Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vappu. Vappu Very Much, Anthropologie.

O HAI, and Happy Sunday!

Greetings from SoCal, home of some seriously bipolar weather. I don't know what to wear from one day to the next.

So let's try on new some clothes!

Vappu Dress ($98)

Cat of Anthrosdottir reviewed this little number, as did Sara of You, Me & Anthropologie. I had actually gone into Anthro to try on another dress, and I happened to pull this one to "try, just try."

So, something happened when I put this dress on. I liked it. A lot. I can't even tell you why. No; that's a lie, this is a blog. So of course I'm going to tell you why. This dress felt really good, on. I had been harboring some disappointment over the In a Twinkling Dress and the yellow Circle the Globe Skirt, and it felt like all that sadness melted away when I put this on. What's funny is, I never wear yellow. And yet I loved the golden yellow of this dress, mixed with the cute and girlie bodice.

I'm also an inherently lazy person, so any article of clothing that doesn't make me have to think too much is welcome in my closet.

I tried on a size 4, after reading Sara's review (guessing that her "girls" are bigger than mine), and it fit me like a glove. Like Cat and Sara mentioned, the material is thinner than most Anthropologie dresses. That wasn't a deal-breaker for me, though. I could see the thinness of it coming in handy in the hot summer months.

I like it alot better with a belt. (I tried it on with the belt I'd worn into the store.) This dress makes me happy. Pricey at $98, but me likey. I feel like the seagulls in Finding Nemo. "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

Oratory Dress ($98)

So this is the dress I intended to buy for myself, as I'd been admiring it in the window the last few days. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that Carol had tried on the same dress!

This dress is a lot more fitted than I thought it was going to be. Which isn't to say that it's "fitted," just that the skirt portion hangs down straight rather than flares. I have on a Small, and the chest area feels very low cut, on me. I'm a lot more bottom-heavy than top-heavy, and I think I could use a XS for the chest, but I'd need a S for the skirt. And if there were qualms about the fabric quality of the Vappu Dress, I feel like this dress is even thinner. It kind of feels a little like a nightgown.

The dress didn't look that bad in the photos, but I just wasn't as happy with it when I had it on. It wasn't fitted or loose - just somewhere in between. Here's the difference for me, between the Vappu and the Oratory - the bodice of the Vappu hugged my body and fit nicely while managing to flatter the chest area and give a feminine silhouette with the flared skirt. The bodice of the Oratory was loose and ran the danger of showing some boob action while the skirt hung loosely. I think I liked the idea of the Oratory Dress more than I liked the actual dress. And from what I understand, Carol had the exact opposite response - she liked the Oratory better than the Vappu, while I liked the Vappu much more than the Oratory. Go figure, eh?

Here it is, in the grey:

Mmm, not my favorite color ever. But maybe this dress could fight for supremacy with the Sunwashed Dots Shirtdress if some womens' prisons need a new uniform?

This dress wasn't awful, but I'm passing on it for now. I may revisit it during the summer months if it's still around. Remember - I'm lazy, and I like easy clothes.

I actually realized that I forgot to include this dress with my last review for the Circle the Globe Skirt. That's probably okay though, since that review ran super long.

Tiered Fronds Dress ($198)

This dress reminds me alot of the Traced Twirls Dress (which I reviewed here and Carol reviewed here), except in a much lighter weight and $40 more expensive. Which makes total sense, right?

I'm guessing it has more to do with the Tracy Reese label attached to the dress. I took a size 4 in both dresses and they both fit fine; but I felt like the fit of the Traced Twirls was a much better fit on me. The fabric on the Tiered Fronds is much thinner than the Traced Twirls, and the dress also lacks the layers of fabric the Traced Twirls has. That said, it is very charmingly summery. Details like the tieback sash and the ruffled hem at the bottom remind me of dresses I had when I was a little girl, while the sexy open back make it decidedly grown up.

Problem: boobie-issues. I realize my "girls" (as Sara of You, Me & Anthropologie always lovingly refers to hers) aren't very big, but I didn't find my lack of "boobage" to be an issue with the Traced Twirls. Not so, with the Tiered Fronds. I felt like the front accentuated my shortcomings, and I also realized I'd need a totally different (strapless and low-back) bra just to pull off the dress.

