Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Within Reach and Reason (Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Women and Children Preview)

Two weeks ago, in the midst of all the furor over the impending Anthropologie "Tag Sale" came a postcard in the mail, stamped with what would be a (pretty darn) distracting blip on my radar - news that the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale was starting on Wednesday, March 26th (stores open at 8 AM - great for "morning people, but just brutal for us night owls.  What I'd give for a sale that started at 10 PM.  I'd be all over that one!).

Now, if you ask me, my personal Favorite Sale of All Time is the Anniversary Sale.  That is, hands-down, the biggest splurge-fest of the year for me, and with good reason.  You can get some really amazing deals at the Anniversary Sale for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.  The only drawback to this sale?  You can't use most of the stuff right away.  It takes place in July, which is peak summer season, and most of the clothing you're buying is fall-winter appropriate and not really useful in 80 to 90 degree weather.

Not so with the Half-Yearly sale.  Yes, it is a sale that features markdowns on past and current season stuff, but the best part of that is you can wear/use what you buy right away.  Kelly very aptly calls it the "Buy it now, wear it now" sale.  Go into your local store and check out the sale racks or go online and search "new markdowns" to see what's been reduced.  Just an FYI - designer shoes and handbags (shoe brands: Jimmy Choo, Prada, Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu, Chanel, Dries Van Noten, and handbags: Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Versace, Chloe, YSL, and Dolce and Gabbana) are currently being pre-sold for a May 27th sale date or a June 2nd sale date.  Call your local Nordstrom's Personal Stylist department or Kelly McPheters at Fashion Valley (619.295.4441) to ask about specific styles and availability.  I have a few photos of some handbags below, and this weekend, I'm going to try and get to Nordy's to get some photos of the designer shoes (P-rada!) for you to peruse with me.  Also, for Nordstrom Card holders, don't forget you get double points for the first five days of the sale!

Here are some things I tried on during my pre-sale browse:

This is the Nanette Lepore Sea Maiden Sheath (sale priced at $199.90 - no longer on Nordstrom's website, but the sku# is 801303584404).  I'm wearing it in a size 4, so it's slightly loose on me.  But the detailing on this dress is gorgeous - it's very flattering, lending me curves where I'm lacking, and hiding the ones I'd rather not have.  The color is so pretty, and I think it'd probably look great with a cardigan and a skinny belt too!  

Here is Nanette Lepore's Galleon dress (now $159.90).  I'm wearing the XS, and you can see that it definitely runs big.  The color is a really beautiful sea green, with amazng crochet detailing.  My only problem is that it's not very forgiving - you can see every bump and lump under the fabric.  Definite pass for me.  

Here is Theory's Deja Shipwreck shirtdress in Indigo.  I'm wearing it in a 0, and I loved this dress!  Love, love, love!  It had some really nice military-inspired details - pleats and double-buttons on breast-pockets and the epaulets on the shoulders.  The accompanying skinny belt wraps twice around your waist, and overall, it's comfortable and easy to wear.  Great for spring/summer and will even extend into the fall, with a pair of tights and tall boots.  It's currently 40% off original price!

This is the Theory Harriet Orient dress, in a size 2 ($164.90 - not available online.  Sku# 670666743520).  I think these might have been ordered in especially for the sale, because there were quite a few of them on the sale rack.  I saw them in two different colors - gray top with this teal-blue bottom, and gray top with a navy bottom.  I really liked the skirt half of this dress, but I found the top a little awkward.  It fit snugly in some spots but was a little roomy in others.  If you look at the back, you can see the extra bunching, around the zipper.  I think this is being caused more by my short-waisted torso, so women with longer torsos may have more luck with this dress.  

This is the Acacia romper by Joie ($153.90).  Yes, a romper.  As in, one piece, with shorts.  You know, I'm conflicted about these, because on the one hand, they can be really super cute.  But on the other hand, you have to strip down to use the bathroom.  I feel squeamish just thinking about having to deal with all the extra fabric, while using a public restroom.  Yeah...not so good, right?  (ew, ew, ew)  Anyway, back to the romper.  I'm wearing an XS, and as you can see, this is huge and I'm really just swimming in it.  It's also made of silk, and as you can see by the condition of this piece, wrinkles pretty easily - note the giant crease across the chest.  Smaller women are definitely sized out, but if you're tall and statuesque, this might be a great look for you.  In fact, if you click the link, you can see how a tall, boy-shape figure could wear this without cinching at the waist.  That is, if you can deal with the bathroom-thing.  

I'd been eyeing this tunic for a couple months but never tried it on, because I find Joie prohibitively pricey, so imagine my delight to find this on the sale rack!  It's the Joie Avina, ($148.90 - unavailable online, sku# 808895682635) and I'm a little embarrassed to say that I'm not sure if it's a tunic or a dress.  It's way too long as a tunic on me, so I wore it as a dress, and I have to say I love the way it looked, belted.  The front is adorned with narrow pintucks and pleats that run vertically down the garment, giving it a sort of accordian-rumpled look.  The colors of this floral print are so pretty - they make me think of Victorians and Easter and English gardens.  I'm wearing an XS, and as you can see, it runs a little big.  

This is the Marc by Marc Jacobs "Blazing Star" skirt ($219.90).  I was immediately attracted to the bright, whimsical print and unconventional shape.  I have to confess that when I had it on, I thought I'd fit in marvelously in Alice's Wonderland.  Isn't this just the sort of thing a character (not Alice) might wear to the Mad Hatter's tea party?  I took shots of the side and back, so you can see how the skirt sort of wraps backwards and then around to the front.  If you look at the side shot (far right, above) you can see an opening, which basically leads into what is, for lack of a better description, a giant pocket.  I really liked this skirt, and if there's a second reduction, I'd be happy to welcome it into my wardrobe (which is, at times, a wonderland of its own).

