Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunrise Everywhere - Anthro Fitting Room Reviews (Part Two)

Hello again!

We're back, with Part Two of our latest Anthro fitting room reviews.

Sunrise and Midnight Dress ($188)

Carol: I'm wearing a size 2 in this dress. It made me think of an edgy (because of the color) dress-version of the Openwork Vines skirt. It fit well everywhere, which makes me think that if you have a larger chest than me, you might want to size up. The zipper sticks at the waist - really really hard to get up on your own. Otherwise, very cute, but not really me. Not to mention, I have nowhere to wear something this dramatic. If you do, please share, as I am happy to live vicariously through the photos and stories of others. ;)

Kathryn: I really like this dress. I like it more than I should, which is bad because I need to be talked out of buying it. I feel like it's sweet yet still sexy-ish, without being obscene. I have on a size 4, and it pulled a bit across my hips but fit across my chest just fine. (And I'm totally gonna do that Special K two-week challenge, so with that and a little exercise I should be able to fix the hip thing, right? Right???) I agree with Carol - the zipper is a little bit of a pain, but I still love the detailing and the pretty color, as well as the length. I have a couple of weddings to attend this year, so I'd be able to put this dress to good use.

I have this weird fear, when it comes to dressing up for occasions. I'm always afraid of showing up in the same dress as someone else. I'm serious. I'm so irrational about it that whenever I get all dressed up to go to a special event - whether it's a wedding or a charity function, etc. - I always bring an extra dress or two with me in the car. I've gotten better about it recently. (as in, now I only bring one dress instead of two or three) But still. Yeah. I'm weird like that.

So wouldn't this dress be great to have, as part of my traveling-special occasion wardrobe?? *smileyface* In all seriousness, my wallet can't handle the full price of this dress, so I'm wishlisting this dress for a sale.

Everywhere Dress ($138)

Carol: I love the way this dress is built - I love the shape of the pockets and the skirt...it's just so cool! But I don't love the top half of it - it's exactly like a robe! I'm wearing an XS and the bottom half fit fine, I thought, but the top half was huge. I had to carefully position the folds of the neckline in order to avoid having a wardrobe malfunction in the photo. If you're petite and short-waisted, you may want to look elsewhere than this dress. Which, in a word, is disappointing, because...well, it's a really great dress otherwise. There's a trick with the belt - when you get the dress on (it's pull-on style) just grab the ends of the belt and pull it forward, around to the front, then tie. They don't seem like they're going to be long enough at first, but they're oddly elastic, so just go for it.

Kathryn: I'm so glad Carol was with me in the dressing room when I tried this dress on, because the belt confused the crap out of me. I have on a S and once I figured out the whole belt scenario, I really liked it. It's the kind of simple, minimalistic type of dress I tend to go for. But even though it's simple, it's got enough "pizazz" to make it interesting. I just adore the color (though I think the color is actually what threw off my camera phone photos, making them look so yellow, haha!) And the style is so fun and super, suuuper comfortable. One nitpick I have is the huge armholes, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. Honestly, it's another dress I'd buy right now if I could afford to. Wishlisted!

Here is the Know the Ropes Dress ($148), which I've been intrigued by ever since I saw British Anthropologi(e)st review it. I saw all the lukewarm reviews of this dress on the website, and I wondered how I'd feel about it, in real life. Well, I really liked it on. I loved how the lines of the fabric's print angle in to give you a nipped-in waist, and enjoy the asymmetry of the shoulder straps. In my mind, this dress looks very Scottish to me...hahaha, can't you see a denizen of Brigadoon possibly sporting this little number? At any rate, I did think the price on this item was a little high - I didn't really love the feel of the fabric, and if it goes on sale, I'd consider it (Tim Gunn-in-my-mind is looking at me a little reprovingly at this moment), but otherwise, it's a pass.

