Thursday, June 10, 2010

Keep Your Eye On The Prize (Some Rambling Thoughts and an OOTD)

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Hope you're all doing well.  I'm a little under the weather today - my husband was sick for the past week (he's better now) from something he caught from the baby, which she caught from the boy, and well...I thought I was going to escape this round of infection but no luck.  So, I'm home today, taking it easy, and hoping to kick this out of my system quickly.  Not to mention my brain feels hazy and unfocused and that's probably not a good thing when I'm writing a blog post (consider yourself forewarned)...

So, I was very pleased with myself the other day - I went to the mall, visited both Anthropologie and Nordstrom, and left with - nothing!  That's right!  I didn't succumb to temptation, and I went into the lion's den, and emerged unscathed.  Okay, relatively unscathed.  I did buy an $8 bag of German rock sugar from Teavana. (Butthatsugar-it'sreallysomethingspecial!)

Baby steps, right?  Baby steps.

I am, after all, staring down the Nordstrom Anniversary Pre-sale with a gimlet eye. In fact, I've already made an appointment with Kelly to do the pre-sale. Whoo!  Part of the fun of the Pre-sale is the surprise factor.  What's going to be on sale? After all, the Anniversary Sale catalog probably won't be delivered to mailboxes until mid-July, and we all know that even when it has been delivered, there are tons of things that are available that don't made the cut into the catalog.  It's like not knowing the sex of the baby - there's some but generally non-specific planning that can take place ahead of time.  This is when having a personal stylist can be really handy.  Since Kelly is pretty well-versed in 1) what I already own and 2) my budget constraints, she'll be able to guide me with a firm and steady hand and hopefully keep me from making totally silly impulse purchases.  For instance, a few weeks ago, I saw and started to get really excited about this Twenty8Twelve dress that was on sale.  She wouldn't even let me try it on.  "Not your best color.  Let's wait for something better."  

Phew.  Thank goodness for Kellys (is the plural of Kelly, "Kellys" or "Kellies?"  Where's a copy editor when I need one? Speaking of, when I was re-reading my paragraph from the last post, I was horrified. At least 2/3 of those commas need to come out.  It's like I had comma-Tourette's or something).  I really wish that she could help me in Anthro too.  For instance, this morning, Kathryn and I were chatting about all the things that we were keen to buy at Anthropologie.  Of course, the number one thing for her was the Two Wheeler Dress.  But she also had the Rushing Ruffles on her mind (my fault, I'm afraid) and the Graces Tank.  I added that I also wanted the Dagmar Dress, the Eyelet Corset Top, and the Heatwave Shorts (totally Kathryn's fault - and maybe Cat's as well... It'd be so helpful if Kelly could say, "Those Heatwave Shorts would go great with X, Y, Z, and the Eyelet Corset top will be great for such and such outfits.  I think you can wait on the Dagmar dress, because you already have a few different shirtdresses now, in similar silhouettes..." Can someone make an iPhone app for that?  Or rather, a Droid app, since that's what I have?  Can you actually code for style with a bunch of 0s and 1s?  Can the creative fun and flair that is Kelly be contained in an icon on my phone's display?

By the way - of those 3 above items I listed for myself, I think the Corset Top is the one I'm really going to go for.  There are way too many Chloe-inspired outfits I could create, if only I had an awesome corset top (see Chloe rocking her Nanette Lepore top here and here and here).  Okay, as I stayed home sick today, I didn't get dressed but I can share with you Kathryn's wonderful Tara B-inspired OOTD (and wow, after inflicting this rambling post on you, it's the least I can do - just a note, I don't have all the details of this outfit, so Kathryn will need to edit this post later to fill them in. Sorry!  **Edited: Correct details added below.):

Cardigan: TSE Cashmere cardi (super old...2001? 2002?  Not sure.  Similar here and here.)
Top: Caslon tiered ruffle cami, Nordstrom 
Skirt: Openwork Vines Skirt, Anthropologie, (Winter 2010, similar here and here)
Shoes: Tory Burch Miller Sandals, Nordstrom 
Necklace: J Crew (similar here and here)
Earrings: Pearl drop earrings, purchased from a Flamenco Fair vendor (similar here and here)
Ring: Beaded Ring, House of Plum Red


  1. Carol, I think the eyelet corset top is SO you! I can totally see you in it. Not just anyone can pull that look off, but you definitely can. I can't wait to see what you get as your next purchase!

  2. omg adorable!! Love the outfit! And Carol I think you would look amazing in a corset top!

  3. The eyelet corset top is TDF. There is actually an iPod app called Style Book. You take pictures of your clothes and basically roll a wheel and it puts together outfits. I haven't used it yet, but I've downloaded it, and plan to give it a try.

  4. I agree and wished that Anthro was a litle more focused on selling and have sales people that like more personal shoppers. But their philosophy is more of a laid back sales experience and do not want to push the consumers. Sometimes good and sometimes bad especially when you want to mix and match outfits. You are left on your own to do that. Maybe that's why these blogs are so popular because we can get ideas on how to mix and match our outfits.

  5. Kathryn: Everytime you wear that skirt I kick myself for not having gotten it!
    Carol: Sorry you're not feeling well, but hopefully the end (of the bug!) is in sight! That corset would be great on you.

  6. Carol, I hope you feel better before the weekend kicks in. Thank you for posting. I enjoyed reading it.

  7. You look great in that skirt! So pretty and girly. :)

  8. I hope you feel better Carol! I really need Kelly's focus! I wish I would stop buying average pieces (don't fit well, not my color, only buy because it was on sale) and hold out for the show-stoppers. I like to think I'm getting more selective, but it's hard!

    Kathryn - super pretty in the Openwork Vines Skirt! I finally bought black sandals and *still* haven't worn mine - I have been saying for MONTHS now that I need to break it out. You are going to push me over the edge!

  9. Giggle! "comma-Tourette's" - you make me laugh. I love that others obsess about their sentence structure the way I do. Thanks for making me feel normal - or at least, the same as one of my favorite bloggers! :o)

  10. Oh nooooo! I hope everyone kicks the infection soon! And you look freakin' adorable in that skirt! I love it! And man, you take your Nordstrom sale seriously, haha! You even got me kind of hyped up about it, which is BAD, considering that I should not be spending any more money!

  11. I hope you feel better soon Carol!

    Kathryn: I love your pretty outfit. :-)

  12. I live in NJ and here are a couple of Anthro's near me in higher income areas that have Personal Shoppers. I've used one since she's there most of the time and she is great and remembers what I have and suggests stuff that she thinks will look great on me. The Princeton, NJ store has one also, that you can call and set up an appt.

    Funny about the comma-Tourette's. I must have had it the other day helping to review a friends son's college English paper. When I did the second edit, I went WOW how many comma's did I insert?

    Hope you feel better soon!

  13. Argh - K you look so good in this skirt that I ended up trying it on again today at Anthro - someone returned it in a size 8. So beautiful, but I don't know that I would wear it so much, so back to the rack it begrudgingly went.

    Carol - stop talking about the Anniversary sale! I'm so trying to resist - but you know me better than that, right? Truth of the matter is, I do stock up on beauty products for the awesome prices as well as staples like Spanx and lingerie. Hope you and the whole family get rid of the sickies!