Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well Shod (Nordstrom Sample Shoe Sale, OOTDs, and something for the boys)

Happy Seis de Mayo, everyone!  I hope you all had a great Cinco - I certainly did, though it's beyond laughable how tired I am right now and how much work I still have ahead of me tonight.  When next Wednesday rolls around (the drop-dead deadline for the project I'm working on), I am going to sleep for 3 days straight.  Or at least a good 12 hours.  Whichever works out.

So, before I get into the main topic of this post (shoes and cute outfits!), I want to make a plug for a very new and very cool blog - for the guy in your life.  Yep, your boyfriend or husband or friend who's a boy...that one.  My brother-in-law, who crafts his own batches of artisan beers and also does cool repurposing projects (whoo!  sustainability in action, people!) has just started his own blog: The Brass Monkey Brewpub.  When your guy starts to complain that you spend too much time reading, blogging, thinking about fashion, Anthropologie, and other important business, suggest he check out Alex's blog - it's actually really great...even if you're...erm, into ruffles and stuff. (Seriously, I hope you take a look - especially at this post, which shows a photo of this really awesome custom pub-sign my sister got for him).

Okay, back to the business at hand.  This morning, I went to the Sample Shoe sale in the Salon Shoes department of the Fashion Valley Nordstrom.  I got there a few minutes past 10 AM, when the doors opened, so things were well underway.  The initial frenzy of shoe-searching-and-grabbing had died down, and most of the shoppers were camped out in small groups all over the salon shoes department, trying on their finds.  Here's a shot of the racks - all size 6, all deeply discounted:

When you arrive, the a sales associate hands you an empty shopping bag, which you then proceed to fill with all the shoes that grab your interest.  Here's mine:

Once you fill your bag, you find a spot to sit and start trying on shoes.  The ones you don't want, generally get sorted into a "discard" pile.  The ones you do want, you give to a sales associate, who goes to find its mate in the back room.  I was lucky, as my friend and I got to work pretty exclusively with Kelly, who sat with us, helped us sort through our finds, helped us find other things (see the amazing Stuart Weitzman sandals below) that we'd been looking for, and then helped us decide what we needed and what we didn't (she talked us out of so many pairs, you'd think she was working for our husbands and not the store).  I splurged on three pairs - two pairs of Stuart Weitzmans, and one pair of Cole Haans.

Happy Stuart Weitzman "Dally" sandals!  Currently on sale for $395 in high end department stores and boutiques.  Scored for $99.90 today, at the sample sale!  (note to self: remember to thank mom for small-feet genes...)  And Kelly, for pulling these for me.  

I was looking for pumps, and came across these nude patent leather Stuart Weitzman heels (similar here) - check out the amazing detail in the heel itself - all swirly colors - so cool!  But ended up passing on them, when I came across these beauties:

These are Stuart Weitzman "Friller" Pump, in bone, currently retailing at $375.  Acquired at the sale for - deep breath - $99.90.  I just love these.  And they're a (very) affordable substitute for a particular pair of Prada peep-toe pumps with a little knotted bow, that I've been dreaming about for a few weeks (here, in black, but I want them in the white color).  Now, dreams aside, the Pradas run at about $725.  Yep, you read that right.  That was more than half my monthly rent at the 2-bedroom condo I lived in, when we first moved to San Diego.  So, in all probability, there is very little chance that I will own said Pradas.  Hence, don't these scratch that particular itch pretty well?  Happy, happy, happy shoe dance...

I saw these darling little Cole Haans, and snapped them up.  In real life, they're actually a very true red, though they look a little orange in this photo, for some reason.  They were perfect for my quirky (newly acquired) OOTD:

Okay, I can't decide whether this outfit is really terrific or just a hot mess, but either way, I love it.  I guess that's what matters in the end, right?

My husband was working, so I brought Kate along with me.  Here she is, "helping," by opening boxes, taking out shoes, tearing up tissue paper, etc.  She was so good though - hung in there for a couple hours, with minimal fuss.

