Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally Friday! (More Fitting Room Reviews and OOTDs)

Happy Friday, everyone!  I'm so glad that the weekend is finally here.  I think I must be badly in need of a vacation, because even with my little two-day mini-break, mid-week, I'm still hankering for a long stretch of free time.  A whole week or two would be nice.  Not sure when I can expect to take it, but I think it'll have to happen soon.  The quality of my work is beginning to suffer from the mental fatigue.

Here are the rest of the items I tried on the other day.  

This is the Doubly Dapper Dress ($148), in a size 2.  The dress has a side zip, and functional buttoned pockets.  It fit me beautifully on the bottom half, nipping my waist in nicely, but was way too big on the top half.  Keep in mind that I'm short and short waisted - so this skirt, which hit a couple inches above my knee is going to be nearly mini-length on some taller women.  As you can really discern in the second photo (above right), the top is not just too blousy on me, it's down-right big.  The straps are loose over my shoulders and aren't laying flat.  And the side zipper actually acts like stiff boning, holding the left side (in the photo, above right) out, away from my body, which is totally different from the right side, which is laying normally, sans zipper.  If the top half of this dress had fit better, I might have thought about it as a sale-item, but it's definitely a pass for me now.  

Here's the Polynesia Greetings Dress ($148) in a size 2.  Um...yeah.  Not so much, right?  I loved the bottom half - fun print, nice colors.  Cute cinched waist, full skirt.  But what the heck is going on with the top?  First, it's really low cut.  Second, I have not the goods to fill it out, and third, the straps are not adjustable (those little ties at the shoulders are not functional and for looks only) so it was HUGE on me.  Maybe for longer waisted women who like a low cut dress?  One hopes.  Next!

When I first saw the Vagabond Dress ($138), I thought right away that it looked a lot like a ruffle-less version of Bailey 44's Rushing Ruffles dress.  I tried on the blue colorway, which is like a dark teal, in an XS.  It's a pull-on style dress, and it's a little tricky to get into, as the waist is pretty fitted and not super-stretchy.  I sort of felt like I was wrestling it on and then wrestling it off.  But once on, I really liked the dress.  It fits very similarly to the Rushing Ruffles - pretty much an identical silhouette, with a similar waist and rayon/spandex blend fabric.  Overall, very flattering, very cute, and at $50 less than the RR, a bargain to boot.  I'll be passing on this one myself, as I have the other, but I'd recommend this to anyone who likes the Rushing Ruffles too.

This is, of course, the much-admired Licorice Lanes Skirt ($78) by We Love Vera.  It's a full-silhouette cotton skirt (machine-washable!) with a side zip.  I tried it on in a size 2, and it fit wonderfully.  It hit just above my knee, in length, which is perfect for a skirt like this.  If you're taller than me (I'd say at least 80% of you are), it'll probably land a bit higher on your leg, but should be okay, and as you size up, it'll be longer, of course.  I have nothing bad to say about this skirt - for my body type, it fit me well, and I really loved the colors.  I'm personally going to wait on this one for a sale (shopping ban, and all that), so hopefully, it'll still be around in my size when it finally gets reduced.  

Here, I'm wearing the High Tide Tee ($68) in an XS in the pink.  I loved this top.  The pink is such a soft, pretty color and while the tiered ruffles seem strangely daunting at first ("will they make my hips look huge?") they actually manage to work.  It's the oddest thing ever.  I pulled this on (there's a row of tiny, functional buttons on the front, henley-style, hidden by the ruffle, but I don't see myself ever actually undoing them) and couldn't help but grin.  It's so girly and fun and...different.  I actually liked it so much, I impetuously purchased it and brought it home, where I then modeled it for DH.  He looked at it for a few seconds then said, "I don't like it.  You look like a rocket."  ...A rocket?  ...okay.  I guess I can see that....  For a few minutes after his commentary, I wondered if I should return it.  But then I paired it with a pair of cropped boyfriend jeans, and it was just too cute and comfy to not keep.  This is definitely one of those things I wear for my own pleasure and not necessarily anyone else's.  Incidentally, this top is cotton and recommended for hand wash (whoo!).  

