Thursday, June 3, 2010

A LOLKat and Awesomely 80s OOTD Set


I hope you're all well! Just a quick OOTD post, before I hit the sack...

I'll be honest. Today was not my favorite day ever. I didn't feel all that great, but I still wanted to attempt to look pretty and girlie while feeling generally craptacular. And like the dedicated little blogger I am, I photographed the result despite said craptacularness.

Hm. "Craptacularness." I think I just made that word up.

Anyway, I drew my inspiration for today's outfit from the always-lovely Tara B. of Little Girl Big Closet. She rocked a look similiar to this about a month ago:

My "dazed-while-watching-the-kitty-as-she-scampers-across-the-patio" look:

Liberty of London for Target sheath dress, Spring 2010
Nordstrom Cardigan (super duper old, similar here)
Black patent belt, White House Black Market (similar here)
Cathy Jean Strappy Heels (similar here)

Also, a quick note about my hair - I just felt I should explain that it often looks scraggly and weird because I'm in the process of growing it out for donation. As a result, I won't have a real "hairstyle" (per se) for awhile. A few years ago I donated 11 inches of my hair to Beautiful Lengths, and I enjoyed the process so much that I really wanted to do it again. As I am not one who can carry a short hairstyle well (trust me, I can't), I'll be growing it out awhile longer so that it will still be a good length once I do cut it.

And now for Carol's awesome outfit, which I LOVE...

Carol here: When I put this outfit together, I felt like I was channeling new-age '80s. All I needed was some black pumps to complete it, but I thought that'd be too literal a translation. Also, with flats, this translates into a practical Mom-outfit: comfy, low maintenance, and machine washable!

Top: 3.1 Phillip Lim Tee, Nordstrom
Shoes: Tory Burch Romy Flats, Nordstrom
Bracelet: Lanvin, Nordstrom

Thanks for reading!


  1. Carol: That tee looks great on you!
    Kathryn: Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, but if it's any consolation: you look great! Your outfit is very Miss Pillsbury so it gets a big thumbs up from me!

  2. Kathryn, LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit, and if that's your fat do you disappear when you're thin?

    I'm really diggin the outfit Carol, I could totally see myself wearing that!

    Keep showin off you're great style girls!

  3. Kathryn, it's so great you're donating your hair for a good cause. My mom has a hair loss disease and I've actually looked into those organizations to see how I can get her some nice pretty hair. :)

    Carol, your outfit is so cute! I have shirts like that as well and I felt like I didn't know what to do with. BELT! That's right. :)

  4. omg you are both so pretty!

  5. Carol- I like those Lanvin "Bracelets" ;)