that I never posted from last week. I seriously only had about five minutes in the dressing room, as I'd promised the hubby that I wouldn't take too long. I had a few things I had to "just try."

This dress reminds me of Leifsdottir's Lafayette Dress, but with a retail price of $34.95 instead of $278. Of course, it's not nearly as nice as Leifsdottir's, but it's a fun dress, no? I had a 6 to try on, but I'd need an 8. (I couldn't quite get the 6 zipped all the way up) Such is the way with H&M, I guess...

So this little pink number reminds me vaguely of Anthropologie's Everywhere Dress - but again, with a $34.95 price tag instead of $138. I'm thinkin' there must be something about this shape and cut that's really big this season. (I want to say I had on a M) Between the bright red color of the Everywhere Dress and the pale pink color of this H&M dress, I think I prefer the Everywhere Dress. As much as I love pink, I think it's a little too pale for my skin tone. Still a cool piece though!

I'll leave off with my boring OOTD from Monday. I was reminded why I never wear this tank top when my husband asked me what time the next gondola was departing from port. The taunting didn't end there. ("You could grab your beret and draw a mustache on yourself and be French!") (And then of course, there was the whistling of the theme from "Popeye the Sailor Man")

Sigh. Kathryn = FAIL.

Scarf: Lovequotes Linen/Viscose
Striped Tank top: American Eagle (similar here)
Cardigan: Nordstrom Brass Plum, circa 2008? (similar here and here)
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Me Too "Lulu" Flats
Headband: Oh, Hello Friend

Oh well. What can I say? I was tired that morning.


  1. awh, come on, you look fantastic, even in the 'gondoliere' outfit ;)
    very nice dresses, always love h&m,
    have a great one!

  2. ha! I've heard my share of comments from Mr. M, myself, so I can relate. Men...what do they know?! I think the outfit is CUTE! I love striped tops and the pretty color of the scarf looks great with it.

    I LOVE the way the chalkboard is displayed! What a great idea!!!

  3. What?? I love the ootd- I think it's so simple yet chic! The H&M tube dress looks like a win, too! sigh...If only *I* had the hoo haas to hold up a strapless dress....

  4. I think you look casual but chic. And I love stripes myself and have a TON of them.

  5. oh silly husbands. My DH does the same about many of my outfits. I think you look great. I love stripes, boyfriend cardigans, ballet flats and bright scarves! You have all the elements of a chic outfit!

  6. That looks like a perfect "San Francisco in July" kind of outfit!

  7. Awesome chalk board!!!! It's seriously cute and has a function? Forget about it!

    I actually really like the strapless on you its pretty cute. The pink one.... there's just something that's off, but I can't put my finger on what it is.

    The last one is Cara Van Le right? Well minus the slouch boots.

  8. Congrats on winning that chalkboard!
    I love that first H&M Dress on you - sooo pretty!

  9. Shame on dh! Lol. You look adorable in your OOTD, and I really love that H&M dress on you, too!

  10. You are TOO cute in your OOTD! I am inspired to wear stripes tomorrow to work. :P

    I love H&M style, it just doesn't love me. Plus, I hate having to size up to an 8 or 10 at that store. I'm so vain when it comes to that stuff.

  11. Wow, I love that light pink H&M dress! I wish I'd seen that when I was at the H&M in Chicago a couple of weeks ago.

  12. Kathryn- I love that you posted this (the chalkboard looks so cute)! I am beyond thrilled that you like it. And I also love that you sign notes- The Boss, I think that I am going to have to start that :).