Friday, June 11, 2010

Blue (Jeans) is a State of Mind (Weekend Plans and an OOTD)

Hi everyone, and happy weekend!  I'm feeling improved from yesterday - so much so that I've actually started making plans for manual labor over the weekend.  What have you got on your plates for these next couple "work free" days?  Hope it's something really fun or really relaxing, or a combination of both.  I've got the itch to go shopping, so I'm actively creating projects that may involve spending money, but only in order to promote overall value or quality of living for the whole family and not just me.  (Not that having a well-dressed mother and wife don't lend to the greater overall value or quality of living for the whole family, but you know...we're looking for some primary effects, rather than secondary or even tertiary effects., I've been looking at too many reports lately. Deep breath.)

So, topping my list is yard work.  Yep, I'm going to apply my not-so-green thumb to doing something about my tragic front and back yards.  Maybe then, I'll have someplace nice outdoors to take my OOTD photos, instead of struggling with poor indoor lighting as I have been.  First thing we need to do is buy a new lawnmower.  Our current gas-powered lawnmower is totally non-functioning.  The %#&$#^ thing won't even start, regardless of all our efforts to tinker with it/kick it back to life.  I'm sure my neighbors hate me right now - our lawn is that bad.  And DH rejects the notion of hiring a gardening service. lawnmower - this time with an electric starter - is going to be entering our lives sometime this weekend.  Does anyone know what we should do with our old one?  I have an inkling that someone who is more mechanically-inclined than ourselves (our handiness extends to changing light bulbs and assembling Ikea furniture) might be able to get the blessed thing working.

Along with buying and applying said new lawnmower, I plan to 1) spray and thereby begin the process of removing the weeds growing between the pavers in our backyard patio, 2) weed the planter areas, and 3) plant some new drought-proof shrubs and flowers.  If my energy and budget extends to it, I'll also look into getting fresh mulch/wood chips for the planters.  Ambitious? Yes.  Doable?  Have no idea.  I've got my fingers crossed.

Since it was Friday, I decided to wear jeans and be comfortable.  Here's my casual-but-still-at-work-look:

Top: Balletomane Tank, Anthropologie (Winter, 2010 - similar here and here)
Jeans: Hudson Triangle-Pocket Bootcut jeans, Nordstrom (Anniversary Sale, 2009)
Shoes: Tory Burch Romy Flats, Nordstrom (also Anniversary Sale, 2009)
Necklace: Birdcage necklace, Oh, Hello Friend

These Hudson jeans are a bit big on me now - I bought them from the Anniversary Sale last year, one size larger than my usual size, knowing that it'd be a while before I lost my baby-weight.  I've pretty much lost it now, so am looking forward to getting a new pair that fits me properly - but will definitely wait until the Anniversary Sale, in hopes they'll be offering these again.  Hudson jeans are absolutely, hands-down, the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn.  I could almost (well, probably, if I were just napping) sleep in these.  If you've never owned a pair, I highly recommend them. 

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  1. I have to work this weekend. Blech! But as soon as I can, I am going to start a new knitting project. :)

    I love yard work. I hope you have fun this weekend!

    PS - You look great today.

  2. Ick, yard work! Sorry Carol, but yard work is on my list of most hated things to do. Will it at least be cool in SD this weekend?

    Our weekend will be typical - swim lessons, laundry, and all just hanging out. I should do some work (brought my work laptop and files home with me) but we'll see. Oh and you've reminded me I've got to pre-register my oldest for fall soccer. Otherwise, nothing exciting planned.

    Love your OOTD - that tank is so pretty!

  3. Love this outfit Carol! I passed on the Balletomane top because I just thought it looked funny with jeans (I only ever wear jeans)... I guess I just needed a super dark pair, bc this looks great!

    I love that you are buying a 'greener' lawnmower too, that's awesome! Have fun (or a much as you can) with the yardwork!

  4. Those are some ambitious weekend plans! I don't plan on being nearly as active. ha ha :-) I was thinking about trying to persuade my husband to rent "Leap Year" from Redbox to watch today or tomorrow. It's probably a silly movie but I'd watch it just for the Ireland scenery and Amy Adams' awesome red hair.

    I like your outfit today. The Balletomane shirt looks cute on you and I like it with jeans. I'll head over to Facebook and check out your page.

    P.S. Maybe put your old lawnmower on Craigslist? I'm sure someone would want it.

  5. Try Freecycling your old lawnmower! will direct you to your local group, and from there you can post that you have a non-functioning lawnmower for somebody to take off your hands for free. You'd be amazed what some people pick up. Somebody who is handy might want it for parts!

  6. What size is your top? I want one!!

  7. I love your casual yet chic OOTD. Question about Hudson Jeans; do they offer petite sizes? You are petite, right? Every time I've had a tailor hem regular inseam jeans, they look funny on me, so I have to just buy shorter inseam jeans. I love how your Hudson's look on you! Thanks.

  8. @Ady - ugh, sorry about the weekend work. =P But oooh, a new knitting project! I always wanted to knit...never got past knitting rectangles though, hahaha. Oh well...I can knit a mean (okay, I admit, they're generally uneven) solid color scarf! What sort of thing are you planning on making?

    @E Hayes - oh! I didn't even think about the "green" benefits of an electric lawnmower. =D Yay! And yes, I love dark jeans - they just make everything better (for me, anyway).

    @Debbie - thanks! Craigslist is a good idea. I'll look into it.

    @Sarah - I actually thought about freecycle (my BIL uses it), but I can't figure out how to join the San Diego one - it's a yahoo group, and for some reason, I can't seem to find a way to join. =P

    @Helen - My Balletomane is an XS. It's great - I love it! =D

    @Anonymous - I'm pretty short - 5'2" - so generally fall into "petite" categories. I have no idea if Hudson Jeans offer petite sizes...I almost always buy them at Nordstrom and have their alterations department take care of inseam length for me. Have you tried them?