Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweet Shoppe-in' Friends' Fitting Room Reviews and some OOTDs (Part One)

And we're back!

Hello all you pretty ladies! Sorry for the little break in posts. As Carol said, it's been a little nutty in Carol/Kathryn world, what with work and all the planning for little Rowan's 5th birthday party!

Carol happened to be passing through on her way back to San Diego on Thursday when she called me at work. I took the opportunity to treat myself to a late lunch, meeting her at the Fashion Island Anthropologie in Newport Beach. So these reviews are from our "lunch date" on Thursday.

Did we eat during our lunch meeting?

Hi everyone! Carol here. I want to start by apologizing for the inconsistent quality of the photos - the lighting in that fitting room was really awful and everything came out looking super yellow. I adjusted the colors a little, but I'm FAR from adept at anything photo-related, so I don't think it helped a whole lot. Anyway, it was super fun to do these fitting room reviews with Kathryn - the ones where we're wearing the same thing make me giggle everytime I see them.

I think one of the reasons it took so long to post these reviews is because it took me forever to stop laughing at the photos of me and Carol, side by side, in identical dresses. I think it actually took us a couple of tries to get decent photos because we were laughing so hard.

We thought it'd be fun to show what a few of these dresses look like, on different-sized people. I'm 5'8" and 130 lbs., and Carol is 5'2"110 lbs.

Kathryn: So here is the much-lusted after Sweet Shoppe Dress. For reference, I have on the 4 and Carol has on the 2. I think the title of the dress is quite apt, as it's a very sweet dress. Looking at the photos now, I'm not really a fan of the volume that the tiers of ruffles add to the bottom. The 4 fit me pretty snug on top, so I could imagine a bigger-chested girl would want to size up in this. Personally, I don't think this style suits me at all, but it's cute!

Carol: I LOVED this dress! I loved how slim I looked in it, how nice and substantial the fabric felt (it's not a cotton, but a rayon/nylon/spandex blend). The "origami" folds on the bodice are kind I have to say I was a little confused, because at first you sort of expect it to be pleating or ruching or some such, but...they're really a little funny and random. Still, they lend the bodice some interest, and I'd rather they were there, than not. I totally want to wear this dress to my son's birthday party this weekend, so I'm trying to figure out how to afford it - since to be truthful, I've blown through my April and May early April (darn those Anthropologie sales!).

Kathryn: I actually liked this dress too, though the proportions felt a little "off," for me personally. It's a lot longer than I expected it to be, and that's coming from someone who's 5'8". I don't think I'd mind the length so much if there was something a little more interesting at the bottom hem. I think the length could be easily altered to make it shorter. But for full price, I'd want my dress to be perfect. (I'm wearing a Small.)

Here's the Catmint Dress ($148). This dress, while very pretty on the hanger was less pretty on me, I think. I'm wearing it in a 2. On the website, it looks like a normally-waisted dress that would hit at my natural waist. Not so in real life - the waist was a little high, and it was awkwardly so - not quite empire, not quite natural-waist. Keep in mind too, I'm a short-waisted girl, so there's no reason for this to be the case. Maybe we should have had Kathryn (who is longer-waisted) try it on too, to test out my theory, but yeah...not so compelling, this one. Oh, and I also sort of felt like I was wearing a tablecloth. Or drapes. Pass...

Here is the oft-blogged Beda Dress ($118). I already have this in the white, of course, but when I saw it in the store in green, I felt like I had to try it on (I'm wearing a size 2). I love it. It's great. My only problem is, I don't think I can justify buying it because I 1) already own the dress in white and 2) own the Reed Shirtdress in green and own a Matruskha dress in green too. Sigh...if I'd known...well...I didn't. Anyway, lovely, lovely!

This is the Nexus Top ($68), which I thought was really pretty on, except for its overall poofiness. It's like the love-child of the Balletomane (that kind of meshy-fabric) and the Free-flow tank (that kind of tiering and volume). So...yes, poofy. I'm wearing the XS in this photo and the fit was good, true to size. I thought the neckline was really flattering, and the details nice. Like I said, my only issue was its poofiness. I might think about it, if it were on sale. But then I really want something that adds a good inch and a half to the front half of my profile? Hmmm...maybe not. We'll see...