The Subcontinent Dress ($148) is not the sort of thing I would wear or even try on, usually. It's a little too exotic-and-showy for my tastes (though I can think of a friend or two who could seriously rock this dress, given the opportunity). Once on, I sort of thought it was okay - I liked the band of gold sequins at the waist, and there's an on-trend exposed zipper in the back, but still nothing I'd write home about. At least, until I turned to the side to check out the back. Whoa! Um...okay, I know I'm not a girl with a small rear, but uh...that's not all me. Yeah - crazy bunching action in the back, and no amount of adjusting and tugging and pulling changed it. Not sure if it was just this one dress with this issue or if they're all cut this way, but just a heads-up, ladies. The dress may add some instant junk-in-the-trunk.

Here are the Sure Lock Dress ($128) and the Two Paths Trench ($188). I tried the Sure Lock (haha, love the pun!) on in my normal size two, and it fit fine everywhere, aside from being an eensy bit big in the bodice - no surprise, due to my small chest size - so I'd say this one was true to size. While being just fine for what it is, I found this dress fairly uninspiring. Maybe it was the blah color? I did like the jaunty bow on the shoulder strap...but then again, I like that sort of detail - also really liked the funny little cluster of crocheted grapes on the Monukka Dress (review here) that everyone else found silly. =) But okay, here's why I'm wearing the Two Paths Trench - obviously, this is not a new arrival - it's been around for what seems a super long time now. In fact, it's due for a sale, I think, considering the warming weather trends and the fact that this coat is, actually, rather heavy! I tried it on, because I've been looking for a trench coat, and having little success...everything I've tried on so far seemed
to overwhelm my petite frame. The Shoofly Trench (review here) was a disaster on me. In this photo with the Two Paths, I'm wearing a size 0, so it's about as small as it's going to get. The sleeves were a tad long, but it fit okay everywhere else. Here's my question - does it make me look hippy? Is there too much volume, due to the tiers at the bottom of the coat, around my hips, or is it okay? If it goes on sale (and that will be a requirement before I'm able to buy this, because as aforementioned in a previous post, I blew through my April and May clothing budget...all back in April), should I get it?

Kathryn here! Personally, I'm loving that Two Paths Trench on Carol and I'm selfishly hoping I can squeeze my size 4-6 body into that trench so that we can consider it for co-ownership. I've been looking for a good trench! Fitting into a size 0 is probably too much to ask for, though...

I'll finish off this post with my simple little OOTD. I found this little polka-dot blouse at H&M the other day, looking for the Bird Skirt that Tara and Sara (hey, that'd be a great name for a band!) both have. I didn't have any luck on the skirt, but I thought this blouse reminded me of a "ghetto" version of the Picture Frame Blouse, at a fraction of the price at $19.95. I thought it was a nice complement to my Thousand Days skirt, in a kind of "Maria-y," "Tien-y" sort of way.

Detail of the blouse:

Here's what the camera didn't catch...the shooz, another H&M find:

  • Blouse: H&M ($19.95)
  • Belt: Snakebite Belt in Brown, Anthropologie
  • Skirt: Thousand Days Skirt
  • Shoes: H&M ($34.95...similar here and super-pricey option here)
Okee dokee. Off to continue planning Rowan's birthday party. If everything works out (and I really hope it does!), it should look like a video game, come-to-life. Fingers crossed.


  1. Ah, I enjoyed this and your last set of side-by-side reviews; too cute and funny. And helpful as well!

    Carol, the Two Paths trench does not make you look hippy at all! In fact I was thinking before my eyes went down to the review that the coat was giving you a really nice shape and was super flattering.

    Kathryn -- Ha, I am kind of the same way about not wanting to show up in the same outfit as anybody else, although I've never thought to carry a change (or changes) of clothes in the car! When I planning what to wear for my office xmas party, I had a bunch of Anthro dresses I was considering, but then I went with a vintage piece at the last moment and I was glad I did because I counted 15, 16 women (that I noticed out of a 1000 person party) wearing Anthropologie dresses (I guess they are popular around the holidays :)).

