Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Double-Mint OOTDs

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: I love the blogosphere. I was admiring Simply Cindi's stunning engagement photos when I couldn't help but take note of her mint-colored cardigan over her white Beda Dress. I suddenly remembered (in the midst of browsing all her lovely pictures) that I also own a mint-colored cardigan, and it needs some love.

I don't own the Beda in white, however. So I decided to improvise with a black dress. I dug out an old shirtdress that I bought years ago, from Forever 21. Problem: The F21 dress had a big ol' L O N G self-tie-sash-belt-thing that is impossible to hide with a belt.

So, I improvised and tied the belt around the cardigan in a big, cheesy bow. The fact that my cardigan happened to match the Forever 21 purse was a happy coincidence.

So once again, thanks to Cindi for the inspiration!

Dress: Forever 21, very old (very similar one here, another option here)
Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie, in Bright Seaside
Pocketwatch Necklace: Oh, Hello Friend (available here, a new style I'm lusting after here, and another gorgeous one here)
Purse: Forever 21
Shoes: Charles David, older than old (a fun, modern option here, another option here)

So as it turns out, Carol also wore her mint-colored cardi today!

Carol: Haha, I swear we didn't call each other to coordinate our outfits! It's just a happy coincidence. (Though, if we'd met for burgers at Ruby's, I'd have had to take my sweater off.) I had a Vanilla Bean blouse that I'd picked up on sale, wanting it because Kathryn looked so pretty in hers, but it just didn't fit well into my wardrobe, despite the fact that it has beautiful details and easy-to-coordinate colors. That's why when I saw the Raccoon Rumpus blouse, I was super happy! Its quirky print really appeals to me, and I feel like the top sort of meets the same general characteristics of the Vanilla Bean - pretty, similar colors - and it's machine washable to boot! Exchanging the as of yet-unworn, tags-still-attached Vanilla Bean for the Raccoon Rumpus was a no-brainer for me and totally worth it. I've already mapped out several different outfits for this top, and will do a post, when I have time! Meanwhile, here's my (rumpled from a day of work, sorry!) OOTD:

Top: Raccoon Rumpus Blouse, Anthropologie
Skirt: Gray Tweed Button Skirt, Gap Outlet (Fall 2008 - Similar here and here)
Shoes: Croc-embossed Mary Jane Pumps, Isaac Mizrahi for Target (really old - similar here and here)
Ring: Pink Cameo Ring, Oh, Hello Friend


  1. Those MJ pumps from Target are CUTE!

  2. You both look lovely today, as usual. I think I did a reverse color version of Kathryn's outfit today, but she looks so chic and ladylike.

  3. Love mint! Carol I love the shirt- I looked at it today but didn't have time to try it on. Do you find it is true to size?

  4. Kathryn - well, I for one love that big bow! And the tiny ones on your cutes shoes, too!

    Carol - the RR blouse is adorable on you! The fit is perfection! I can't get past the raccoons, but I wish I could, because you're right it would pair wonderfully with lots of things. Can't wait to see what else you put together!

  5. LADIES! How much do I LOVE both your OOTD's? SO much! Kathryn - I am in love with the styling with the bow - and the black/mint combo is gorgeous.

    Carol - adorable blouse - I think it's perfect on you and I'm drooling over the shoes. I really like those NN ones you linkyed to. Hmmm...contemplating.

  6. Kathryn- I can't get over how much you rocked the bow. You took a look at your obstacle and rocked it! I seriously believe that the most important thing to make you look good is to ROCK YOUR CLOTHES. Love what you're wearing and own it.

    Carol, You never cease to amaze me with how well you put together an outfit. You look beautiful and it's a fun combination. You'd be great at my job!!

  7. I feel in love with this outfit, i'm gonna have to copy it for sure.

  8. As usual, you both look beautiful! Carol I want to go out and grab that blouse now so that I can recreate this outfit! Perfect once again :)

  9. You girls are so cute and funny. THANK YOU for the shout out. Kathryn, what a smart way to style that dress. In the words of Tim Gunn, you definitely "made it work"!!!

    Carol, I think the feline top is so cute on you. I wish I was as petite as you because I have been in search for that vanilla bean blouse but the ones left at the stores were too big for me. I woulda bought it from you!

  10. Oh, Cindi, if only I'd known! I returned it to the UTC store in La Holland just a couple days ago. Give them a call, they may still have it. It was a size zero.

  11. Ok, I forgot to mention how much I LOVE those new "Oh Hello Friend!" pendants. I totally want one. Any idea if she'll be local anytime soon? Or will I have to order through etsy?

  12. I would have needed the vanilla bean top in a size 6 I think. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. :)

  13. Thank you everyone, for your sweet comments!

    @Jan - Thank you! I was rather be-ribboned that day, wasn't I? Haha...

    @Kelly - Thank you thank you! Your comment made me smile so big!

    @Cindi - Thank you so much for the inspiration! You were so gorgeous in those engagement shots, I had to copy! =D

    @Michelle - Thanks! I talked to Danni, and she won't be back in here for awhile, so I guess I'm going to have to order through Etsy too! Aren't they just lovely?

  14. Both outfits are really cute! The use of the sash/ belt is inspiring me to do the same, I have lots of these sashes (never use) which came with dresses and it looks so pretty the way you wore it!

  15. Gorgeous - both of you. Kathryn - the tiny bows on your shoes, with the big bow around your sweater??? Insanely gorgeous. Excellent job. I'm inspired - going to my closet now to see what I've been overlooking....