While perusing the sale racks, I glimpsed this sweater on a nearby and full-priced display of Ted Baker goods.  Oh, Ted Baker, why are you mean to me?  Why do you taunt me with your beautiful things?  I just loved this cardi - more than the Theory shirtdress, more than the Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt, more than the Joie tunic/dress.  This is the Albiero Bow Trim Cardigan and it isn't on sale!  (Cue sobbing).  I had to "try, just try" and see if I liked it as much on me, as I did on the hanger.  Yep.  Yeah, I did.  For the sake of these photos, I only fastened one button, but there are buttons all the way down the front of the sweater (click on link, to see photo of model with fully-buttoned sweater).  I'm wearing a size 1 (equivalent to a US 4, according to the Nordstrom website).

  Chloe handbag, available for pre-sale.

Chloe handbag, available for pre-sale.

Versace handbag, available for pre-sale.

Selection of Burberry bags available for pre-sale.

Happy hunting, and let us know what you find, if you go!


  1. Oh Carol! I was going to skip the Half- Yearly but oh you tempt me! I love that Theory shirtdress on you and the Ted Baker cardi. Oh my, my, my. Tell us the truth - did anything come home with you?

    BTW - did you happen a glance at the kids' stuff? I read on one of the blogs (not sure which) that the mini boden stuff was going on sale and I LOVE MB for my boys.

  2. The Deja Shirtdress just looks terrific on you, Carol! My eyes lit up when I scrolled to that picture. I think you should definitely get that one if anything!

    BTW, I just love this blog. I think you and Kathryn are such great writers and it's like a treat reading your entries each day. Thank you for such great entertainment!

  3. Thanks so much for the great post! Particularly love the Theory shirtdress and the Ted Baker cardigan on you. Happy shopping. :)

  4. Thanks for the reminder and the reviews. I really LOVE the Theory shirtdress on you. As you said it would be a versatile piece, too. :-)

  5. Love the post, the Deja Shirtdress looks so good on you hope you get it. Was not interested in this sale but now I'll head over and peruse the racks!

  6. @MichelleQ - I didn't get to the kids section yesterday (had limited time) but I may head over there today, because it'd be awesome to get some Mini Boden and Baby Boden on sale. You know I loves me that Boden for my kiddos. =)

    @Cindy, Linette, jcrewphd, and anon - thanks! I didn't buy that theory dress because I was trying to be good, but the more I look at the picture, the more I want it! Haha, so I may have texted Kelly asking her to grab it for me. Just maybe... ;)

  7. That Theory dress is so cute on you. You should grab it because it will be a great staple piece. Does the belt come with it?

    I perused the website but definitely need to make a trip to my nearby store this weekend. I also prefer the Anniversary Sale but will take what I can with Nordstrom. :)

  8. Hi Jesspgh - yes, the dress comes with the belt. =)

  9. I adore that second Theory dress. Is the bottom denim or chambray? That marc jacobs skirt is also calling my name. Nice pick!! Re: Rompers...I don't know how I feel about them. I got one from Anthro last year, but have yet to wear it because of my ambivalence.

  10. I went this AM, but didn't find anything other than a cute $10 Star Wars tee for my son. A Fossil bag I wanted wasn't on-sale (although there were some good deals on Coach bags) and I was also hoping the Seychelles "Trip the Light" sandals would make the cut, but no dice.

    I love the stuff you tried on, but when I went I didn't see anything that was either a) such an amazing deal I had to have it or b) cuter than some of my current Anthro wants.

    I DID spy the Seychelles Veronica pump marked down to $59, though. Some may be interested in that (I have these shoes and LOVE them).

  11. i previewed yesterday and found nothing..nada....zilch......I used to do well but it has become mostly markdowns and a few special purchases. But being petite limits choices...I feel the petite dept is mostly frumpy...those were cute on you but also to be really honest they also looked a little overpowering like they were not designed for your petite stature.. the theory dress is cute but from the picture it looks like it needs to be a darker denim wash to compliment your skin tone. on sale but still pricey so be in LOVE before you grab...but thanx to the blog world I did order those 2 brass plum cards in navy and sapphire blue...not sure if they navy is dark enuff but once I get them I will see how they style with what I have...would LOVE a REAL blue based TURQUOISE!!!! color of the year..yeah...but where IS it???

  12. I love the Theory dress on u! Such a classic piece! Ahh, i love Chloe bags! Did ur store have ne other Chloe bags on sale? Do you know what the color of that first bag is? thanks!

  13. Hi Cat - oh, I think that second Theory dress would look amazing on you! The bottom isn't a denim, or even a chambray...it felt more like a rough-finished (though it isn't actual rough to the touch) twill - sort of the weave that you see thick linens taking on, if that makes sense.

    Ath - I'm pretty sure that first Chloe bag is what they call "Mastic," which is like a smoky nude, for lack of a better description. The second one is "beige," according to the website. Those are the two that I noticed, though the saleswoman in the designer handbags department told me that more would go on presale for the June 2nd sale date soon. I'm hoping to go in this Sunday to get photos of some of the presale designer shoes, so I'll see if I can't find out more about the handbags too.

  14. THanks Carol! This bag: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3065022?tuid=000006cb-006f-0861-6c61-726765727669&id=10008921&largeImg=0&tname=product has been on my wishlist forever, but I prolly have to wait til it gets a 2nd markdown. =\. I'm trying to decide between the mastic or mocha color. I haven't seen those colors in person just pictures. I am leaning towards the mocha tho since it is darker and will be easier to keep clean.