    Oh, and for the birthday party, you should consider baking/ordering video-gamed themed cupcakes! I made some Super Mario Brothers cupcakes for my boyfriend for xmas and my little cousin was around while I was baking and insisted that I bake him a batch later for his bday as well :)

  2. Carol - I LOVE the Know the Ropes dress on you! Of all that you tried on, it's my absolute fav. I adore the lines on it and I think it's really flattering. It's actually almost "burberry-ish!" You should definitely consider it. I think the two paths trench is adorable on you - definitely not hippy.

    And how much do I love these side by side reviews? They are great - especially because I think I'm a mix of both of you in terms of sizing. LOL!

  3. Carol: The trench does not make you look hippy - good God if it did, what would that mean for the rest of us!? I can't recommend that coat enough, I love mine to bits.
    The Know the Ropes Dress looks great on you and I love it with the belt!

    Kathryn: The Sunrise and Midnight Dress looks great on you! And I totally get the panicking about whether or not someone is going to have the same dress as you at functions. That's how I justify buying nice vintage dresses!

  4. Kat: Easy solution to the somewhere wearing the same dress as you, accessorize the heck out of it! You can totally change the look of an outfit with different accessories... also maybe alter it a little? Something easy that'll make it totally different.

    Carol: Love the trench coat, even if it got the inspector Gadget song stuck in my head! LOL

  5. Oh, no side by side in the same pictures today? You guys look great in the Sunrise and Midnight dress! It reminds me of the yellow Lacemaker skirt from last year. I did buy this dress for my 20th high school reunion (yes, I'm exposing my age, eeks!) but like Kathryn, I am scared someone is going to be wearing it. I may find something else since there is 1 store in my old hometown.

    Carol: Love the Sunrise and Midnight, Know the Ropes, Subcontinent (except bunching behind) and Two Paths on you! I keep blowing my self made budget and I don't think I can stop!

    Kathryn: You should get the Sunrise and Midnight dress! And I guess you'll have to get another new dress (plenty of great ones on sale today!) as your back up dress. Love your OOTD.

  6. I've been coveting the Sunrise and Midnight dress from the website, and cursing the fact that strapless and I don't go together so well, so one of you must buy it (even if you wait for a sale) so that I can live vicariously through you!

    And Carol! The Know the Ropes dress is perfect on you! It's really too bad you don't like the fabric, but I say that even though it looks great, how the dress feels when on is a big deal and you should go with your gut. Unless your gut says you look hippy in the trench b/c then your gut would be wrong! =)

  7. I say go for the two paths trench- I own it and it's so pretty and versatile; plus it's on SALE and that just makes everything better!!

  8. Carol - Sunrise & Midnight looks just fabulous on you.

  9. Kathryn-Don't be surprised if you see me wearing something similar to your OOTD soon! Too cute!

  10. The Sunrise & Midnight dress looks great on *both* of you. Ok - wishlisted. I also love the Everywhere Dress, b/c it looks comfortable yet still stylish.

    Kathryn - I have that fear too, but hadn't ever thought of bringing a change of clothing. Now that you mention it though... ;) Seriously - my sister visited SF from Boston for Xmas, and we both wore almost the exact same outfit to a family party - red cardi over a dress, belted at the waist with boots, like we came from the same elf factory, lol. Of course it was the holidays, so everyone had a camera to preserve it for posterity. The fear is not unfounded.

    Carol - that trench should be yours! It's aces in fit and proportion, not hippy at all. Also - wow, what a difference between the Shoofly and the Two Paths. It's like you went through a Tim Gunn before and after transformation.

  11. I love your polka-dot blouse! It IS Maria-y, because I want it :) You guys are so sweet!

  12. I love the blouse and wedges you got from h&m!! You're ootd is super cute!

    Were the shoes a recent purchase? Which h&m (I'm also in the LA) did you get the shoes and blouse from? Love your blog!

  13. Kathryn... you're going to laugh... I have the Bird Skirt! I got it in March though... no luck at South Coast?