Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zoya Think You Can Dance? (Leftover Anthropologie Reviews)

Happy Thursday and season-7-premiere-of-Zoya-Think-You-Can--, er, sorry - So You Think You Can Dance day!  Any of you watch this show?  I know that Carol and her husband watch this show religiously.

Carol here:  It's true!  I LOVE this show!  It's so superior to a lot of the other dance-related reality shows out there.  The dancers are really amazing - just some of the best amateur (usually) dancers out there!  For instance, I'm pretty sure that Jakob Karr of season 6 is a genius.  No, really - there are a lot of very talented dancers out there, but I think he's got to be to dance what Einstein was to physics. Just mind-shatteringly brilliant.  And this year's new format!  Bringing back past seasons' dancers, for the "All Stars?"  I am so excited (wow, and you thought I was an Anthropologie fan-girl...).  My three favorites on that list are Ade (season 5), Kathryn (season 6 - not to be confused with ours), and Mark!!! (season 4).  I'm sad not to get to see Jakob dance again (every one of his performances was a special treat) but I can only imagine he's been snapped up by a premiere dance company somewhere.  Sigh...okay, we now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.  On to Kathryn's fitting room reviews!

Zoya Dress ($158)

I wish I'd climbed aboard the Night Blooming train when I had the chance. I'm going to be kicking myself for not getting it, because I love the colors of the Night Blooming Dress more than the colors of this one. I just don't think the colors of the Zoya Dress suit me well. Sadface. Irvine Spectrum didn't have any of the size 6 on the floor, so I tried on the size 4 just to see. I was able to get into the 4 okay, but I might want to go with a 6 so that, you know, the dress doesn't rip when I sit down. TTS, I'd say, but with the fitted skirt I might recommend that ladies with tha junk in da truck size up for the hips.

Sadly, a pass for me. But I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for that Night Blooming Dress!

Pinnacle Skirt ($78)

Carol calls this one the "Target Skirt," and I call it the "Forever 21 Skirt" - quite possibly because she owns a skirt much like this from Target, and I own a longer version of this skirt that I bought from Forever 21. It's really just one of those skirts that, while nice, feels like a skirt you could easily find elsewhere for less. Which is to say that we feel like this skirt is much ado about nothing. I have on a size 4 for the photos, and it fit comfortably.

The crocheted hem is a nice little detail, but I'm not sure anyone would even notice, what with that wrinkly fabric. I guess that's just how the fabric is, even looks wrinkled in the product shot on the website. It kind of reminds me of the movie "Juno," where Paulie is telling Juno that Katrina wasn't giving her the stinkeye - "That's just how her face is. That's just her face." The skirt isn't wrinkly, that's just how the skirt is.

And yes, you can see the Heatwave Shorts on the cube, there. More about those, later.

Chalk and Charcoal Skirt ($88)

I thought I'd grabbed a 4 to try on, and I realized when I got into the fitting room that I'd accidentally pulled a size 2. I was able to get this skirt on okay, but I was kind of sausaged into it at the waist. You can kind of see the pain on my face in the photos. If I were to buy this skirt, I'd definitely go with the 4. I love the color palette of this skirt, but I can't decide if I love the flip-flop pattern or if I hate it. I should say, I like the view of the skirt from the sides, but the view from the front still strikes me as "off."

Oh, and if anyone's interested, I spotted the Two Paths Trench at the Irvine Spectrum Anthropologie in size 2, 8, 10 and 12 when I was there last Saturday.


  1. I really like that first dress. I'm going to have to try it on.

    And I LOVE SYTYCD!!! Kathryn and Mark are two of my all-time favorites. If they had Janette Manrara, I'd have been in heaven. I went to a few tapings of the show, including the performance finale with Jakob, and, you're right. He is amazing. Defies gravity and physics. Didn't make a SOUND when he'd dance, no matter how high he leapt. I met his mom outside the studio, and she was really nice.

  2. I'm also a SYTYCD fan! You know sometimes you feel like you can do something if you really tried it? I feel that way about dancing. Until I did try to dance and it turned into an extreme FAIL! :) I'm as uncoordinated as Kate Gosselin. Welp, at least I can watch. hehe. :)

  3. SYTYCD is one of the only reality shows (that's the category I put it in) that I never got into. I already watch WAY too many shows, so I had no time for another one.

    I finally found the Circle the Globe Skirt at my store the other day and I liked it, but it wasn't love at first sight :( I'm not a big fan of skirts with elastic waists and the sizing was stressing me out, so I left it at the store. I'm hesitant to pay full price for it, but I'm sure I'll end up with it because I'm afraid it will sell out if I don't buy it.

  4. I like and don't like the chalk & charcoal skirt for the same reasons you pointed out. Maybe on sale...?