My sister had asked me to keep an eye out for some nude sandals for her, if they had any in her size.  When my friend found these wonderful Stuart Weitzman espadrilles, (currently retailing for $325, and yep, purchased today for $99.90!), I had to snatch them up.  There was a little bit of room in these on my true size 6 feet, so I'm hoping that means they'll fit her size 6.5 feet fine.  Aren't they just fabulous? (The shoes...not my son's Goomba toadstool to the left of them...)

Here is Kathryn (who's never in danger of being a hot mess) with her OOTD:

Dress: Liberty of London for Target
Sweater: Brass Plum cardi in oatmeal, Nordstrom
Belt: Oh, Hello Friend! ($13 at the vendor fair)
Ring: House of Plum Red ($2.99 - another vendor fair find!)
Shoes: H&M

Close-up of ring (House of Plum Red)


  1. How lucky for you! Just wish I was able to go or even have a Nordstrom in my city! Looks like you scored some great buys! Love all 3 that you picked up!

  2. Those Dally sandals are so pretty. And those bow slingbacks are A W E S O M E. I think I literally gasped when I first saw them.

    Can I go shopping with you sometime? :o)

  3. I *love* those Cole Haans! And I love both of your outfits.

  4. Ooooo, I love the red sandals! I've been looking for some and I love how Cole Haan's shoes feel, so I am SUPER JEALOUS of your find! Those peep toe pumps are adorable, too! I am such a sucker for bows, haha!

  5. The Friller pump and the red sandals are definite loves. Both feminine and the right amount of fun. Kathryn's outfit is slammin'! That belt....reminds me of something....something I recently spent over 2 hours trying to get my grubby hands on, while very nearly succumbing to an anxiety attack....what could it be? :-/

  6. I came back to look at the shoes again and decided I really liked the nude pump with the funky heel- look at all that toe cleav! So risque! (I never claimed I wasn't lame)

  7. Ohhhh I'm so jealous of your beautiful shoe finds! Those Friller Pumps are amazing!
    Carol - I LOVE your outfit of the day - that skirt is amazing on you & way to work pattern mixing!

  8. Thanks, everyone! You all need to plan a trip to San Diego in the fall, which is when the next sample shoe sale will take place (fall and winter shoes and boots for enviably low prices), and we can all go shoe-shopping together!

    @Lisa - you know I'm always game to go shopping! (You don't happen to live in SoCal, do you ?)

    @Tara - I really liked those pumps too, but I couldn't buy all four. I decided that I was definitely more "fun and flirty" (Friller Pumps) than "Sleek and Sexy" (Fever Pumps), so went with those instead.

    @Kristen and Kim - it's such a relief to hear someone other than myself and Kelly say we like that outfit - hahaha! For a while, I was wondering, "Am I on crazy pills with this one?"

  9. Oh wow, shoe galore!! I don't know what I would have done with myself were I surrounded by so many pretties.... you picked up some beauties!!

  10. Woo hoo! Look at that supa hot mama in the crazy hawt shoes! I love them all - wish I was a size 6. I love all your choices, great haul. And WOW on the polka dot and stripes! I am in serious love with that outfit. Here's the thing - the outfit looks fresh and fashionable, without looking like you're trying too hard, KWIM? I am always struggling to be in fashion without looking like I'm trying to look younger. I think this outfit nails it to PERFECTION.

    Love you OOTD, Kathryn - but I told you that in person! LOL! So flattering on you! It was great to finally meet you and I told DH about our "six degrees of separation" and he looked at me like I'd been hit in the head. Hah!

    To both Kathryn and Carol - THANKS so much for the recommendation on "Oh Hello, Friend!" I wavered back and forth on different items, but in the end, I picked up a couple pairs of earrings (pink flower studs that match with my Sunshine Peony pencil skirt and a dangly pair - actually, the same pair Shira was wearing - I was inspired!) and a pretty top. I thought about going back today to pick up a pocketwatch pendant, but ended up at Anthro Fashion Island. Oops!

  11. LOVE AND ADORE those bow slingbacks! And the sandals you picked up for your sister are cuteness as well. I would have hyperventilated for sure - ha!

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