The Newport Beach Anthropologie store had the Hanami Cropped Jacket ($88) layered over the Creative Outlet tank on a mannequin, and I thought it was so cute! I also thought it was the perfect cut and fabric for my mom - and geez, is she hard to shop for (Mother's Day is coming up). So, since she's about my height and we both have the same petite, short-waisted figure, I thought if it fit me well, it'd probably look cute on her too. I put it on, and liked it right away. It's the perfect length for me - though it will probably be much shorter on taller girls (hence the word "cropped" in its name) and I decided to get it for my mum, pale pink color notwithstanding. She doesn't wear a lot of pale pink nowadays (though she did wear it more when she was younger), so I think that might be the only issue for her with this jacket. Still, it's so pretty and light - the perfect topper for summer - I couldn't resist. Let's hope it goes over well. I'm wearing an XS in this - so, true to size.

Here's the Creative Outlet Tank ($58), in the pink. I'm wearing an XS, and I really really liked this top. If it had been priced at $48, like the Climbing Cowlneck or the Molded & Melded tees, I would have bought this on the spot. The price point gave me pause though, because it seemed pretty much in the same category and quality of t-shirt as the other two, but 20% more expensive. Hmm...definitely wishlisted for further consideration.

This is the Penciled Abronia Skirt ($88), which is currently sold out on Anthropologie's website. We found a few of these in the Newport Beach, CA store, so if you're looking for this, you can find it there. This is a size 4, as there were no 2s or 0s left - I think a 0 would not have fit me, though I may have been able to size down to a 2. The 4 fit fine, actually, so this skirt may run a bit smaller than the other Anthropologie skirts. I thought it was really pretty and well constructed, but found the print just a tad busy. It would definitely be easy to wear with other things - there are so many colors in this skirt. But I didn't love it, so it's a pass for me.

Anyway, here were our OOTDs for Thursday:

Here's a little more detail of the earrings (...and my face, unfortunately)

Carol here! I'm not quite sure why I was smiling quite so big here...I think Kathryn might have caught me close to a laugh - she's always saying funny things to me. Anyway, thanks for hanging in there with all of our goofiness in this post... =)

Cardigan: Jackie, Black, J. Crew
Top: Banana Republic, 2008? (similar here and here)
Skirt: Nanette Lepore, "Shellshock" Skirt, Nordstrom, Fall 2009 (similar here and here and here)
Tights: gray, Nordstrom
Shoes: "Sylvie Pump," Indigo by Clarks, Nordstrom, Fall 2009 (available here)

We'll be back with Part Two of our Anthro fitting room reviews soon!


  1. You guys are too cute in the Sweet Shoppe Dresses! That picture made me giggle!

  2. I have to second Sarah's comment, it really made me laugh! Makes me wistful for shopping with my friends :(
    Kathryn: I love your outfit of the day and the Origami Dress looks great on you, you could always have it taken up an inch or so if it hit the sales?
    Carol: The Sweetheart Dress is SO adorable on you! And the Hanami Jacket looks lovely, and not overtly pink, so I'm sure she'll really love it.

  3. Oh the side by side reviews are too impossibly cute - you two are both dolls!

    Carol - I am petite also, and really surprised at how great the Origami Dress works - so cute! Love the tank, and I think you got the better of the two Beda dresses - there is something about this one in the white that I LOVE. What a lovely Mother's Day gift for your mom - I hope my kids will be as good to me - lol.

    Kathryn - oh hush - you are beautiful! That OOTD and earrings are super pretty on you! I actually think you look great in both Anthro dresses as well - but good for the budget if you are able to pass and only buy what you love, love, love.

    Thanks to you both for the great reviews!

  4. Thanks so much for the great reviews - it really helps for those of us that don't get to go to the store much to try it on for ourselves. :) The pics with the 2 of you are too cute!

  5. you guys are so cute. i hope do the side by side comparison more often. its helpful to see the length and fit on different body types.

  6. Those pictures of the 2 of you are so cute! Have to say it made me giggle, too (in a good way). Those are great reviews and love both of ya'lls OOTD!

