Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump Day OOTDs


I hope you're all doing well!

Ah, how I love The Girliest Boy Mom.

Today's OOTD was stolen er, inspired by one of the beautiful Jan's recent Polyvore sets.

I owe her a big thanks, because I'd completely forgotten I had this J.Crew Tissue Tank buried in the back of my closet until I saw her sets featuring the Billowed Bow Tank in Rose.

Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever see something totally cute and suddenly remember - "I already have something like that"...?

Anyway, behold - the lazy Kathryn OOTD (before I changed into shorts and a tee so that I could cook bibimbap for dinner - Carol's recipe!):

J.Crew Tissue Tank (Fall 2009, similar here and here)
Anthropologie Openwork Vines Skirt (Winter 2010, similar here)
Brass Plum 3/4 Sleeve Jersey Cardigan in White (buy here)
Michael Antonio Rhinestone Heels (similar here, a fun option here and another one here)
J.Crew Necklace (similar here and here)
Rhinestone Hoop earrings (similar here)

Carol here - okay, so Kathryn's outfit is so super cute and mine is, um, styled for comfort:

Tank: Favorite Tank, J. Crew
Shoes: Beverly Feldman Beaded Sandal (Summer 2009, Nordstrom, similar here and here, cheap option here)
Headband: Anthropologie (similar here and here)

Kathryn here. Sheesh. Carol's so silly - her outfit is awesome! At least she didn't rip off I mean...borrow her outfit idea from another blogger! *wink* (I hope you can forgive me, Jan!)

So I pretty much gave up on asking the DH to take photos of my OOTDs a long, long time ago. (he's about as proficient with a camera as Chloe's husband, whose skill she so humorously showed here) These days I set up my camera on a tripod with a self-timer in our little patio and run to get in place. (note to self: consider buying the remote...) While I was breaking down my little setup, DH came outside to spend quality time with the one he calls his, "Sweet Love."

Was he talking about me?


DH's outfit:
American Apparel Unisex Tri-Blend Ribbed Cardigan
Muse T-Shirt (acquired at the show in Oakland, California, but can find here)
Levi's Capital E Matchstick Slim Fit Jeans (similar here)
Tretorn High Top Sneakers (circa 2008? Low Top version here)

Cat: Our pretty little calico cat we call "Drosie" (pronounced like "Josie," but with a "dr" sound at the beginning)

I know I'm biased, but DH is a pretty stylish dude. I'm not one of those wives that buys clothes for their husbands, either - the boy is one picky dude, and he picks out everything himself.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a favorite of his, because he always manages to find great pieces for himself. Cool tees for $15.90 (or so...ever notice how Nordstrom sale prices almost always end in $0.90? One of these days I'll have to ask someone why...) Last year he picked up a non-Burberry-looking Burberry polo for himself for $65.90 (retail $110). But his favorite pickup last year were the Levi's Matchstick jeans he's wearing, which I think had a sale price of $119.90 (retail $175).

So I tell myself that I'm not just shopping at Nordstrom for me...I'm doing it for him.


Nordstrom, I love thee. What have you got in store for us this year?


  1. Everyone looks sooo cute in their outfits! Especially Spadro! ;)

    I might have to go check out one of these famed Nordstrom sales myself

  2. Oh Kathryn, you make me feel loved! You are too cute, and I'm happy ONE of us is wearing that darned skirt. I put it on for Fathers Day and then switched into the Seabound instead. I need to get myself out the door in it one day SOON. Especially seeing how gorgeous it is on you! And I'm jealous that you have a shopper dh, how fun to compare your Nordy's finds - bliss!

    Carol - yay, I love your comfortable outfits! That cardi is so cute, yellow and gray together are just so right!

  3. You both look so cute and I'm so sad I missed out on that skirt. I forget about stuff in my closet all the time and am surprised when I do find something. It feels good I just got something for free! haha.

    Chris is pretty stylish himself. He said his fashion icon is Ne-yo! Haha but there's no way he could pull of his hates. For his bday dinner he came decked out and matching. Even his boxers matched his shoes! it TMI? :)

  4. Oh, I wish my husband wanted to shop at the Nordstrom anniversary sale! He's not so much into style, but occasionally he'll give me directives that I will happily take -- "Can you find me some shoes/ I need some new pants/ If you got me a sweater I would probably wear it." So he definitely gives me an excuse to go shopping, which I guess I can't begrudge him for.

    Looks like your DH is a stylish dude indeed. Maybe he could give mine some pointers? ;)

  5. Oh and now I can emulate a Kathryn OOTD! I have that tank from JCrew and also that Anthro skirt. fun! oh and btw....your lovely kitty is actually a Tortoiseshell....not a Calico. Calico's have white in their black and orange. I have a Tortioseshell with tabby markings. :)