Saturday, May 15, 2010

You've Got a Friend

Forgive me, Budget, for I have sinned.

I could blame Tien. Or I could blame Kim. Or Sara. Or Roxy. Or Cat. Or any number of you beautiful Anthro-lovers in the blogosphere. But that would just be a total copout, and one must take responsibility for their own actions.

So I'm a total Johnny-come-lately to the Blooming Lattice Cardigan. But hey, better late never, eh?

I could've easily titled this post, "Oops, I Did It Again," in reference to my shopping habit. But I thought the classic little Carole King ditty was more fitting, as I (try to) justify my most recent full-price purchase by showing some of the different outfits I dreamt up in my head:


Skirt: Anthropologie, Circa 1999 (or so? I can't remember...)
(not even kidding, it's really old - the label inside says "Anthropologie")
Belt: Oh, Hello Friend
Boots: Frye "Jane" Boot

Skirt: Anthropologie, by Elevenses, Circa 2000 (?) (yeah, another oldie)
Tank: Caslon Tiered Ruffled Tank
Belt: Looping Lanes
Shoes: H&M Wedges (Spring 2010)


Dress: White eyelet dress, picked up from a little vendor in 2007
Belt: Looping Lanes
Shoes: J.Crew Wedge Heels (Circa 2005? similar here)

Or Fall:

Skirt: Twilit Skirt, Anthropologie (Fall 2009)
Tank: Caslon Tiered Ruffled Tank (Nordstrom)
Shoes: JS by Jessica "Oscar"

", all you gotta do is call..."

Oh, and one last "Bonus" outfit, to show the cardigan with pants:

Tank: Caslon Tiered Ruffled Tank (can't recommend this puppy enough, seriously)
Pants: J Brand Stretch Skinny Leggings in black (similar here)
Belt: Red Skinny Faux Croc, Forever 21 (cute little one here)
Shoes: Diamond-Stitch Skimmers in red, on sale at Anthropologie!

DH thought the cardigan was kind of "grandma"-looking, but I still like it.

You may notice that the photos get progressively darker as you scroll down. I was actually running out of daylight as I was shooting these. For those of you who are familiar with photography, I shot "Spring" first at a shutter speed of 1/100 sec. "Winter" was shot next, at a shutter speed of 1/60 sec....and by the time I got to the "Bonus" outfit, I was as all the way down to 1/13 sec. and it was close to dark out. The sun had all but disappeared.

Oh yeah, I was totally cooking dinner in between outfits, too. Baked salmon in lemon, garlic and butter. Not the most sophisticated meal ever, but it kind of makes me laugh that I shot five different outfits while making dinner. I Win. Or...something.

P.S. As my penance, I promise to clean up the weeds in my patio. Then me and the Budget should be cool, right???


  1. I think since you have done so well finding an outfit for all seasons and a bonus, your budget should forgive you. Plus, while you were cooking dinner? You deserve to go shopping this Tuesday! Can't wait to see what everyone buys! Have a great weekend.

  2. Lovely- every single outfit- you know, if this one goes on sale this Tuesday, you could get a price adjustment, and then it'd be an even sweeter purchase ^^ Also, baked salmon in garlic, lemon and butter is one of my two favorite things EVER that the bf makes, in fact I requested it for my birthday tomorrow. And are DH your hubby's initials? (My bf's initials are DH!!)

  3. you are too cute! and funny! You look fab in all the stylings and your multi-tasking is top notch - 5 outfits and dinner?? I'm trying not to sin against my budget but that Tuesday sale you posted about coming up - help!!!!!

  4. The cardi looks great on you! We all sin against our budgets from time to time. I'm going to try and be very good and sit out the sale this week.

    I hope you score everything you'd like!

  5. I absolutely love how you've styled it for all seasons! What a versatile piece you've got! I think your budget definitely forgives you :).

  6. Dang, Kat, I've been wanting the green one. Your post is not helping me with my budget too!

    I might find myself at Fashion Island today... LOL.

  7. I love these looks. This cardi is so versatile and such a good buy...check out my blog and the different looks I did for this sweater. Thank you for the ideas as well. Love your blog and your style!

  8. LOVE all the looks with this cardi! It's so versatile and definitely worth the price if you can wear it all year round. Plus, it's a classic style so I bet once it all pans out, your cost per wear will make this piece practically free! :P Gorgeous on you!

    I love how you can make dinner and do a photo shoot. I wasn't even doing a photo shoot and my family ate dinner from a microwave tonight. :P

  9. Ok - I've loved this cardi on everyone and styled every which way I've seen it - but that first look of yours? Hands down my favorite! So, so cute - I love it. I want it. I'll take your long legs to go with the skirt, too. Perfection!

  10. One cardi to rule them all!!!

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