Last but not least, here are our OOTDs - mine's obviously a couple days old, but I decided I might as well share it with you.  I picked this top up on sale last summer because I loved the deep purple color and the pretty embroidery that rather made me think of the kind you see on Korean-folk textiles:

Top: Unknown name, Anthropologie, summer 2009 (similar here and here and here)
Pants: Gap pants, light gray (similar here and here)
Necklace: flower locket necklace, Oh Hello Friend (similar here)
Shoes: Beverly Feldman beaded flat sandals (summer, 2009)

And here's lovely Kathryn!  (She apparently had a yellow scarf with this, which she forgot to put back on for the photo.  I wish I could see it with the outfit - I bet the colors were great together!)

Tank: J. Crew (old, similar here and here and here)
Belt: Looping Lanes, Anthropologie
Skirt: Circle the Globe Skirt, Anthropologie
Necklace: Floral pocket watch, Oh Hello Friend
Shoes: Bernardo sandals

Have a great Friday!


  1. The vagabond dress looks amazing on you.

  2. There's nothing better than a new blog entry from you guys when I'm bored on a Friday afternoon refreshing my blog feed! I loved your reviews. And I think that "rocket" top is great on you! So cute. And of course the vagabond dress is so pretty on you.

  3. I love reviews! I'm actually headed to my anthro tomorrow to attempt to do some reviews for my blog. I love the licorice lanes skirt. Super cute on you! I hope I like it on me. It's on my wishlist.

  4. Great reviews! I especially love the Vagabond dress and the skirt. The color of the dress looks great on you and it's a perfect fit. You might have to reconsider it if it goes on sale. ;-)

    Kathryn: Love that skirt with the Looping Lanes belt! Funny story -- At my store they had that belt with that skirt in the window, but for some reason they had the belt turned backwards. I'm not sure what they were going for there since the cool part is the looping part. ha ha :-)

  5. Thank you for the Friday refresher! Loved the reviews. What I love even more was the "rocket" comment! I have heard similar comments from my own husband about some of my Anthropologie goodies. They are just so honest and sweetly naive about it all.

    Oh and love the Licorice Lanes skirt. I may have to give it a second glance now!

  6. Kathryn-Beautiful as always! The blush colored top looks great with that skirt....Too bad it's sold out in my size online :(

    Carol- I love the Vagabond Dress, Licorice Skirt, and the High Tide Tee (reminds me of cotton candy, not a rocket!). I'm thinking the Vagabond Dress might be a contender for my rehearsal dinner dress...but we'll see :)

  7. I really like the Vagabond dress. I agree with your reviews of all of the others as well.

    I recently tried on a few dresses (never posted pics on my blog) because I didn't like any of them enough to even get my blackberry out!

  8. You know, I actually love that Doubly Dapper dress on you, Carol. The straps look kind of big, but I like the blousy. And of course, that Licorice Lanes skirt is perfection on you. Thanks for the reviews!

    Kathryn - beautiful as always. It makes me smile to see the Circle the Globe Skirt and the Looping Lanes belt so often. I love it when items get a ton of wear because they go with EVERYTHING. Money well spent.

  9. Carol, do you mind sharing how much you weight and how tall you are? I've a very small and petite frame, and I've always wondered if Anthro's xs would fit me. I don't have a store closeby me. For reference, I'm 5'3, 102-5 lbs.

  10. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Haha, I may have to reconsider the Vagabond dress, since you all seem to like it so much. =)

    @PetiteGorgeous - Sure, I'm 5'2", and weight 110 lbs, so I'm not as slender as you (that's what I weighed in my high school/college/pre-marriage years). =D You'll probably be sized out of some things, but there are other things that will definitely fit - it really varies from maker to maker. I'd say that you should eyeball how something is fitting me, and if it looks at all blousy/billowy/loose, pass on it. If it's snug-fitting or form-fitting on me or there's lycra/spandex/stretch in the fabric, you might be able to wear it with little or no roominess.

    For future reference, you can find my measurements and Kathryn's in the sidebar, below the "About Us" blurb.

  11. Thank you so much, Carol. I very appreciate the information you provided for future reference.

  12. Vagabond dress is definitely a good choice! I loved the Rushing Ruffle but Vagabond is a better quality dress (in my opinion) though I haven't bought either...for 3 months now Anthro wouldn't give Rushing Ruffle to their sale rack.