  7. Love both of your OOTD! I thought the side by side pictures were cute - even if you didn't both love the items you were trying.
    Carol, can I ask how comfortable the Clarks are? I missed out on the Miz Mooz Soho but the Sylvie looks very similar in design.

  8. OMG, the Tweedledum/Tweedledee pics are priceless (and I mean this in a positive way)! They made me lol.

    There are so many reviews here, thanks for posting them all. I saw the Sweet Shoppe Dress in-store, and while I loved the idea of it, the tiers looked like they would be too overwhelming on a petite frame. However neither of you looks totally overwhelmed, and it's a cute dress (if a bit twee). Thanks for the note about the fit at the chest too.

    Carol, I'm totally with you re: the pricing on the Creative Outlet Tank. Right? If it were $10 cheaper, I would've snagged it up immediately in the green.

    Kathryn, that MS OOTD dress is the best of 'em all. Those colors! The hem! I'm totally jealous.

  9. I'm glad you all enjoyed the photos - goodness knows we had a lot of fun taking them! I'm sure the Anthropologie employees were wondering what all the giggling was about in our fitting room...

    @BA - thanks! I'm glad you like the dress on me. I was fairly dubious about it myself, but it's certainly fun, isn't it?

    @Jan - oh, your boys are so adorable! I'm sure they'll always be good to you...though unless you train them at a young age to get you gift cards, you may be out of luck on the Anthro clothing gifting...maybe their gfs or wives will handle that? =) Mothers deserve really really nice presents. And that's just the truth.

    @Jeanne - the Clarks are okay...not super comfy, but I don't wear them out to Disneyland, if that tells you much. I have foot petals in the front of the shoe, to pad the balls of my feet. These are pretty much identical to the Miz Mooz shoes - I ended up buying these at the time because I had Nordstrom Notes for them...but yes, I love the way they look. =)

    @Diana - I think we're more likely to represent the Lollipop Guild than be Tweedledee & Tweedledum, myself. ;) Kathryn and I were saying how really, we felt the dress was a bit too young for us...though, I mentioned that even if I were in my early 20's, I don't know if it would have done a whole lot for me. Still, it's fun!

    Anyway, we'll take these "side by side" photos more often, if you feel they're helpful. =) Thanks for reading!

  10. Awww, the side-by-side reviews are so cute, and such a great idea! I love seeing the items on two different people with different body types! And Carol, I actually love the Catmint dress on you! It looks like it's empire waisted to me, but maybe it only looks that way in the photograph? I love the print and cut on you! The Sweet Shoppe dress is a little TOO twee for my personal tastes, but you two look so freaking adorable in it!

  11. Hi gals! First off let me say way cute OOTDs! I'm lovin both of them. The detail on the back of carol's skirt is sooo cute. Kat already knows I loved her outfit though :-P

    I wasn't a huge fan of either of the strapless dresses... kind of blasé for full price ;)

    I also gotta say not a huge fan of the Hanami Cropped jacket on the hanger but soooo cute on you Carol! Is the detailing a little too much to wear with patterned shirts though? It looks really cute.

  12. You two are adorable! Love the side by side fitting room reviews.

  13. The side by side reviews are extremely helpful, not to mention beyond adorable. This is a stellar post- I love Kathryn's OOTD, and the "my face, unfortunately" comment made me and my bf laugh out loud! (there's nothing unfortunate about your face!!)
    Of all the things reviewed, my faves were the Nexus top, the Hanami cropped jacket and the Abronia skirt on Carol. It's so sweet that you're getting your mom this jacket! However, I actually think it looks very, very pretty on *you*. It's extremely vintage and ladylike in structure, and flatters your petite frame perfectly. Seeing it on you has rocketed this jacket to the top of my wishlist (and I usually hate jackets).

  14. I'm telling you, these side by side reviews are so great!

    Ok, first off, Carol, I really think you should consider getting the Beda dress in another color. Seriously, the fit is fabulous on you and honestly, how many times does such perfection happen? Sorry to be an enabler, but next to the Beda, everything else look kinda "eh", KWIM?

    And Kathryn - you need to tell me what kind of makeup you use - your skin is flawless!

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