Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweet Peas-in-a-Pod (Side-by-side Fitting Room Reviews, Part 1)

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great Monday. Kathryn came down to San Diego on Friday, to help me prep for Rowan's birthday party, but of course, when you get the two of us together, you know we just can't resist indulging in our favorite past-time! We went to Fashion Valley to "just look" and do some fitting room reviews. You'll see from these reviews, that I had a "last hurrah" before heaving myself back on the wagon (I've been "sober" now for two days! Whoo! "One day at a time," right?)

We started by stopping by Nordstrom, because I wanted to hunt down the 3.1 Phillip Lim tee ($85) I mentioned a couple posts ago. I found it, and grabbed the army color (which I want) in a S, and the white/red color in an XS for size. Here are Kathryn and I both wearing this top.

In the photo at the left, Kathryn is wearing the S (army color) and I'm in the XS (white). I liked the army color better, so tried on the S, which can see in the photo on the right is way too big on me. I'll need to have Kelly order it for me in XS, as there weren't any in the store. Also, take a look at the skirt I'm wearing. It's the Leifsdottir Draped Knit Tulip Skirt in a size 2. I really liked how soft and comfortable this skirt is (feels like you're wearing an old, beloved, broken-in t-shirt), and felt like it was comparable to the Nanette Lepore Ghost Ship skirt I reviewed a while ago, while being half the price. Hmm...can you see the wheels turning in my head?

Kathryn here! After seeing how cute the Vintage Dots Skirt looked on Carol, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I have on a 6 for the photo, and it fit me like a glove. Oh man. It's SO cute on, but at $'s a leeeeetle steep for my blood, at this time. Dear Fairy Godmother, may I pleeease have this pretty skirt in my closet?

Ah, but then - as if my heart didn't hurt enough - there was THIS skirt:

This skirt is called the "Red Petals" skirt, and it's not online, as far as I can tell. The UPC (or sku?) is #884115054123, and it retails for...*gulp*...$228. I have on the 6 and Carol has the 2, and we both love it. The colors and the texture of the fabric and all the little details (copper-colored inner button?!) are so pretty . I was yearning to take this skirt home with me, even with my pattern-phobic tendencies. It's very versatile and perfect for summer. However, spending $228 on one little skirt just wasn't feasible for me. Sadface. I might ask Kelly to keep an eye on it for me, though. Until then, I'll continue to dream about this skirt and hope it winds up on sale someday.

Carol here - I also loved this skirt.  It fit really nicely, and I thought the print was really versatile - it's one of those little numbers you could wear with just about anything from a graphic tee to a button-down shirt or blouse...too much fun.  There are some really interesting diagonal pleats on the front of the skirt, which add interest, and a nice sheen to the fabric that lends itself to dressing up, if you so desire.  Another lovely but painfully-priced offering from Leifsdottir...

Okay, so Leifdsottir has its hits and its misses.  I think this top - the Canope Floral Blouse ($198) - qualifies as a gigantic miss.  Really?  What exactly was the look they were going for here?  Hmmm...I can't even think of anything appropriately snarky to say about it...just...ugh.  The print and color are cute.  If they'd used this fabric for a simple cami or even a sundress, it would have been just fine.  This top though, with it's strange "is-it-an-on-or-off-the-shoulder?" look is just a mess, not to mention unreasonably expensive.  Sorry, Leifsdottir!  At least you hit it out of the park this season with your skirts...

This is Diane von Furstenberg's "Jaelle" Dress ($365).  I grabbed it to try on, because I really liked the little buttons, ruching, and pleating on the bodice.  Those types of details always catch my eye.  And, I tend to wear dresses with defined waists and full skirts fairly well.  This summery dress was a little tricky to get on - the halter doesn't open, so you have to pull it on over your head, through the loop.  Which might explain the makeup that had rubbed off on the inside of the dress, from a previous customer's try-on.  Once on, it was okay.  Sort of "meh," I thought.  I thought that the dress managed to make my nearly-non-existent chest look...well, droopy, which is hardly flattering.  Still, there were moments, as I turned to check the dress out in the mirror, when I felt a little Marilyn-Monroe-ish, which isn't really a bad thing, right?  

Look forward to more side-by-side fitting room reviews from Anthropologie, in tomorrow's post!


  1. I can't wait to see what you both tried on at Anthropologie -- I just did my own fitting room post on Anthro items, and I wonder if you will be trying on any of the same items!

  2. My heart is hurting too. OH for the love of those CUTE SKIRTS!

  3. Oh that vintage dots skirt ... oh how lovely. I'm not sure if I love the yellow or blue more. So pretty.

  4. enjoyed checking all.... you also must enjoyed while doing all this.. isn't it???

  5. You girls are too cute when you do side by sides! I love that Red Petals skirt! And Kathryn needs to get the Vintage Dots skirt to play twins with Carol! Carol- the DVF dress looks pretty good on you, I think.

    Hope you both did your "philanthropic" duty ;o) and picked up a shirt. I'd like to represent, too, but staying strong with the shopping ban! 5 days "sober". Thanks Anthro for no sale today!

    Can't wait to see your side by side reviews!

  6. Great blog <3
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  7. Loving the skirts!!!! Also feeling like Marilyn can't be a bad thing ;)

  8. How much do I love the side-by-side reviews? Too much! I am loving that petals skirt as well - and you're totally right - it would go with everything, dress it up or dress it down.

    Carol - I actually like the DVF dress on you. Like you said, we are our own worst critics, but I think the dress is flattering!

  9. THat 3.1 top is gorgeous and the side by side reviews are the cutest idea!