Here's some detail of the back, which was super attractive, with my bra showing:

A pretty dress, but kind of "blah" for me. Especially at almost $200. Pass.

So...the Stanley Cup Finals are almost upon us, and I wish to congratulate the Chicago Blackhawks for making their first Finals appearance in almost 20 years. I'll leave off this post with a song. (or rather, a part of one) I had my iPod on shuffle on the way home from my recent trip to San Jose, and this song happened to come on. This song will always remind me of the greatest sports-related moment of my life, which I was fortunate enough to share with my favorite team. I've had a lot of hockey on the brain recently, and I even included a photo at the end of my last post, so this time I thought I'd share the video that my friend shot that night in 2007, to close out this post. (you can actually hear my friend scream-singing, in the clip)

I hope you'll all forgive me, for my gratuitous trip down memory lane. I know this is a blog about "pretty things," but I'm sure there are those out there who consider the Stanley Cup to be pretty, right?


  1. I LOVE the Vappu Dress on you! Do you think we'll both be able to wait until sale time to buy it? I'm hoping I can, but I saw 3 people in front of me in line yesterday buying it, so I think it's going to be a popular one. I really want to try the size 4 now that I see it worked for you. I got the Beda Dress in a size 4 and you did too right? Maybe I can make it work so that I don't have to have alterations done. Oh and thanks for all the link love :)

  2. I love the Vappu dress on you! I also tried it on last week and liked the gold better than the navy version. I sized down on this one because of the elastic band in the back. I didn't think the thin material was such a big issue since it would be great for the hot summers in DC.

  3. Thanks for reviewing the Vappu dress! I dropped that sucker into my wish list as soon as I saw it on the web site, but I haven't seen it in-store yet. It looks great on you!

  4. Vappu. Bless You.

    SO CUTE! That Vappu dress looks fantastic on you! Such a pretty silhouette, I love it!

    The Oratory must have been a different story IRL, because from these photos, it looks like you are swimming in it??? I do like it with the belt and cardi though, gives it the shape it needs!

    Thanks for the witty reviews, they always make me laugh!

  5. The vapu dress looks great on you! I may have to add this one to my wishlist too.

  6. @Sara - Thank you!! And yeah...I totally failed. I liked it too much to wait, and there were a couple girls in line at the Irvine store that were also buying the Vappu. It's so funny because Carol and I both came up with the idea to pair the Blooming Lattice cardigan with this color combo without even talking about it. (her with the In a Moment, me with the Vappu - lol!) I got the Beda in a 4 too! I can't remember - what color did you get in the Beda?

    @Diem - Thank you! And I agree - once the temperatures soar to 90 degrees, I think we'll be happy that the material is so thin.

    @Lisa - Thanks so much! I hope you get to try it soon - it's purrrrrdy. =)

    @Jan Russell - LOL!!! Seriously, I was cracking up for like five minutes when I read your comment. Carol and I had to look up what the heck a "Vappu" was because it's so strange-sounding. The Oratory wasn't an awful dress...I guess it was just different than what I was expecting. I wonder if I should try on an XS just to see if the top fits me any better.

    And thank you for your kindness with regard to my reviews. I'm always worrying (seriously - just ask Carol, haha) that I'm rambling on like an idiot. =)

    @Yvonne - Thank you!!! I really like the silhouette on the Vappu, so definitely give it a try!

  7. I got the Beda Dress in green. It's seriously one of my favorite dresses ever! I don't think I mentioned it on my blog and haven't worn it yet, so I need to do that!

  8. Yes, the Stanley Cup is a pretty thing in my eyes as well! I am definitely rooting for the Blackhawks in the finals! I despise the Flyers, as they are a rival of the NJ Devils AND beat them in the first round of the playoffs. :(

    I think the Vappu dress is adorable on you! It's high on my wishlist. I just have to make a decision between the Vappu and the Graphical dress in blue!

  9. Ok, I went to the FI Anthro today and tried both the Vappu and the Oratory - both a pass for me. I just WISH I looked as cute as you in Anthro dresses! The beda dress didn't work for me either - BOO!

    Thanks for the reviews! I always love reading them.