Saturday, May 15, 2010

When You Fall Off the Wagon...(a confession and OOTDs)

You dust yourself off, and climb on again.

I don't know whether or not I should just give in and give myself permission to take a time-out from my shopping ban this coming Tuesday.  It just doesn't seem fair to be on a ban when one of the biggest sales of the calendar year is taking place!  I mean, goodness knows, I really do have enough pretty clothes, but what woman couldn't use a couple more really lovely and well-priced pieces?  Things that come to mind (and that might really break me, should they go on sale) are the Blooming Lattice Cardigan in navy (though heaven knows, I love the green too...and were it to go on sale, it'd be like a 2 for 1, now wouldn't it?  Buy one, get one free?), the Torsade tee (in any color...I mean, to be quite frank, I could probably use another Night Skating top too - my current one is a bit faded and worn looking, from frequent wear and washing, if we're going to quibble), and the Sprinkled Shells tank.  I reviewed it about a month ago, and I loved it then.  I still love it now.  I'm also wondering if Anthropologie might finally consider putting the Daily Gathering Dress on sale?  Please, pretty please? (Oh, no!  Don't!  DON'T! - those are my better angels pleading).  While we're on the topic of Bailey 44 dresses, what about the Rushing Ruffles dress?  And you don't suppose the Know the Ropes dress might end up on sale?  It's fairly new, but has been dinged so much in reviews, they might decide to cut their losses on that one, mightn't they?  I rather liked that one too, and what if it went on sale and I didn't buy it, and then I realized later what a mistake it was not to get it when I could?  And while I haven't seen the Endless Chevrons dress in person, I've been loving the color and the easy shape on the website for a long time.  What if it turns up in a store I'm in?  What if it goes on sale and I love it?

So, as of now, I'm maintaining my resolve NOT to shop the sale.  (Especially since I bought the sidestep skirt this week, on the EA Trade Market...and I have the Blooming Lattice Cardi on hold for me at the Carlsbad store...)

Thank goodness the The Blackbird Dress ($148) is too new to be on sale.  Here's an OOTD for running errands with the runny-nosed baby (aka Machine-Washable.  All of it.):

Cardigan: Climbing Trellis (Anthropologie, Winter 2010, similar here and here)
Tank: Bib Tank, Gap (old...2008?  Similar here and here)
Jeans: J Brand skinnies, Nordstrom

I love plum-colored shoes!


  1. Girl, you know I'm contemplating the same thing. But as you already saw (as I confessed on my blog) I fell off the ban wagon (tee hee -that's kind of cute, no?) with the J Crew BIRTHDAY code. The crewlade gets me every time.

    I'm trying to stay on for the Anthro sale, but the buzz around the blogs is killing me. AS ARE THOSE HAWT SHOOZ! You know I love me some Seychelles.

  2. I love your "baby-proof" outfit! Have you washed that cardigan in the washing machine? I've been too afraid to try because I wear it with everything!
    I couldn't blame you if you caved with the sale, I certainly won't be able to hold out! I'm hoping the Know the Ropes and Salty Seas Dress go on sale (well, really I'd like just one to go on sale then one the following week!) thanks to the harsh reviews.
    If you do cave though: maybe just buy the green Blooming Lattice Cardigan? I'm sure Kathryn would let you nick hers every now and again?

  3. Heehee....ban wagon....

    I think if you see something you really, really covet, for a good price, you should buy it - the reason we put ourselves on bans to to save money, right? So, if a good sale nets you three or four pined-for pieces, over full price for ONE, when your ban lifts, it's completely reasonable. Or maybe, I'm talking myself into it. Just thinking out loud....

    GORGEOUS shoes!

  4. @Michelle - "Ban Wagon!" That's really funny - nice one! And thank you, I also love these shoes. I saw them with Kathryn, and then bought them, during a quickie appointment with Kelly - it was funny, because I could tell Kelly was reluctant to let me buy yet another pair of shoes. But once I put them on, she was totally convinced, and I wore them out of the store, like a 5 year-old. =D I loves them!

    @BA - I do wash this cardigan in the machine, but mind you, I bought it too big to start with. I couldn't find a small (which is what I needed) when it went on sale, so bought the medium, and washed it - and as you can see, it fits me about right now. It was a wee bit longer and bigger before, so I don't recommend machine washing unless yours is a little big for you, as it will shrink.

    Tracy - Oh! You're so right!!! =D It IS completely reasonable when you put it that way (point is to save money...) I'm going to remember both your words AND Tim Gunn's words (don't buy anything on sale that you wouldn't have been willing to buy at full price) and I'll be okay.

    You guys are the best!!!

  5. Carol--I'll likely be abstaining from the sale, since I am trying to save all my money for my trip (that I'm leaving for on FRIDAY!!!). You know, the way I'm looking at it is, there's nothing there that I really love. If I did, I would have paid full price for it. There are some items that I have been waiting for a sale on, but I'm going to stick to what I said about not buying, and hope for the best. After all, Anthro will keep coming out with more and more beautiful things. I'd rather have a few pieces that I love and can wear to death rather than a bunch of stuff I got on sale.

    With that said, I still plan on checking it out, you know, just in case .

  6. The Tempting Trellis cardigan is SO cute on you -I have mine in a S because I couldn't find an XS and now you have me thinking I should chuck it into my next load of laundry... I hope your little one is feeling better!

    I say either set a dollar amount or let yourself buy X number of pieces (maybe 3?) from the sale. I think the goal of shopping in moderation is better then going cold turkey...right? Nods head.