Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OOTD - Colored-Drenched

Hello, Readers!

I just wanted to thank everyone for your kind comments and wishes! I do think the positive vibes rubbed off, as I felt a little more energetic today. I actually made it through the whole workday!

I had to seriously control myself so that I didn't go completely nuts during today's sale. (It's sooo difficult, when there are things like the Through-The-Clouds Tank and the Crow's Nest Top on sale!) I wasn't perfect, though...I must confess that I totally caved in and got the Torsade Tee in red. It's been sold out in my size online, and it feels like I've been waiting forever for it to go on sale...!

Today's outfit was inspired by the lovely Dea of Dea Diaries. I hadn't really thought to wear my Color-Drenched Dress in a "summery" fashion, so when I saw her wear it so beautifully a few weeks back with some pretty sandals, I filed the idea away in my head to use when the weather got warm enough. It's still somewhat "June-gloom"-y here, so I grabbed a cardi on my way out the door.

Apologies in advance for my pale-as-a-ghost legs..!

Almost-all Anthropologie OOTD:
Blooming Lattice Cardigan (similar here)
Color-Drenched Dress (cute option here, "interesting" option here, another here)
Seychelles Bette Flat in Vacchetta (buy here)
Oh, Hello Friend belt

On a completely different (and entirely unrelated) note, I couldn't post this without mentioning that my favorite hockey player, Scott Niedermayer, announced his retirement from professional hockey today. It's a very sad day for me, but I wish him all the best in his post-hockey life. (Just one more reason I love him, aside from being an amazing hockey player? He totally choked up while thanking his wife for being there for him throughout his career. Now that's a man!)

I will miss you, Scott. Thanks for the memories, and for bringing the Stanley Cup to Anaheim!


  1. That dress is so lovely on you! I love it with the seychelle flats. And might I say that your hair looks really nice today!

  2. I'm with Cindi. The dress is beautiful and you have that pantene hair commercial thing going. How'd you do that? My hair always looks like a nest so I'm always impressed by tame, lovely locks.

  3. Love the outfit very cute! I really like the wavy hair. Looks Fabulous.

  4. I love that dress! It looks great with that cardigan too. :-) And ditto what others said about your hair. It always looks so pretty!

  5. ooh, you have supermodel hair! I love the dress and cardi combo!

  6. The color drenched dress looks fantastic on you. And your legs are definately not ghostly white. :)

  7. That dress looks lovely on you! I wore mine last week and agree it is a surprisingly seasonless frock.

  8. So pretty! Love this dress and color on you! Hope you're feeling even better today, Kathryn!

  9. Hello! I am from syd australia and i love reading your blog. I recently went to anthropologie when i was in the states last few weeks ago and i absolutely loved it!! my most fave store...EVER!